930in716 May 18, 2017 Special Counsel named in Russian investigation

Thursday, May 18th

We go in-depth on the naming of a special counsel named to investigate the Russian connection.


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Her kids 930. In 716. It's Tim Wenger and here we go no politician in history. And I say this with. Sheridan. Has been treated worse. Or more unfairly. You can't let them get you'd president trump said that before Davis. This is a special report from. ABC news I'm mark Randall by the Department of Justice announcing the appointment of a special prosecutor to take over the FBI's investigation. Into Russian meddling in the election. And whether there were any ties to the trump campaign. Deputy attorney general rod Rosen Stein announcing the appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller disservice special counsel. So what's it all mean. Let's ask a couple people. Let's start with what the heck a special prosecutor or special counsel. Issues. WB eons legal mind pol Cambodia. The special counsel all leaves have to report to the attorney general in the end and frankly the attorney general. Would have collapsed today but from a political standpoint. I think that it would be unusual if the attorney general in some ways not follow the recommendation though. The US special counsel commands to kind of political fallout that would be. But basically what happens is he simply pick someone. Their only job is to investigate this one and and they act. The same as any other prosecutor. Except they have one focus job. Would you look at this move is more via political move or is this an actual move tickets at the bottom of an investigation. Mallet they people. I think that the White House isn't. Worried about Russian situation. It hadn't having bowler in the air probably in the end is going to put the independent. And I don't think it's gonna be something that'll be it commercial the president. You know. I'm a big believer in the fact that you know Boozer made it. People understand. The outcomes of those loans so I don't think you're going to be any surprises here. Do you think this phobia a quick. Investigation or along one. Well I don't think it'll take that long I mean it's not like there's you know. Hundreds of witnesses to interview which seems to be there QPP poll. And that and a few would have perhaps he events and I don't think it should take too long but. You know in Washington we might be talking to the school we. Do you know much about Moeller himself. I read that these these seasoned lawyer he took over the FBI shortly after 9/11. What do we know about Robert Moeller. Currently the is that really hasn't been any controversy period. You know regarding him I remember when he was director. You know there wasn't anything that I can think of it should. The that you would criticize him for. And he's so respected. You know statesman sort of person. Well established. Somebody that people have a lot of confidence is so. But he's an independent guy I think that in the end does he. We see no basis here of that battle finally put thing arrest from a standpoint knows. You know Democrats are actually has solved that the president about everything. It seems that James call me would be one of the key people to be investigated here he's also wanted for hearings on Capitol Hill by both house and Senate Committees. Would those appearances be delayed because of the special counsel with this get precedence. I don't mean I don't think so I don't I don't think that. Lou wanna exclude the other the coal lease situation is different questions there is going to be so coach structured. Frankly have had plenty of obstruction cases over the years. And I don't see yet I mean you're Colby says he has a memo that he wrote. And he attributed to certain statement to the present the world that doesn't mean that make that statement. Are made it particularly that way. And it's not a statement until somebody adopt that as their own. I don't see the obstruction thing going and it put either. It ships you know this seems to be unfortunately. Led every single thing the president somebody odds. Our basis to criticize and try to make this scandal. Now the politics of it all in there seems to be plenty. What about all that Michael Caputo. He said in a statement that. You know that he respects a special counsel. Are there and the mission of the special counsel he's quite certain nothing will come over regarding Russian collusion now don't forget. They're Robbie Rosen he said when he appointed. Knew where the former FBI director. Or for more than a decade he said my decision is not a finding the crimes have been committed. Ordered any prosecution is warranted at all. I have made no such determination. Well I have determined that based upon the unique circumstances. The public interest requires me to places investigation. Under the authority of a special counsel now. This provides. Rob rose. And some others with some political relief. Rob Rhodes whose team was under a lot of pressure to do this from the Democrats. How a member of like like thorough local delegation. I think that they're relieved that the American tapped into that question. The problem that is special counsel typically goes on for three and four and sometimes even a year. It is now going to be a permanent fixture in the proper ministry. Well what about Mueller himself do you think he's a good choice will he be independent. I think if you had that where you got more credibility is here or credibility Democrats and Republicans. But the man had the reputation of rock solid integrity. So our it these more well liked on the Democrats side or proper side I don't really. Nothing is going to calm of any investigation. Regarding Russian collusion. With the Russian government on the on the part of the top administration or trump our campaign official. On the one probably have a special prosecutor. Is that they may begin going down in OR one are avenue toward Russian collusion. And then end up doing something entirely their. You know don't forget they're. It investigator. During the Clinton administration. Ended up talking about. You know his dalliances with an intern. So while they may begin looking at somebody's rights. As a prosecutor and goes up the way across the belt and over and get them for their belt. Is there a reason why this is. Being referred to as special counsel instead of special prosecutor it seems like that was the term we heard so much in the past. It's reported it is. Good shape shifting of spin and and you know liberal Democrat called a special prosecutor. You may believe there should be a prosecution. Republicans our administration is calling this special counsel. Because as rob wrote something that you don't have not seen any in the need to be prosecuted. We're talking live with Michael conclude this morning. Michael do you think we're gonna see the memo the Komi memo. Always insisting it was you know we talked letter from the United States and it and intelligence committee. Demanding all of those memos but not to the memos regarding our you know our regarding trump the trump administration. All the memos. Ever gonna take a