930in716 September 12, 2017 Carl Paladino appeal, new iPhone and Irma help!

Tuesday, September 12th

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It's 93716. Carl Paladino loses a round in court in an attempt to put on hold his replacement on the school board what happened today as we were denied the the expedited temporary relief but in appeal is coming up. Successful. That's his appeal then I believe that. He's retained his seat. I'm Tim Wenger also on the podcast. As Irma disappears. The all call for help ease centers stayed patient a big volunteer organizations like habitat for humanity. Catholic Charities. They also may be looking for volunteers and another new iPhone. We're at right now we begin in buffalo and in court State Supreme Court where judge Catherine Nugent pennant Pinto heard from Carl Paladino is legal team. In an attempt to institute a restraining order that would put on hold the buffalo school board actions to replace his seat on the park district. He was thrown off the board by New York State education commissioner yulia following a lengthy summer hearing in Albany. WBN's Mike back Goodman was inside the courtroom for the decision and talked with Paladino attorney Dennis Varco immediately following. Well it so we've said. Since the decision the commissioner was rendered back down on the seventeenth that we were going to appeal it. I always knew that this was going to it was that would be a simple process of bringing their papers because. The record so luminous and legal issues are. Is somewhat esoteric and mean what what's at the heart of this really is you open meetings law. So you heard even in the context of this discussion today. Mr. Miller talking about fifty years of decisions. From the state Education Department. We're talking about this action is the statute. The committee and open government there interpretation of statute and legislative intent. So. These are not necessarily easy issues. 222 grief. You know frankly. I don't know whether mr. Miller's accurate about your statement that he made by the news that. State Education Department has been. Ignoring your needs while fifty years that doesn't make it correct. We believe that the commissioner. Ignored statute nor demanding to the statute. By conferring the absolute confidentiality. In perpetuity. Just because. Words are uttered an executive session. So it took just it took us. Three weeks to bring these papers because this these are complicated issues and we get one we get one shot it. So. Who wasn't defect you know are are temporary release. Is it what was difficult about it it's. The process. Quote protracted. And frankly if you when you look at it papers you'll see how poll substantial there. We we we had to come in today so by the way we have plenty of time. In the statute of limitations to bring that the appeal. Statutorily. And a reporter when he gains from August 17. But we were then looking at the other clock which was thirty days. That the board had to. Use their prerogative to. Appoint a a replacement. So we had to bring this expedited proceeding in this fashion. Without the typical notice and service etc. so this order shall cause is of ways it can expedite. Finally at a loss. So as we filed our appeal which is essentially the lawsuit. Seeking declaratory. Relief that. The commissioner in the supplied the open meetings law and that the board had routinely quietly to deal but it's. We felt that it was properly then there was still believe that properly vet and urinary cut there's a question there's. There's some. Conflict in the statute if you will you know suing the board shall we were just some of the board than there's no argument to cases here. But. There's there obviously is conflicting statutory provisions that talk about suing the commissioner. We believe that we're on firm. Ground terms of the opinion that selected obviously they disagree. But in terms of power application. We were seeking temporary restraining order. Well you know I have to analyze whether that. Whether we stay here wolf we are forced to Albany or however we end up in Albany weather net there's. Reason for us to seek it will be very junction. But what happened today as we were denied being the excavated temporary relief. Now we have to move on to the venue issue in amongst themselves venue issue that we rule by the start litigating the merits of our appeal. Interestingly judge Kenneth Pinto was a member previously of the buffalo school board. My guess Varco about any concerns about conflict of interest in deciding this case. You know as far as I'm concerned it's you know the judges will Wear her obligations and any determination about conflict of interest. His first to determine. You notice that we didn't we didn't raise I mean she was when she once served on the board of education and that's a fact that we knew going into this but we did not believe the dad. Created 'cause of the interest to her because it was so attenuated. So we didn't raise that issue because we raise the issue for former service and the board because it was so attenuated. Meantime this school board has selected Paladino is replacement Katherine Flanagan pre your. A psychologist at women and Children's Hospital she is set to be sworn in Wednesday. Susan and Brian talked with current school board member