930in716 May 17, 2017 Another day and another crisis at The White House

Wednesday, May 17th

What does the latest controversy at The White House mean?


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Her it's 933716. And it's Tim Wenger another day. And make it like another controversy. If there was directed drug and attempted obstruction of drug or the president. James Colombians in a lot of trouble right now. At the lighthouse it's sucked all the air out of everything in Washington and it should devastating blow up. At least for the time being for the chance for the president to get there anything done on health care anything goes don't don't tax reform. Let's get caught up if we can. Here's David Wright. At the White House servers on two fronts the New York Times reports that in February the president personally. The FBI director James Tellme to go easy on national security advisor Michael Flynn. A source close to go only tells ABC news the FBI director wrote himself a memo in February day after Flynn was fired. For lying about his conversations with the Russian ambassador I hope you can let this go the president allegedly told Komi according to the source he's a good guy. Hope you can let this go only didn't. ABC news has not seen economies memo nod as the New York Times. The sources did confirm its existence the White House is pushing back insisting that time story is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation. Insisting the president has never asked mr. Koh me or anyone else to end any investigation. Some Democrats on the hill say this raises serious questions of obstruction of justice and impeachable offense this new controversy comes hot on the heels of another one. The president did yeah and I intelligent information into Verizon. I. And explosives scooped by the Washington Post the president trump was loose lipped about highly sensitive intelligence matters and his meeting with the Russian foreign minister boasting about his inside knowledge of the looming threat is how the post put it. This sensitive intelligence to the president is accused of sharing the task to do with them. Ice is salons to hide bombs in the laptop computers I'm able to avoid detection by airport screening machine. The president's national security advisor HR McMaster. Denied distort there's nothing that the president takes more seriously than that the storied American people. The story came out tonight as reported is false then the president confirmed he shared secrets with the Russians. In a series of tweets as president I wanted to share with Russia at an openly scheduled White House meeting. Which I have the absolute right to do. Facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. Leaving it to McMaster to explain his rationale so this was the the politics of conversation in which was wholly appropriate. To share with the threat was. As a basis for common action. And coordination with these words American secret the president was sharing classified ad code word clearance the highest level. More secret than top secret these were secrets the US learn from a friendly foreign government Israel. And that. Might not sit so well with the Israelis meeting with the Russian foreign minister was already a political hot state. Coming one day after the firing of FBI director James combing. Who was investigating Russia's efforts to meddle in the November election the morning after trump for abruptly fired comb it. There he was looking chummy with the Russian foreign minister. And the Russian ambassador the same Russian ambassador whose conversations with national security advisor Michael Flynn. Ultimately helped get Flynn fired. The press corps barred from the room only a Kremlin photographer and an official trump administration photographer. Allowed to capture the scene trump invoked Coleman's name in his own defense suggesting the problem isn't what he told the Russians but rather what liquors inside the room disclosed to the post. I have been asking director combing and others to find the lakers in intelligence community to read. The irony of that statement not lost on Democrats in congress. During the campaign troops went after Hillary Clinton hammer and as long as we can have someone. In the all along those who doesn't understand the meaning of the word confidential. Or classified. Over her careless use of a private email server for sensitive government business this is like Watergate. It works now however his team tries to spin if it only seems to tangle things further ABC news has confirmed Israel does have a spine and rocket. Who infiltrated crisis. And whose life. Who would now be in jeopardy and that the new scandal about the combing memo and trump could be in real trouble the Republican chair of the house oversight committee. Sent a letter to via via requesting all memoranda notes summaries and recordings. Having to do with combing and the president for our reaction we have a few let's start at the White House Mon is back. They're looking for the source to write what. That's actually something that. That the White House is very interested in knowing that they've been sort of turned this this story. Into again the conversation about leaks and lakers. And and even in the reports of this story president trump reportedly asked F then FBI director James called me. To try and jail more reporters. Who are involved in and publishing any this classified information. So the sources are very much something that people here in Washington are talking about what ABC news has been able to confirm. Is that James Komi when he was FBI director kept copious notes. Including this this memo that. A conversation that he had in the Oval Office with the president in which he which Komi felt the president was trying to pressure him to drop the investigation. In two Michael Flynn and his Russian ties. Not the note is what is part of what reports say it might be part of a paper trail back home real laughs. Is it to be believed that this was his intention that this would be found and followed up on just like this. Certainly some associates of Komi. Are indicating now that it's that he didn't feel like some of that conversation he was having with the president. War improper on the president's part and he felt very uncomfortable about it they tell ABC news announce YE comb east was. Was very diligent about trying to keep track of all these. This particular memo was written immediately after his meeting with the president which took place the day after Michael Flynn resigned as national security advisor. And and is certainly does lead one to believe that Komi was concerned that something like this could happen in the future. The president can declassify. Anything that he wants to is there any crime that he's committed here at this point. Well good cry. Wouldn't be about classification. In in this case about the Michael Flynn. Memo. Didn't end there are a whole bunch of legal and constitutional scholars that he'll that you hear from today. And yesterday saying it's questionable whether or not. The president can do anything illegal but what were actually acting more concerned