930in716 September 13 Buffalo Mayoral Primary

Wednesday, September 13th

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It's 930. In 716. The buffalo democratic mayoral primary race on the podcast. Thank you for your confidence in me. To continue. To lead our city. For more more views. That stood out for all all muffled. Is that this canyon. No I'm seeing it and me. Efficacy costs the city of buffalo reelected buffalo mayor Byron brown Tuesday in a Democratic Party primary. That outstrips the general election in November without a Republican running for the office. It will be the mayor's fourth term in only one other mayor has achieved that. Jimmy Griffin. Let's hear the candidates had to say following the results on Tuesday. We begin on Jefferson avenue at the campaign headquarters of Betty Jean grant where WB and microphones were there to catch at all. So read on a platform. Of public safety. Education and Iran on. Having the new commissioner because I believe that he may have cost homicide is just. Tragic. I ran with a message of empowerment of people. And I ran. A race that was integrity. Integrity. No money taken from it so I. Lieutenant Tony what they've announced that it's time for me to make his campaign we have I ever. We were viable and we've had 1213 thousand believe it could forgiveness that ahead. After spending and it's not you know I didn't think tonight for his release from him because it. They act done. This has it. And proud that they needed or had befits them and Nancy. And me. But who knows I believe that we have made their round defeat winds have been me. Those things that I talked about he's doing. Tucker bounds stake that BP floor for. For years we'll be paid now. Its utmost I want yeah repair and gave him here we talk about commercials get him facing Chrysler feelings. In his own opinion community. So my campaign has clothes I mean this ten administration made it through this news. We can I went down with a. So in a note. Is that this bank hit. You know I'd say room. After testing process. Because. I think we'll see how the mayor's office. Should be and will be present. If you soon clone. It is good Clinton credit that accident. Yeah. Maybe we used. And you don't get me out. Hour and make someone. Happy here. It was very nice time to sit back out of remember things Lansing population plus and say that we can have opposite has happened. Let's just hitting. It into the top. That is when you saw fit Canadian and thank those who came out played me put it for me because I believe it. In the shadows of downtown buffalo along the buffalo river at the two looks very lives. City comptroller mark Schroeder gathered with supporters. I was there is Schroeder took to the podium to concede defeat. Soon the us video good neighbors. Thank you buffalo. Thank you all off low beside west side north side and sell side thank you for your hospitality. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your candor. When I came to your door over the course of the summer and especially a political football loans were holding today. All right if you. So all luck soon to my family in to my friends and to my supporters. On I wanna be very clear about this. I wanna be abundantly. Clear about this. We won tonight. I'll explain to you why but I just wanna give you a little background on that. No life. Sometimes. It is hard. Right. Part. But we still have. Oh dreams. And now my dream. Started when I was ten years old some of you heard the story about the toll the whole story now I'll tell you later over beer. But my dreams started when I was ten years old in 1965. When something happens to more film we have guys that through my mother and one would be like him. Because he helped you it was mayor's view that in 1965. At age at age thirteen. Homers thirteen years old in the rose 1968. A transfer from one school to another. And when I was in the other school I would walk seeing kids every day. And on this particular day in my first they go to school. I would walk ball will. That is when I began to have that wrecked. Conversation. With god. All the way to school twelve blocks I would talk to god directly and goes through life experience started me on my way. Sawyer wanna think mine my parents. Well it was my father who first got me started on three by five cards. And how many of your goal of that I am and I was a job. A mama's boy. Our mother our mother died during the during the campaign. If she proudly displayed this little Teddy. In her room it's like this wondered who shall all of you this in and I know my parents. So family and and friends in the volunteers. On March 5. We have 500 people. Well for our announcement in the end of the petitions. Howard and others thank you so much for that. Thought I will I will say this few. I only have. I only have one regret. And do the regretted that. On going into this early. Curry and I had a fueling. That we would be severe underdogs. And the regret that I have. Is that I never wanted to break. Your heart friends. In my family because you gave me. Okay. You need you gave me everything. I just wanted to Malia and grateful very pointer. So here so they'll all get through what I said in the beginning. The reason why. We won tonight. Is that politicians. Including the mere. They did not get a free ride all over the last. Six months. We are speaking for. We ran. I'm real issues. The cult whose plan. Was something that we believe then. Neighborhoods. Where you live and work all the live where I'd bet and I seen these neighborhoods and I'm glad Reese. Look out for all on welcome. Okay. Everybody and we talked about city streets. We talked about things we talked about the inability. The city of awful to clothes. Homicide cases. In Seoul. One that held true Tina Harris to your friendly. Even though we didn't make it from the right. I know your story. And I know the story of all books and I'm gonna be right out there with you starting tonight we are not I don't knock. Quiet about. Now into the winner's circle right in downtown buffalo on court street. In outdoor affair for mayor Byron brown and a beautiful late summer evening. WBN's Mike Bagger mean was there to cover the mayor's comments. And a great positive. And upbeat campaign. And here's the good news. Together. We can. And we will. Continue. To build a stronger buffalo. There are many people I wanna recognize tonight. Too many to mention by name. Obviously. My family my beautiful wife Michelle. And. Happy birthday and is now. Hours and Byron. Our entire family I want it thank you for your love. And your support. It's special acknowledgment. To all of the elected officials. Who work here tonight. All of them worked so hard to help us reduce this victory. Especially. Our lieutenant governor Kathy hope. State assemblyman. State senator Tim. State assembly. The storm. There's a good City Council. Legislature. And members of our clergy. As well as members of our business community. And organize labor let's give them all the great regret. And a very special thank you. To Joseph Slade why. Who produce my campaign commercials. And really captured. The heart and soul of our. I also think that thousands of people. Who supported my campaign. Volunteers. Donors staff. And supporters. And the voters of buffalo. For the residents of buffalo. Thank you for your confidence in me to continues. To lead our city. Or more more bare. Twelve years ago. We started this incredible journey together. All about us and Brian the very end and from a very different place than where we are right now. From my very first days in office. I worked to a broad. And strength in every corner of our city. I did it's for you buffalo. For our children. And wore our children's children. Today. In every neighborhoods citywide. Our strength. Can be measured by our progress. Tonight. It's clear. Or can do spirit. It's still going strong. We are proud people. Hopeful. Positive. And optimistic. We've come a long way in a short period of from Hamlin are black. Central well. The old urge toward the north in court or. Let's. The university this for a remark about the oh and every other neighborhoods. And our great city. East west north and south it doesn't matter what direction you. A very and we are all moving upward. Buffalo. Block by block. Family to family. Neighborhood by neighborhood. Business hours story. Our city and we're going to continue. The incredible war. That we have begun. Together. This is a special. In our city's history. And we're going to continue. The work that we've started together so that we can all rise higher. This isn't the time Ford division. I working together. We will continue. To build on our progress. And create even more opportunities. For all buffalo residents. It is onward to November. Another tremendous opportunity. To bring our message to residents. All across. Our great city. Buffalo. It's an eight far better shape today. That it spin in that case. I accept any challenge. That comes our way. As we always. We will continue to build on our progress. To ensure. That no one is left out. And that no one is left me. I want to thank each and every one of you again. And say may god bless you. May god bless your families. And may god bless our great city a golf club. And we're back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.