930in716 May 16, 2017 What did President Trump share with Russia? And what we need to know about the cyberattacks

Tuesday, May 16th

We take a look at what President Trump may have shared with Russia and all the reaction to it.  Plus a deep-dive into the cyberattacks.


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It's 93716. Tim linger for years and in this edition will look into the latest allegations. Against the trump White House. Warning this may change the story came out tonight as reported is false and we'll take it deep dive into the ransom where's cyber attack scare that as many company IT chiefs and home PC users on it. Do not install regular windows updates to that and it set to auto install. On that are reluctant to install the third party software updates that are also just as critical if not more critical. First Washington president Donald Trump is using Twitter to defend the sharing of information with the Russians. Trump says he wanted to share with Russia facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. He notes that as president he has an absolute right to do this want to Donald Trump tell the Russians in that chummy closed door meeting last week in the Oval Office this exclusive Washington Post story is causing a major stir. Alleging that in that meeting trump revealed classified information. About an ice is plot to use laptop computers in terror attacks aboard airplanes. Quote in his meeting with Lavrov the Russian foreign minister trump seemed to be boasting about his inside knowledge of the looming threat writes the post. The post says the information the president shared was cold word clearance highly classified. And shared privately with the US by a foreign government a key partner. In the fight against ices the meeting with the Russians was already controversial the morning. After trump fired the FBI director who was overseeing the investigation. Into possible collusion between trump associates and the Russians during the 2016. Campaign according to depose the president not only shared with the Russians what he knew about the alleged plot. But also what city in Syria the alleged ally uncovered it and the identification of the location was seen as particularly problematic officials told the post. Because Russia could use that detail to help identify the US ally or intelligence capability involved. Trumps national security advisor issued a carefully worded denial. At no time. At no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed. And the president did not disclose. Any military operations that we're not already publicly know. He wasn't the only top White House official who take issue with the post reporting. Deputy national security advisor Dina Powell said. This story is false the president only discuss the common threats that both countries faced. I'm David Wright in New York to the White House we go what are they saying officially Karen Travers. The president did not discuss sources and methods the post did not say he did discuss sources and methods what the post original report was. Is that because of what the president said the terror plot that he discussed with the Russian ambassador as he and the Russian foreign minister. That Russia could figure out that the sources and methods that's the concern right now from an intelligence officials and members of congress. The also a big concern is that in this revelation of classified information the president jeopardized a critical intelligence sharing operation. This is an ally that had not given the US permission. According to the post and in New York Times. Had not given permission. To share that information as is an ally that closely guards its intelligence gathering and this could put that at risk. What do we know about the information itself did it involve a specific threat. According to the post it was a related to an crisis plot with in Syria related to the use of laptops on planes and it was considered to be so sensitive. That the US wasn't sharing this with in the US government. Or passing along to other allies in the fight against crisis are this apparently happened with the Russian media. At the White House does it happen often when a diplomat is that the White House in the foreign media is allowed to attend sessions at the White House that the American Media is not allowed to. That it didn't miss interpretation of what actually it was happening last week it wasn't that the foreign press was let in there weren't a Russian newspapers or television networks in there it was. The Russian government photographer who also works for the Russian state run media so yes those reports were than disseminated in a Russian media but. It's different then. The way we do things here obviously so the White House photographer was in there of the Russian government biographer was in there the Russian government starter for also happens to be part of their state run media now. What reaction are we getting around Washington to the story besides. You know. Democrats saying their outrage is there Renny. I guess sense that we're going toward another investigation into something else now. I move the words troubling and disturbing and shocking that's not coming from Republicans. In the senate that's not just Democrats I think there is a sense last night that they wanted to get more information. Everybody's asking a lot of questions and yet has broken the evening today members of congress will have a chance to run to cameras and certainly give their reaction but. Yes I think you will see calls further and further investigations and just the concerns the Democrats have been raising before. About this White House and of course it. Given who he said it to it means the Russia story is still in the headlines. Some analysis now Dave Leventhal is a regular contributor he's with the Center for Public Integrity in DC. President trump says he has the right to do what he's accused of. You don't have the right to repeal classified. Information if he's countries is due there any president whether it was. Doubled from Barack Obama or anyone else before that that does have the ability at present he's so it should be noted Suzanne. At just about anyone else in the federal government where it HD display bang would be doing something that would be against federal law now. This is something that is really enshrined or a right that contrite. With the presidency and and again that's not the question larger question here is whether he should have done. The first lights and according to the Washington Post this information that was. Extremely sensitive and information and could revealed in the manner has reported. I could put US intelligence assets at great risk and could put US national security. It risks. Two the whole idea behind espionage of this sort sent. Information sharing at the classified level is that you wanna protect sources because you don't protect resources. Information streams are gonna get cut off the Akron epithets Intelligencer pocket have the best. Information and as a result the United States that overall interest a broader going to be put in order jeopardy. Are you surprised to see the tweets this morning where the president's. Not denying and in fact basically saying. Yes I told them information it's my right to do so. There's been sort of a mixed back of response from the the people in the White House that trip of course this tweet today or were right Brooke right from. The president now felony if you will what has made yesterday sort of deny that they say that any classified information it bit. Shared Aldo wouldn't answer the questions why the White House preemptively. Contact of the CIA and the NSA to alert that into the fact that something of the sort it happened or the other White House officials here. Didn't go to parts of say you know there was no classified information. Shared and effectively it would all come to it which does leave the door open defended. The conversation but didn't really speak to the issue of whether classified information. He had been