930in716 May 19, 2017 A look at a truly mezmerizing week in Washington

Friday, May 19th

An in-depth look at a mezmerizing week in Washington for the Trump Administration.


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It's 930. In 716. I think that that there are whole lot of stocks that have been. I'll throw on the board and they have to get connected to be able to talk about impeachment. It's really been a tough week. Emotionally just to deal with a it's almost too much at times and you know me I love politics much expect. Kind of sums it all up right. It's Tim Wenger. President Donald Trump has responded with a direct no no. To a question about whether he asked former FBI director James culminated shelf an investigation. It was former national security advisor. The president also questioned Thursday. Over revelations that he had shared secrets with the Russians he denies that is well. This of course as a special counsel has been named to investigate any Russian connections in wrongdoing. In all the fallout associated with it and that's where we spend the lion's share of the podcast this time. At the White House Kenneth moat news on all the action. He flatly denied that he asked former F battered James called meet in the investigation comment to the former national security advisor Michael Floyd he also says several times. There was no collusion between himself from Russia during the campaign. W instead of enemies have said there is no collusion but that's not exactly yours for us when it comes out Democrats of UB campaign. He's that I Kobe was very unpopular with most people despite the fact that we know of the acting FBI director. And McCabe said on capitol testified that. I told me in joy he's the broad support. Of the many people inside the bureau. And so we got some contradictions there so. He told reporters that look there's going to be an FBI are coming soon. And that the top of the list Joseph Lieberman. APEC Kuo was a Democrat also John McCain's running mates or someone who's been kind of on both sides of the aisle. Is the thought there. Pick and no one can deny. Where actually a little surprise that Joseph Lieberman for the top of the pack business as you mentioned Democrat turned independent senator from Connecticut. I'm who's in private law right now but he's at the top of the list as well as well with Andrew McCain who's running the pure right now. I'm Frank Keating the former Oklahoma governor Richard view the of former FBI official so they're all in the running. I'm we're were. Closely monitoring. Whether or not the White House's which release that take two days before the president stepped on steps onto Marine One and later Air Force One to head over to Saudi Arabia. I'm so we're monitoring that that that could come today but at this point we just have the president says he's going to announce that dares him to do. Do either of those things that trip or the possible FBI announcement. Change the narrative or are there things percolating here say in congress. And amongst those who who want to necessarily oppose the president. Are they still active even while he's flying over to Saudi Arabia. They are very active and that is why you heard the president say yesterday look I'm trying to get passes Russian investigation it's time to move on folks listen to what he says that's why he says he respects the move. Of the deputy attorney general to name a special counsel in the Russian investigation. But he doesn't agree with that because he feels like is divided the country he feels like. He needs to move on with his agenda which is why today we he's got some meetings on the books where he's going to be talking about a foot sort of agenda. With his director of office of management budget budget make more baby. That's the numbers guy he's the one who tell them highs gonna pay for these programs and poppy and things that he's trying to do. And then it's going to be vice president hits the ball will be in his hand all next week here in the US. Working with lawmakers were we groups inside and outside of Washington on that legislative agenda while the president is over there on his first foreign trip. Vice president has will be here try to move the ball on that legislative agenda because the president when he gets back that's what he really wants the focus off. In our studios WB EN political commentator Carl Calgary's. Well he is ready for a weekend. I'm just mentally emotionally physically tired this week listening to this. I it's like a mental muggy it's it's so. It's so dazzling it's so fast paced that's it it's really been a tough week. Emotionally just to deal with a it's almost too much at times and you know me I love politics so I expect I have an impasse I had to turn it off I'm a news junkie and I have not been watching as much news lately exactly I think that that's probably cobbled most people assume you mean let's. Let's come down here let this feeding frenzy now has gone on human growth hormones okay. It's it's no longer just feeding frenzy got used to that we you know money you know that this is gone into the into the you know hyper drive units warped and in Star Trek are what. Where do you weigh if there's a scale between now whether this falls on media feeding frenzy or missteps by the president where's the marker go to wolf it's bolt. I think primarily of if you had to put her on a scale of one to ten it's probably six to seven media frenzy and and at three to four. White House missteps this White House is still. Chaotic in terms of its communication and public relations statements and and that it feeds it helps feed the frenzy but this is being driven by. Primarily a media effort. Two I believe not just resist trumpet anymore but to