patty pierce about the replacement decision. Well from the beginning she really. I doubt it is being somebody that the board. Could you come here where her. Qualifications. Are how are excellent you know and she would bring when things went missing from the board to deport back. And we are. When exactly will this take place where she's appointed Dan man now takes her seat. Actually will be sworn into now. On Wednesday evening at a special meeting. Right now does this complicate matters if Carl Paladino is successful with an appeal. Com bar. But I really don't know what I know one Israeli fairness how the process will prevail. I just know that. I'm into income board member and as a person who will be died in the park district I felt that it was very important that mr. Paladino is. He is fills that there's not a lack of representation to the people out here in the park district. Did it come up in the interviews they don't whether or not that would be a distraction kind of that looming appeal wild whoever it was that you ended up hiring. Who would be kind of sitting at sea bed you know its fate is still a little up in the air right now. Don't know they did that come up at all it was it was a little or no concern. During the interview process. Well the state gave the board I believe thirty days rate for replacements or where you kind of up against a clock here. Yeah we where we only get thirty days to you know conducting interviews than you could see my list candidates. We had. Many and all of them were were absolutely outstanding mean it is at the end there was very good account. It was mr. Patrick. And and and then you know movement Upton and young lady that we collected net. Pre worry. You know. It is it would challenge. I too you know and that it could undermine. So now going forward you have this seat filled the Paladino appeal will play itself found separately so as a board where do you go from here which are top priority. Well it granite school year. So our priority has then and will continue to be to home work with the education bargain Q. Increased community school and certainly parent engagement to keep her. Her parents. Honor student in school and actively participating in school. Our attendance rate. And it's something that I'm. Personally going to work very hard this year to ensure that you know are most chronically actually students. You know that we reach out that we tried out exactly what's going out why they are in school. So we have we have a lot of item on our agenda and moving forward we're just gonna keep. You know this districts. To right into the trap you know we're doing so many great things and I wanna continue that with Atlanta. Irma has collapsed after making its way through Florida and several southern states leaving a devastating path of destruction in its path. Now attention is on how to help how can you help. Let's hear from Becky Worley and some creative ways you may be able to help initiate. Some aid. Many people wanna help so wanna get right to it start with those who are close to storm damaged areas. A huge need housing many people finding out they're displaced they won't be going back home for a long time no one saint way to help opening your home. To vote displaced families and relief workers they're being he has an entire section of their site. Devoted to this they're waiving fees to help match people in need of homes. With those who have spare rooms I also want to sit mentioned the people that if they're thinking about volunteering. And cons of the organization to ardea Philly and affiliated with and think about Iran skill set so. Talk here employer if you work for a big company they may have volunteer opportunities. That they organize leveraging this skill set the equipment this specific tier industry and thinking of IT companies helping to rewire damaged schools or big grocery chain to help bring included in the region. Even professional organizations apparel lawyer Finkel all the help that victims will need navigating red tape so. Volunteering with legal aid even on their phone banks can help. Also consider a big volunteer organizations like habitat for humanity. Catholic Charities. They also may be looking for. And a great time to give blood. The blood supply chains and refrigeration may have been disrupted in the south it never hurts to give blood I gave six weeks ago so I think I'm eligible again. Finally I want to touch on pats. It's already happening and that they're doing pet lifts. Have been hurt him Harvey Southwest Airlines flew 64 dogs and cats yeah Diego. Shelters all over the country like my local adoption center of the animal rescue foundation and walnut creek California they're taking. Shelter dogs first from the hurricane affected areas the second wave will be surrendered pets. So if you've. But through the idea that pets in your future reach out to a local shelter and see if they have hurricane that's available that so many different ways how. Now on to the iPhone new versions to be unveiled today. Brad milky is on the story of the new gadgetry many will be clamoring for what. He had new announcement from the Tim Cook in the people apple they will be there in Cupertino California. I do think that sort of their annual announcement of course we've all come to expect company's announcement dark. Our