930in716 September 7, 2017 Mayoral candidates react following debate

Thursday, September 7th

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It's 93716. Primary day 27 team and the mayoral primary less than a week away I have a twelve year. Record they've seen there and neighborhoods and improve I take pride in saying what I mean. In that we know what sounds good is that we do have this is an old case. It's almost dormant. Announced that Thomas sacks on three each year at there'd be matters as an excuse the three democratic mayoral candidates meeting and debate again Wednesday. While there was nothing earth shattering that came of the fairly bland and predictable for him. The three candidates spoke with WB yen as they walked off the stage. We begin with legislator Betty Jean grant with our Mike Ackerman. I think I did well and let things I want to say and have time serious acting sooner than a bit longer but I think at the points and that Buffett can be better than we can. They have you know announced that it could have a few of us have to fictional neighborhoods like adding that every neighborhood up though. Due to Sam on recess is insane amount of attention and mapping these ministries has done it. Last time that you and I spoke was after that lasted anymore and the things that you brought up in particular was out of its very partisan crowd for mayor Byron brown and also the controllers ball. This crowd silent throughout the entire debate suggesting this little bit more fair than first ask his affair if cushion in the respect the efforts classic. Some house that. The data just couldn't get in here acting this is my fear. Gives each app saying he too and house of affecting can't cheer plant to be in its actually one of them. What happens not beach for you between now and primary date street making phone calls me some money to. Be picked areas on Tuesday sentiment. Some of the things that were brought up in the debate won the questions in particular was that if you were mayor would you raise property taxes to help us cities schools our city to the local school district would you as mayor. Raise property. You know that I think product experts David asked how twelve years in the past been an amateur team. And at the acting recess can be raised in other ways I know that we give a lot of tax abatement to beat developers. They don't pay crappy Texas well also BP. We have to races I think she's given us more. Tax abatement Texas it is to be development type Paladino is so Minnelli Nixon after I think they need paint yes they made me as being anti pay their fair share. And what about the referendum that controller shorter product that you would have term limits for mayors do you think that is a realistic thing that could happen would you like to see that. You know at first I was against term limits because I figured ten name is chairman the voters of that we haven't. Mira Vista that years as a resource Eaton gave me as Dallas and beat developer and a plate of Blake situation maybe ten minutes man I'd be such a bad idea to me it would level the playing field those trying to connect it's when you think should be. I think we return Smith. And you lasting value. Brought up multiple times you want again and new buffalo police commissioner asked how would you go about doing them well while the national elegant NASA says and it's so many you know L. Acts at telecast conceive of floor. He was found that the athletic. He came in different test data buffalo it's a man who has experience. May to have. Degrees is going to be dear to us from those dresses. And they had taken. Banner to oversee about Black Sea city of buffalo with the race of this diversity of a thing as. I believe that if you can't have faces. The first coast is sensitive because buffalo. Is smaller majority minority in any city and in in your state can't believe it is so landed it AM commissioner. That can beat you with remaining. At the gruesome buffalo being able to manage to PBA which I think rants about the police department at six semantic that was being. Timmy found about the I don't know what I was certainly. Is too and national seriously please mr. And it's critical that we do have to please mister Nichols case it's almost dormant when Assad homicides on three each year and it there'd be America's best excuse them. Which you star nationally or would you wanna start locally defined commissioner. Well I think that would do is I just do it together you know us as you know just went out to resonate in a bad for Africans. Would it can from the city LS Agassi you know Regis you know just months anyway. Scientists and it pains. Buffalo controller mark Schroeder perhaps the most aggressive campaign are among the challengers. He too spoke with WBN's Mike bag Herman the moment the debate ended. Well I thought I didn't. Very well at the first debate. And I felt I did very well today why. Because I speak from my heart mostly and I also have a lot of staff campaign volunteers who helped me. And we threat seriously. We we meet. I listened to everybody and listen everybody on the staff it doesn't matter if you're the seventeen year old senior. From time in where if you're somebody that's been around a long long time and listen the people and they try to figure out what to the people that I'm trying to represent as mayor. What do they wanna hear. From me as a candidate and I try to be credible. I try to be real. And I tried to talk to them in a way that they can understand me clearly and I felt tonight. On I was very fortunate on that I I thought I did very very well and I thought I did well the first time but I think I did better today. On the format. Was interesting in that. Mom it was only a one minute response in there weren't a lot of all the responses unless the panel was called for. So we was away for the candidates to released a full list in what the question was. I thought the questions were excellent. Well from the panel was split especially. From the public the public through the social media. They have been asking questions all the way through this campaign just not tonight. We you know I have a lot of young people were doing this all day long there after Watson's social media coming in in the listen to what people are saying and we try our best to answer every single. Question that comes in every single concern that they might have. We answer it in in a very timely way within one day. In particular you and mayor brown had a few back and ports you would I'd say some things about the mayor and his streak. During during his time as mayor and their results at times that the mayor responded saying that. Both view and legislator Graham were to simply wrong on the facts so my question TU is. How do people truly know what the facts are well I think what. What happens is usually in debates like this. Well there will be some sort of a forum tomorrow maybe somebody from the news or somebody from the media all will take some of the things that were said by all three candidates and do defect finding and it I'm usually very very very careful ball that I take pride in