eliminate from but I think that's being joined in by the Democrat party I think it's been joined in by the Obama hold overs in the government I think it's even being joined in by some Republicans. In the establishment and some Republican infrastructure. People don't reporters are not reported a columnist who writes for publications who were really opposed to trump what the weekly standard initial review so I think gives you mix all that together you had the missteps of the White House and you got what we've seen. This past week. This was also the week where the special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed by the trump Justice Department I heard from you decide about the factors that are beginning to come together. And kind of in your words conspire here. That was interesting though because it came from his own people basically is on department and and I think this may turn out to be. A blessing. When it's all gone because I get a let me say this. I'm a Republican partisan as you know throughout the primaries. Donald Trump was my first or who's not even my second shores. But you know he he is now president. And there's this this Mueller thing I think is that is a good thing because. If indeed he comes out and says there is no collusion. I don't believe there there is or was. But somebody has to say that I'm right you're saying that this allows them to put it to bad you would think however if it turns out the way and and if it's true that there was collusion and there's a smoking gun out there his presidency will be over and it should be. I would say that is a Republican. But I don't believe that I believe this whole thing is the the biggest smokeless fire we've covered. We've Everest or heard it in the give them the biggest I've sort the other way around it's the most smoke without fire. That we've ever seen the most wireless smoke exactly I got a and it's too early but just understand and they came out this would in this book shattered about the Clinton Campaign which was followed by two reports from political left leaning organization. Who right I believe it's on page 357. That the day after her loss her top strategist and her. Concocted this idea that we get the blame the Russians and Russian connection and rushing a collusion this was partly thought out strategy that has been. Incredibly orchestrated with the help of the media to create as that's an awful lot of smoke with what I believe is no fire and I'm sorry just. I think if there was collusion. We know about it by now. We're joined in studio by political strategist Karl calabrese Karl tumultuous week at the White House how have Republicans. Responded and what do you thought of I've been disgusted by it to be quite honest with you. You know I follow politics pretty closely and have always admired this about the Democratic Party and set it on the show. When a Democrat president or office holder gets in trouble Democrats circle the wagons they really around him or her and they defend them. And mean and they do quite well. And Republicans on the other hand there run for the hills I mean the other night Fox News was unable to get one single Republican to come on TV. To defend Donald Trump or just did didn't just do. Just to talk about the process again if this were good and the Democrats and reverse what would happen is they'd be attacking the process but I've watched enough but designated survivor and house of cards to know that the surrogate for people to come out and make those arguments. Are sometimes orchestrated by the White House itself probably more than sometimes and Andy yeah you're right as I said earlier I think this White House has a terrible communication operation going that would that's one thing they could do but the the natural reaction of Republicans. In a situation like this is to run for the hills I had a long conversation less than a home. My first town attorney in town I want to host town supervisor he's retired now he was a very active Republican who's a member of the New York State Republican committee the state committee. He sent me this tax to pay about what's going out and an all rated short it says. I'm on the edge of saying good bye to the Republican Party surprised not. Democrats lose Democrats yell scream and have their hair on fire Republican's wet themselves and cower in the corner. Comoros quote memo is what every first year law student I know is nose is called a self serving declaration inadmissible in court so I think is this kind of just sums it sums it up with. Many Republicans I talk to. Where is the defense why are we not talking about anonymous leaks if you could point to one thing why do you believe Republicans are reacting. This is the nature of the Republicans Republicans. Really do collar and at criticism in the media especially with the mainstream media the New York Times Washington Post. They really do and I guess it may just be part of their make up they've been in that they were in the minority for so many years they were beat up for so many years. The first reaction is to powerless like you beat up let's look at it anymore as opposed to. Frankly Donald Trump reactions and we hit back. Another headline this from Politico conservatives begin to whisper president pants. The story goes on that since the release of the Access Hollywood tape in which Donald Trump brought brag about groping women. Have some conservative spot so seriously if a bit wistfully about two words president pants it. Could it be their thinking. More about that than they are about defending from they could think it could very well because they know they've got a guy that that in their mind is much more of. A conservative with a pedigree but here's the problem as somebody said