shared in my surprise the Donald Trump I tweeted about the absolutely not thought of trumped by areas we all know treats just about. On any issue. And been now one of the hallmarks. His campaign and one of the hallmarks of his presidency so I would expect there that you would be tweeting more about in the future almost surprised it took him that long to tweet about it. HR McMaster at the national security advisor can't be too happy with these tweets this morning right because he said it was false. I cracked and there's there's dependent coming out of the White House and something that even some Republicans senators it express back a lot of concern about Bob Welker senator Bob workers probably beaten most prominent so far to come out. And at the White House say is in some trouble here. That the White House is the end and he wasn't speaking just shoot this acute situation but as sort of the waves. Problems that has not been coming out the White House in terms messaging. I'd get an answer in one person saying one thing and another person's sick other things contradictions internally. There it's been a very very turbulence and mulch it was couple weeks for the White House and this is really just beat latest episode just. Everything seems kind of blow over though doesn't it. Sometimes the dogs but the one main apple over quite as much as there is of course you have. Three different investigations going on right now Q different types. Russian affairs most notably. The the question as to what Russia did during the 2016 election. How looking at those and looking at those. Yet the FBI obviously looking at which ties into the dismissal of change coming is FBI director. Now were presumably going to have a good fight in the senate again over moving new director the FBI. Is going to be so many roads lead back to Russia here. Ways to sort of be about the latest. Chicken whole line of that things that over the past few months to live. Been related to Russia and that type back to the White House. Now global cyber chaos is spreading his company's boot up computers at work following the weekend worldwide ransom where cyber attack. The extortion scheme is created chaos in 150 countries and could wreak even greater Havoc is more malicious variations appear. The initial attack known as wanna cry. Paralyze computers running Britain's hospital network Germany's national railway and scores of other companies and government agencies around the world. But we want to bring it down to power levels so to speak we brought in Michael McCartney with the local firm digits an expert on all this stuff. This ransom where threat has been going on for many many years. We actually had a record year last year costing the American the American community about a billion dollars. Which was a record. On the FBI's actual reported. Statistically that we see about 40000 attacks a day here in this country and if you think about it is probably. Very much under reported cancer in that everybody. You know I had to chuckle when people said hey is this attack on going will last a couple of more days or is it over now. I'm just thinking well it's kind of always there right how do well how much do our people aware. Of these ransom where attacks and they need to be kind of vigilance on line. When most people in the IT industry and information security industry are very aware of it on it's been affect the atmosphere for many years has said. A mom putting the corporate world the most in. In a more sophisticated companies have really built up some really good defenses in this. The less sophisticated companies that don't have robust backup systems and data recovery and business continuity plans and systems in place. He will be affected significantly. But really the vast majority of the people affected in this last one appears to be certain views. Would you say that most home computer users are. Pretty well protected with their computers or not just the opposite I would say most home users. Do not install regular windows updates to at a set to auto install. On the reluctant to install third party software updates that are also just as critical now more critical when I mean by that there. You know your browsers your Internet explorers here on Microsoft Office suite of software anything that you use. That runs on the computer needs to be updated regularly. If you think about it. On the little machines and just like a car vehicle he needed provide regular me. Repeat the tires changed the oil and I've tune ups and breaks alignment things. Obviously the machines and need to be regularly meet and I'm thinking 20 don't a lot of people probably not turn off there. Home computers very often that's correct the most people Lima and all the time which again expand your your digital footprint and you'd -- of potentially you mentioned Microsoft Word I think a lot of people just think while the Internet might emailed those her of the two places I'm vulnerable but it's at other areas of your computer things you don't realize are all connected to the Internet any piece of software that's running on your computer is vulnerable if it's regularly updated actually mean Adobe Acrobat reader. Flash and in your third party software applications you run and like personal. Check locally. Quick in so money don't ignore all those little annoying updates even though they are knowing that's correct and most people are. And rivers are reluctant to say yes to install and update because there like I'm not sure I should do this. The answers you need to regularly patched up your system and all applications and processes. Michael what's the chance of getting these guys these hackers. On virtually impossible. Unfortunately crime Tuesday. The biggest challenge we have with this particular crime syndicate news. Because almost no money to get into the business of of backing a ransom where you can actually buy these kids on line. Which should have extremely extensive guides on how to. How do conceal your identity and the Internet which is the biggest factor in McCain captain how to deploy. This malware in in email attachments in other ways and other factors. How to set up your bitcoin wallet there other currency. On systems you can get paid for this stuff and because it costs almost no money to get in this business. It's very them. Lucrative and and very enticing for the criminal element and in if you think about it. The chance of apprehension in these two cases is virtually. You can make a lot of money you mentioned they were only asking for 2300. Dollars on locking computer. So little. It's just volume on because computers are so inexpensive emblem I almost a brand new computer for 600 bucks on the other thing too is if the ransom is too high. People are less likely to pay rate if you're if it's grants and 1512500. Dollars most people. But to three in a box. Use our way in the are alive or should the unity now no no longer have access to. You're gonna pay it. Most news and through bitcoin there's a chance to Trace them that way it's very very difficult the trees like these that between servers are setup and countries that don't respond and you know our government subpoenas. They don't keep records are not good corporate citizens it will keep. In login information user can information when it's created girls system and being paid force it's it's very very very difficult is there one of most common way you can point to where people fall victim to ransom wearing these is is Phishing email us at something else if this Phishing email what the other the other vector is. On patched Internet web browsers. And being directed to the web sites that actually designed to deploy this particular. MacCallum drive by downloads where you know your browser Internet you can redirected to certain web sites mixing in your website that's not so great. And the payload comes out it's detonated because your browser you use whether chrome firefighter I eat only to be updated regularly. Hasn't been actionable. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo law.