930in716 September 11, 2017 Riding out Hurricane Irma

Monday, September 11th

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It's 933716. All about Irma on the podcast. We're on the ground. I could practice and now we are in Washington. Because a lot of money right now we're worried about the lives. And were in studio with an expert Ford's big state but it's unleashing the storm. The storm covers entire state. So where it's going to turn fifty miles here fifty miles there can make a huge difference I'm Jim lingered nearly four and a half million homes and businesses across Florida losing power is hurricane Irma. Moves over the state. And utility officials say it'll take weeks to restore electricity to every one. Farther north more than 100000. Are in the dark in Georgia. Much of eastern Alabama and coastal South Carolina are under tropical storm warnings as Irma pummeled Florida. Weakening on its march northward. What was it like writing out this storm. Former buffalo Neeon bake baker he was hunkered down in new Smyrna beach where the storm was originally supposed to target. He's been in this situation before and this was no easy night. I have to do I have to say it was not a hell you know last year Matthew we went through the storm in daylight. The worst of it came true tonight. Obviously in total darkness. I am staying in a rattle on a place it's a converted garages. Two bedroom apartment they call the bunker because is got hurricane shutters and a generator for the generator to work so. No good par went off at 545 last night so I've been in the dark. The only thing I've had this separate legal milestone ages by right. And there. A couple of really be what patterns and and stay here with four cocker spaniel and tree catching. They've been relatively calm. Huge tree outside it's a big light oak tree. Although the trees and had those sneaky whimsical ought forever and they're very hard they've paper sturdy. But the history has dropped a lot of a lot of moved into the courtyard outside Portland Abu. Hey Vicki mentioned your cell phone a couple lanterns there the power outages have to be putting a lot of people and a tough situation with. Having the ability to call back home are you label to a pick up us sell signal low where you are range firm people around you what you're hearing. Are they having issues like that. Quietly TP service has been extremely you know reliable through this evening. Hand her this night of hell agency has worked cars are gonna these insure ourselves servers and data sort been able. For the most part angle actually watch some of the local storm reports shot DirecTV true martial law but. Obviously power's going to be out while I'm guessing. Quite a few people apologies for her speech would mean abused their office dollars that a tornado up the road and on the beach. I was told that in a warehouse. Where some people were staying shelter. And the artwork is what I aura officially we don't know a lot about that except that there were no casualties. What are you being told as far as the rest of today disk clean up begin now or are you still being told to hunker down because there's more storm on the way. No not best dispersed farmers kind of Alec blizzard blowing through you know what some blows through them after that. Get up the stop plus troubles are. In this case we're going to be getting also change the up the big hurricane. Has weakened but I got up and our region it has weakened to a category one because it went up the peninsula. On the land to go through the golf what was picked up or energy. And so consequently. The storm started to break up a little bit it's still fierce outside that you hear the wind howling but. It'll be over probably by this afternoon. And I'm told the forecast for the most sunshine. Yes I did did most the people around you evacuate. It's hard I can tell the IBI for which you do the same site for a the pictures like social that he. Most major prize I was wrapping the SharePoint pollution county impose a curfew they close the bridges up on the mainland Serbia. What we call besides the the barrier islands all lead up. I'll get to count those things are. And people were tortured and stay there your girl and once the wind it up to about 45 miles an hour they closed bridges sort of your check you best get off. Well beside her here for the annual. Have you or anyone you know down they're being given any indication when power might be able to be restored. That that's correction. And our case I think we have a great chance because I don't think that they are going to be here at least here he is it is and other parts of the state which got hit a lot harder. While the winds and rain battered an entire state response plans were in place in being tweaked. President trump talked about Herman response. In Iran it's Iran barricade you know better than anybody. The end Coast Guard has been amazing already you've been hearing what they're doing right in the middle of the storm. Have FEMA has been incredible we're working very well with the governor and the other governors and surrounding states. I just got back we had a cabin adult cabinet and every group this coordinated really well I mean the bad news is that this is some big monster that. I think we're very well forward. Well I hope there are too many people in the bed you don't wanna be in that path. That's a pet you know what appear that we tried to warn everybody. And for the most part they've left but that's a bad path to be at night. Hobby we're going to Florida races. Power this Eric this is probably. So somebody said 57 years now who knows what that means but it's just about the biggest ever recorded that hit land and unfortunately. We got it. Now it may we may have been a little bit lucky in that it went on the west and it may not have been quite as destructive but we're gonna sue us we're gonna it's gonna play out over the next five or six hours. I'm going in now for meetings but it's all about coordination I think we're really well coordinated as well as you can possibly be. And I'll tell you what we have great people. And a group that really deserves tremendous credit as the United States goes what they've done and I mean they were they're going right into that and you never know you know when you go in the you don't know you're gonna come out there. They are really if you talk about branding no brand has improved more than United States does and FEMA. The entire group. Team has been incredible so now see what happens. The really I think the hard part is now beginning to see what that. Tuesday. Because a lot of money right now we're worried about lives not claws thank you everybody it. Now the science of at all while painful to watch fellow Americans in such pero. It is fertile ground for meteorologist to perfect their skills and improve forecasting for the future. Steve ferment heads up the meteor to program at SUNY buffalo state and went in depth with Susan and Bryant. This is amazing fascinating to watch who had to. Major hurricanes I think is the first time. Two category four hurricanes that hit United States in the same year and there's like a 12 punch and you know what we within weeks of each other. They're two completely different hurricanes are very very different looking the one Linda Harvey we we looked at Corpus Christi the the landfall Rockport. And then this second disaster not storm was the flooding in