to me hinted at what do you think he's going to be in he should be impeached and I said. What's the high crime or misdemeanor. Let let's talk about that you do not undo an election in this country without high crimes and misdemeanors being in right now. You know produce the evidence where's the evidence of a high crime and mr. leader if he committed it. His position at his presidency is done as it should be but as of this point you're talking about undo election. Is something. I got a real queasy feeling about that because this countries are real short fuse right now. If if the 43% of people who voted for Donald Trump. Think that that election is being undone by the so called establishment or least it could lead to major major disruptions. And Kyra calabrese is still with us in studio for a good half hour left still. He's with messy Alomar Tucci calabrese & Associates political strategist guy we've been teachers campaigns that you be. Carl I don't want to belabor the point with the media with the idea that you said earlier. The Donald Trump may be needs to have. Better or different media strategy. But do you think that this foreign trip he's on now is big enough to change the narrative. No. No. I don't I think I think I think through the forces that are allied against him are so focused now. And are are so coordinated in their message that. They will continue this this narrative about the FBI the probe the Russians called collusion. It it's just not going to wait I mean this will this will help. Maybe get a little different focus. And it may be a welcome relief there may be all Americans as we talked about earlier just saying all you know I want recently about policy OK I want to read something about issues and I'm tired of this it'll it'll help they are but it that this narrative of of and the whole thing is not going away. In DC we talk with political expert Rick Klein none. A mesmerizing week. I think it did there are a whole lot of stocks that have been up thrown on the board and they have to get connected to be able to talk about impeachment or anything else but. Does that the the fact that those spots obscures the rest of the agenda to your question about whether it affect the ability get things done yet being definite yes. He can't really move anything right now because they're so paralyzed by. The stories that they've created in the chaos that surrounding the presidency. This is a difficult moment for them they have an opportunity with this foreign trip. Just to reset it but all of these stories are playing out in real time in ways that this White House cannot control. Before you came on we had an analyst and studio talking a little bit about messaging. And that he kind of needs to shake up or at least make that operational more aggressive would you agree. Yeah I mean I think every president that comes the hard times. He comes out and editing it tell you you put these things out public but what makes the messaging impossible in this particular case that the president's own actions. He's the guy who fired James Connolly he's got to talk to the Russians in the Oval Office he's got that now sit at the witch hunt to have a special counsel so that's not just. How does the press office talk about your your accomplishments or achievements or put any spin on it this is the principal who's doing things that are as wild as an unpredictable as he's always been. Is there a person at the White House to advise him when something might look a little. Author before safe firing James combing is there that person for the president to listen to. Which you just think it's White House's very sparse played this probably only about eight people who have real sway with the precedent. Now that includes some family members his daughter his son in law Peter very famously. I'm chief of staff and he's he's got these kind of teams of rivals that anyone have to have that as the day Mr. President are wrong on this. I don't know they answered that I don't think the answers yet I don't think there's many people like you say that as directly. And I don't know that's the way get through it all twelve people told him in the stop tweeting during the campaign to get spilling it and want. So he feels very empowered emboldened by his own political victories. One of talk of a shake up perhaps. Rice pre biz source on Spicer on the way out. You know I I don't see it just because. I mentioned that very small group of advisors that surround himself with right he's already shaken things up in the sense that some people aren't some people are out the people are winning some people losing. I don't think if there's eight. That there's a beat shake up comment I think you made me and some new faces maybe the people minimized but they've got to back it up like the fire people being so mean I was standing in. And they the apprentice notwithstanding he's more apt to keep people wanna loyalty. Talk a little bit about how you see this all playing out I know predictions are hard to give me. You mean next week's headline if you can't. Well he's it is going to be a split screen because he's gonna be heading to the Middle East and into Europe. And individual strips are almost a who's who look people in places he's insulted Muslims. The Israelis have gotten a note that a joint recently made though the the Pope himself remember he insulted. I feel like I think he's gonna have to avoid those pitfalls then we're gonna see the Capitol Hill but the question. When this game's only testify. That veto all those notes he's been invited to Capitol Hill next week will he return will be so up that invitation. What is he started tell the story that he very much has on his lies. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.