new light bulb bottle it and by all accounts that looks like what will get today we should he have been that. Iteration of the I don't seven you know what he told the senate and served. Or even the iPhone eight we don't know exactly what that title will be. What we're also hearing go it would everybody's been talking about this week at it and do next step top of the line followed it might be called I don't act of. In honor of the tenth anniversary of the I don't and that could cost as much as 30000 dollars. By out jumping right from seven to ten Telekom A do their math there'd be the new iPhone the thing that I'm kind of concerned about is apparently won't have a home bought and instead it will. Read your face. Yet this is according to some sort of leaked this kind element that we saw pop up online over the weekend and if it is true road means you don't have a home button. He don't have and that means that you Hubbell a larger screen that you would actually navigate on the touch screens how would you actually of lockyer don't you know you wanna have a fingers but fingerprint scanning. Area of the home buttons gone and steady I you have. Facial recognition software that was built into the camera you point the camera take your base they recognize his view that walker told it would also be. Awaiting you potentially get a new apple -- different products. And as we've seen and where users will tell you that there's nothing new the issue became a different android models over the last few years and sometimes that can be slow to. That it can be insecure. As significantly Bo so we'll see if apple sort of take the next step forward there. Our end this model would be twice the cost of the original iPhone right. Yeah I the original iPhone ten years ago this year which there was 499. Dollars its first ask a talk even more to get beat hold gigabytes. On your opponent now we're taking that step where he you know you're paying a lot more money for obviously a lot more souped up hardware. You know. He's got an entire certain App Store universe that we did not have a ten years ago the question for a lot of consumers will be is it worth it to jump to this new version right now. What's all the fuss about what will these new devices have and do. We turn to Garrick levers Lee at Mac solutions plus in the eastern hills mall. You know ten year anniversary afternoon at seventeen years in every parent comes out I'm just like everyone else boot. Glued to the broadcast he was coming. Well you know the big thing with this one. Is the thousand dollar price point that's coming with it how I think that's gonna go over. I think you know we're all Apple's brand and we don't want that tenth anniversary our phones so I'll be one of those people. Pony up bar but it's a thousand bucks. But a thousand dollars that's not really the price tag you see in the stores right they hide that do different things it's not like your. Shelling over a thousand dollars right away typically. Right it's usually built into the plan you can buy it unlocked phone usually right around a thousand dollars and use it on camera spot any. Any vendor but yeah pretty much all the plan your pain you know thirty dollars a month through your you know your plan if I have to pick I don't want your refresh to Jiri crush. Name one day will be taking a mortgage out on our phones you know but it. Eric Eric apple is usually known to throw and surprises during these launch events do expect one today. I think really the iphone's gonna be sent to the hangar virtual Beatles focused as a band. Mean I'd expect apple TV to get updated. And also the apple watch street to come out and be Anderson has yet the only Victor on the one more thing but I really think that you're anniversary all go to Ireland it is our. Are people gonna miss the home button if it goes away on the phone. I don't think so because you know with facial recognition comes let's you know the next greatest events and are still little bit of arc of virtual halt but. But I mean that I can unlock code my faith reverend haven't put my hand on her what time are a part of a fact. But no we've heard that that's kind of been slow roll that technology and they'll be with media a leg or delay and that have you. Heard about that. I'd be surprised that they're talking about the tenth anniversary only having six processor which is actually in saint for all. Promenade that we need you know that kind of processing power brick short and. So were expecting kind of a new iPhone but then also this iPhone acts tenth anniversary phone. Going forward do you expect all phones to look like kind of what's now going to be the special model. Yet the eighth I think we'll just be somewhat of an upgrade no but what happens our perspective that you're that they go you know seven assets southern. What or something that's plots so it's you know with the departure from the normal every other year just good to ask. So I don't think the articles and will be that premier model that file you're after. We'll benefit from eight to ten they'll be no nine. Do you think. I don't you know that's that's really string and hit it. Get up and ninth but I really think the anniversary editions gonna be the gold standard going forward. Flip phone anyone. We're back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.