Houston which you know storm stayed over Houston for 45 days. And this one is it keeps on giving is just ring up the spine of Florida. And it's not like just makes landfall moves on it is just treating. Terror and stuff. All along the coast now when you look at the storm surges from Vermont an RV I think the one from Harvey. Probably gets overlooked today because of all the flooding but. That was a pretty drastic damage to how did the two compare yeah it because it made landfall and then moved on toward Houston. We only here but once with Florida we keep hearing it over and over again as it works its way up the West Coast and even parts of the East Coast. I'm Harvey had a I'm a member of the dark numbers but it close at ten feet of storm surge. And we're seeing the same thing in Florida though although as it weakens the storm surge is becoming less and less than moves north that storm surge is one of those big. Items when it comes to hurricanes. Four for disaster some problems. Storm Irma seems to be weakening faster than forecasters expected. It is how you can't get well you know the projected path and as long sustains over the water. It will it's gets its fuel and energy and it it continues in maintains itself once it hits land to the friction and the lack of water that the engine starts a spotter. And when it moved ashore just south of Tampa there is sort of the spotter and it weakened from a category four to category three into a category two. And as it works as whip along the Florida through the north to become category one. And back to a tropical storm and so it's tough to predict exactly when that's going to happen you have that we're looking at very fine detail on jogger free here you're looking at you know whole Caribbean. The two models both the European and US model were very good and predicting and running up the spine Florida. If you recall new initially they said the East Coast. And then it kind of took a little while to make that turn and encircling the West Coast. But then made a little it is kind of avoided Tampa in need a little and not to to the east and it's going back toward the northwest what kind of went around Tampa. And that's fair Tampa from the worst of of the storm surge and winds and rain in Tampa Bay is kind of applicable isn't it. So they've they've really out of luck out there is concern when they're talking ten to fifteen foot storm surges who has agreed to the concern of flooding. And one of the things I found interest in fact that that's been almost a hundred years since the last major hit in Tampa. And the population of Tampa was what 141000 people now it's three to four million. So we could have been you know quite quick detrimental but it it worked out well in the sense that the storm is Tampa anyways kind of went around Tampa. We are joined live in studio by Steve permits he's the coordinator of buffalo state college's meteorologist department talking about. Irma and Harvey the two hurricanes kind of the science behind the hurricane Steve. The entire. State of Florida was on notice went Burma was coming toward it. And it really wasn't known exactly where it would make landfall where the hardest part would hit. It made may be a last second terror and in a lot of forecasters minds. Why is it so difficult to pinpoint. You know exactly where the hurricane will make landfall. Well couple things to think about first of all the geographies I'm quite small and because it means for his big state but it's unleashing the storm the storm covers entire state. So where it's going to turn fifty miles here fifty miles there can make a huge difference. If we think of these storms starting off from the bulge of Africa other call converting hurricanes both Harvey and Burma. And working their way east with the easterly winds were gonna kind of moved to the north because of the Orioles were stronger in the north part of the storm less in the south part of the storm. But then when we get toward the United States North America we have the Bermuda high. Which is a clockwise rotation which is gonna move it to the north sometimes you storms that you sought with Irma move quickly to the north of the through the falling Wesley. And they selling moved to the north so we knew was gonna turn to the north but exactly where. One of the reasons is that controls are so high pressure systems we have a nice big high pressure system over us for example. One of the reasons after at least Florida's and what west instead of east that you would expect is because a high pressure system. So smaller type look at the whole atmosphere to try to understand what's going on and if you're 20304050. Miles off that's pretty good. Both major models the European. And the US model or pretty much in sync. Which gives mom worst confidence in the storm track but I think they're about twenty miles off from each other which is. On top of each other basically so a few miles can make a big difference when it comes to that the Horta for her case. Storm surge how difficult is it to predict that and and what's that overblown this weekend no it's one of the things that happen of course that for example attempt as the storm weakened. And the storm surge is related to the category of the storm so category five storms much larger storm surges. Then category one. The other thing is a storm surges can be enhanced by the the local harbor and the shoreline. If we had a storm surge off on the Atlantic side of the of Florida because it's a steeper drop off to the ocean it's not as large. On the golf side where the water so much shallower we could have had something much larger. So we had some large storm surges and l.'s largest predicted which is a good thing are we seeing. You know because Harvey it. Were a week back to back such large storms. Is this part of a greater trend will we be seeing more workings or is it just. And that bad coincidence that these happened so close together we've been lucky it's been over ten years since United States has had a major. Her care category three or above. Make landfall on states. Now regaining two. So I can't say it's a trend. Happening and it is just the luck of the trawler after some luck. But we've had ten years we have had these meet last homes we're talking Katrina. For example and Wilma. They came ashore and how spin it's not 2017 we're talking about these two storms but it is record breaking sense of having to right after that 12 punch like that. It's going to be devastating for both Florida and Texas. To cover the nation itself. Because it's gonna be dictating what goes on in congress and other places. These two storms one about Jose which Atlanta it was a category four yeah Jose you know we're thinking that in open knockout punch me I don't know. But it seems to be the listing its if it doesn't have much like come much like party cannot have steering winds. Jose is there's nowhere wants to go right now. Fortune it's just over the ocean. All models right now are are pretty things and stay over the ocean which you never know hurricanes are fickle. They can do a ninety degree turn harder and eighty degree turn they can do all kinds of different things depending those on those upper winds and pressure systems and the recovery if. Rumor mode will continue. No doubt for a long long time. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with another edition from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.