saying what I mean. In that we know what sounds good. On but I do believe that the mayor gets himself worked up because he knows that he has lost his way. If he knows that off warnings are grateful for downtown and waterfront he knows that neighborhoods in the city of awful are falling over including. The neighborhood that he lives in. And all sold lower west side and also in Kaiser tone when little old polish lady is afraid to go off of the front porch because she can show me we're the drug houses or were the slum lord is most things are not good. And I don't like seeing it but when I say it to a mayor who has 750000. Dollars and who does not go door to door if he is gonna have worn TV commercial after another he's gonna have 100000. Dollar Miller's to everybody in the city of buffalo telling them how wonderful he is and so this was a golden opportunity for me tonight. To say what's really going on in our city right now I I folk com I'm grateful that I had that opportunity. Do you think the interactions that matches you in the mayor had but also legislator Koran everything that happened in that realm. Do you think that as a whole debate Willis professionally done I'm not talk no organized just among the candidates do you think that Iran was professional or do you think. At any point and Arum or legislator grant may have crossed the line with some yes no not not in the right. Global win to win the mayor. At the first debate. I suggested. On that I've never helped women or never helped anybody of color. That was where people were built in heat I'm still waiting in apology from him because he knows I have two nephews were African American. He knows them. And he knows that one of them is my guts and he also knows that I started the GE. 500 kids the majority were minority kids from awful he knows all of this so for him to say that last time so I'm glad that he corrected his wrong way in and do it again tonight. One of the issues that was discussed during is helping city schools. If you were mayor that that the question was brought up and nobody answered it's one askew. If you were mayor what would you do it property taxes go up say the same goes down here yes so so the mayor's plan has been over the last twelve years in his first years mayors he actually law worded. The the amount that's coming from the tax base is seven million dollars he lowered his first year over the last twelve years he has not raised it at all even. When the superintendent has gone to him. To ask him to considerate. And I mention I did answer the question today you know and I'm happy to answer again. The superintendent went to the mayor and ask specifically for eight point five million dollars. The only thing the mayor Herbert was 5500000. Dollars that's what he gave the school district now when the superintendent comes to me when I mayor the former comptroller. I'm when asked the superintendent some very hard questions I wanna make sure I want to understand where every penny of the seventy million dollars goes on the yearly basis before I give the schools school district one more penny but I'm willing to do it. But he's gonna have to show me accountability. That this money is being used properly and it's gonna help our children in our community schools. Finally today incumbent mayor Byron brown talking with Mike. After the forum came to a close. I think it was a good performance. Clearly I have a record on the incumbent. The progress that we're seeing in the city of buffalo I've been able to achieve that. The job of the two challengers. Was to try to punch holes. In my record but there also people who have a record. And I think I made it very clear that in the many positions that they have held an elected office they have done very little. To contribute to the progress the growth the development that we're seeing in the city of buffalo right now. In the end it Littlejohn had to say you've had back and forth whether it's been Johnny come lately comments from the controller and and you sent one back to him as well. I mean. For the public how do they know who is telling the truth when it comes to stuff like. I have a twelve year record they've seen there in neighborhoods improved. There's scenes vacant structures demolished they've seen their tax rate for their homes and their businesses. Go down. They've seen me stabilize. A city budget. When the city was in fiscal. Crisis they've seen us spending the most money in the history of the city of buffalo putting our youth to work in the summer. More than 20000. Employment opportunities for the young people of this community to work in the summer they've seen all of that I have a reliable record. I ever record of accomplishment. And I have two opponents that the positions that they have been in have done very little to contribute to the progress that we're seen. In the city of buffalo. One of the questions that was brought up in the debate concern property taxes. What is your plan if you get your position as mayor once again. With property taxes ought to go down the saint's name was not my plan has been very clear we've cut the residential. Tax rate almost 16%. Since I've been mayor commercially almost 32%. This will be the eighth year in a row that we've frozen the property tax assessment. Because of that people are moving in so homes they want homes to be built. And people are investing in their businesses. In this city that are creating jobs for our residents I will continue. As mayor of focus on keeping taxes and mine. And keeping our city affordable. There's no question that there's a power to the incumbency and you've been mayor now. For three separate terms possibly going on a fourth what do you make then of controller Schroeder's referendum proposal. Moments for mayors think that's a something that even if you're like the American say hey maybe simulation beam there. Four times. I think that that is an election year gimmick. That's not something that the voters of buffalo are calling for an as far as I'm concerned. An election is a referendum on people that are in office. And if the voters are not satisfied. With those who work in office they have the ability to vote them out of office when you do now between now and Tuesday. We're gonna continue to crisscross the city. To go to every single section. Of the city of buffalo. To talk to the voters to listen. To the voters and to ask the democratic primary voters who will be voting on Tuesday September 12 for their votes my last question is how would you rate this to me. In terms of fairness. From the first. I thought that this debate debate was very fear I thought it was well managed. Very well organized and I was very pleased to participate in it. And let the voters know. The things that we have been able to accomplish the substantive plans that we put in place that have cut taxes on homes and businesses. That have put record amounts of young people to work in the summer time. That have. Improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. And made our cities safer by reducing crime. By 35%. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.