look at the memos. We're gonna take a look at all the memos and that includes all of Columbia memos on the Hillary email investigation as well. There were about to open up pandora's box. Not that well or Republicans but for those who felt that of the Clinton family had gotten away with what they Wear what they did with the server and all the. Does it speak a lot to Moeller as. A lawyer as an investigator that. He would be named when James homey is you know one of the chief players in this in the two. Do you have a relationship in the past. I think storm are I'm not unnerved by Moeller being a special partner I don't think you can take this in the political election. Our of the idea but it former FBI director as our relationship with the president because there are Eric Garber is pretty or. I'm you know I never have bought the bears need for a special about our special look at special. Our council batting order you're talking to arbiter we're gonna have one viewer's guide to do it. Question I have and the concern I have is how long ms. day. The Democrats have been calling for special counsel. 44 months because they're trying to put the blocks. Too good to Donald Trump's agenda so art work. Troubled ministers and having gotten very far with their agenda because of the allegations with Russia. And now it appears that there's special prosecution. The special our investigation. Will stand mr. with the entire administration. Right Mike I wanna ask you app president trump yesterday spoke to Coast Guard graduates in Connecticut. Listen to what he told them about himself no. And I say this with. Great charity. Has been treated worse. Or more unfairly. You can't let them get you down. What about that Michael is he on point with that. I think I don't know that some of history are we seeing some historical. Analyses. Problem in the late nineteenth century it is pretty terrible pre. Our politicians. But you know I think when you look at presidents. That who have been attacked by the opponent politics. I think probably is at least in modern times and attack more so than any other president. And in recent memory. And it's I mean in a partisan circumstance the tenor of the value. The visceral nature of the attack on Donald I'll have been something we've never seen at least in my life telling. And I think it's only just started with the Donald Trump is in for the fight of his life right now. And I happen to think he's up for. Hey let's get on this summer now in one sure sign of summer the canal side concerts. They'll announce the lineup tonight. They'll also is WB Ian reported first announced they are free any longer. What's up with that Sam Hoyt. You know if it wins on the one hand the tough decision on the other hand and not really I mean we don't know how popular their concert series has. Because it can outside and with that popularity has come. Huge crowds and this was really done it as a means of trying to manage the crowds and to. You know keep those big crowd safe and secure. The fact is. They have become so popular they've drawn tens of thousands of people and with that our income troublemakers and we just need to make sure that these events are family friendly and safe and a lot of feedback that we've gotten is. This is a good thing because it will help us. Manage. Keeping some of the troublemakers out. How many fewer people are you expecting because of the new five dollar fee. Well you know it's tough to project. That the fact is we wanna have crowd that. We can manage in such a way that. Security issues is present and on the can't control all of the different activities and we think that. Dish probably won't have much of a reduction on the total number of people attempt. Howell works Sam is this something you'll have to purchase in advance online and there won't be you know walk ups. No there really option. Just purchased tickets in advance which is also another way of being able to plan for each event getting engaged. How many people line up and being so we can staff appropriately. So what tickets will be available and it didn't advance that. Consumer beverage outlets and you can also purchase. Part of Iraq. No love purchasing on arrival are they're going to be multiple ticket booths we have to actually buy a ticket. Great question there will be multiple places for you to work. I purchased ticket upon arrival at the at the site and yes there will be a voucher associated with the the purchase of that five dollar ticket so anybody who does used to attend the conference will also be getting. Average wit that option. Harry and with construction of the cure Celek can now sign this will be the last year of concerts. At the current location is their right. I don't yeah we do plan that once the carousel construction begins to ship the stage to the northern section of this site that we will continue to have concerts that announcement part. Because of the anticipated disruption win the construction of the carousel I would just ship at this stage. To really the other side China. Now is that going to be a permanent thing or are you looking at perhaps the outer harbor things going on because there's going to be more construction a canal side is we kind of go on here. Exactly and in the the original plan from the get go was four. Many of the green parcels down there to be developed mobile sites and it's always been anticipated that there will be growth and development. Donna account sign in as the footprint shrinks in terms of the open greens base we'll have to downsize the you know the size of the the concerts and oh win that there will likely be shipped. Bigger concerts to the outer are. They'll release some outer harbor concerts this year to rank. And can we expect those to be named later on today or is that saved for later date. I think that's big for a later date will be announced later today will be Thursday concert series has become so popular but. This is a natural evolution. That you see. And a venue like can Al Assad mean if you think about it seven short years ago there was nothing going on there last year between. Can outside in the outer harbor we drew close to one point five million people. And at this security and safety of our customers is our number one priority we think that this ticketing system will. Make it a much safer and and pleasant environment for families and all of our guests and customers and I think people are going to be very pleased with the. One more before we let you go five dollars how was that settled down was it something you wanted to keep low lump under ten maybe why five. And we thought it was a reasonable number we've talked with a voucher or. The beverage which most customers are gonna purchase anyways there it. Really means. You know. Two dollars or three hours is the actual out of pocket costs and it's a means of just. Controlling the crowd and in keeping frankly. Some kids who might just wanna show up and not come for the concert not come to enjoy. The venue. Away from the away from the vet it's it's a crowd control and safety initiative and again I think it's gonna. Proved to be Europe are really Smart decision and actors. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.