about right now is whether or ninth he was. In violation of his oath of office if he was in fact trying to use that the office of the presidency. To influence the FBI director. To drop. An investigation. Into. An associate of his and that's certainly there's an argument to be made. On is an obstruction of justice is not becoming of the president but again all of these are allegations and and what we're hoping to see. And lighten what we've heard from hell on the house oversight committee chair Jason David is the actual memos to get the actual document. Finicky and all the speculation and actually see with a true. Our political strategist and former trump campaign worker Michael Caputo here's. His take. If there was director of drug and attempted obstruction of justice are the president James called me that a lot of trouble right now. Good out of a walk home you required to immediately informed the department trucks as of any attempt to obstruct justice by anyone even president. And an anti government he could be charged criminally for. And call we would all though if they are with their support group lose his license to practice law don't call me beliefs trump attempted to have drug shark bit. Ben and he didn't comply with the law by reporting it to you today. You know an image that it's not epi epi didn't believe there have been attempts are constructed in the entire New York Times reported bogus. So what we're what we're seeing here is people who work you know like marked off amateur lawyers. Who believe very calmly prepare our our heard an attempt of obstruction and battle in the battle on it then he's in big trouble. So there's a difference to be made between the comments made and an actual attempts at obstruction of justice. Of course then and what what will probably be here because only did not reported up the chain of command of the DOJ like he's required by law. Is Nicole Lee doesn't feel a bit of an attempt and it starts and a TARP. Bet that he is high the fact of the matter is here that never Crawford out there in the democratic and Republican Party. I've found another bone to to Juan and their happily chewing on the rest of it don't happen to lawmen don't know that we don't act. But law says only had a reported if you thought it was instruction and he did not. Our Michael heads are spinning with these developments this week. Is everything being blown out of proportion or is this White House in crisis. I think the white carpet having some difficulties but after many because they want and that they're the people who work turnaround Bible that. Are looking for a reason to disbarred Donald Trump even more the fact of the matter is. There is no Brockton Dartmouth in the comment Donald Trump was within his rights and president. And was trying to achieve something by distracting our our intelligence report. With erection. It fired only Burke caught. All bitten within the realm of the power of the president. He's done nothing wrong and the only problem here is people are all absolutely upset that Hillary Clinton is not president of the United States. It in your mind are Democrats simply taking advantage of may be a little clunky miss that comes around with having. A White House they're really isn't used to are running a White House the wait usually is. I suspect that part of that you know the other part of it you know bureau and deeply held visceral partisanship. The Democrats improve improve their. Politics of personal destruction. That they want to burn down Donald Trump to the ground. They want to burn down every member of his family they want to burn down every prominent member of it. Support group. They are out this story every one who put them in the loser column in November because they can't stomach the idea. That queen Hillary Clinton is not the white now. More thinking on this now Alex Castellano is a political commentator and yes season this has trouble for trump. Let's be serious political challenge for president trump you're seeing two things happen in Washington Republicans are not rushing to the president took offense because they don't know there are other issues to drop. And that Democrats are. Uncharacteristic. Police stepping back it tells you that they're playing a longer game they've backed off from calling for impeachment. They're saying they want the facts to be played out sourcing serious situation. But for right now it doesn't look like there's enough evidence for any call for impeachment. Well you mentioned backing off but still this is basically the only thing being talked about him Washington right there's no our own sense of any sort of Trump's agenda being pushed through right now is there. It's sucked all the air out of everything in Washington and it's a devastating blow up. At least for the time being for the chance for the president to get there anything done until after everything that tax reform. To move deregulatory agenda through congress. So yes it's quite as sat back and it comes right don't before. He is going on what looks likely to be as successful trip to the Middle East Saudi Arabia two has spent little time with the Pope. Two present the president as a world leader and it's peculiar way from that but. If the president appoints a new FBI director solid choice respected by both parties it is successful on his strip. It could help it right this ship. Think I wanna ask you something Alex and our political contributor Michael Caputo. Told us this morning that coney could be in trouble if he knew this and didn't tell the Department of Justice about an attempt. And obstruction of justice at coney could actually be charged criminally what do you think. Well I don't think you'll see combing charged criminally for that but it's. It is an argument that it wasn't obstruction of justice. If Kobe didn't think it was important enough to. Take it to to broader distribution and alert others. So then yes that's evidence that he didn't consider it a serious threat and object obstruction of justice as a Bardner actually has to be its traditional print ED. It's not enough for a president to say and someone in my government who works for me. Move and we give them a break. That's not obstruction of justice so. Call me may in fact at a hearing before congress we might expect Kobe is saying no. I the FBI was not intimidated just didn't obstruct our procedures we kept on doing their job. And that means that there's no charge against president. If that's the case given the way the president has conducted himself over the last few months would it surprise you would all if he did offhand mention Michael Flynn to James only. Meant nothing this president does it should surprise anyone at this point I don't. The good news for a lot of Republicans is that Republicans elected an outsider the bad news for a lot of Republicans reelected as an outsider. Does not know the ways of Washington. And is breaking a lot of China that may be ultimately what we have here. A president who is impetuous. Disruptive doesn't allow the process work. And he tripped over his own shoelaces quite a bit. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.