930in716 September 8, 2017 Go Bills! What's NEW at New Era?

Friday, September 8th

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It's 930. In 716. Believe. It's the bills' home and season opener. I'm Tim Wenger. And lots is new at the stadium you know there's a lot of new things this year it's going to be pretty fun for the fans and in this store popular items are gonna be really are novelties Tutsis on game days we're gonna move through a lot of things like sweat shirts quarters that anything keep your arm. And on the menu we grind their own corn beef in house. So yeah we wanted to keep it local confession and on the field. Hopefully the offensive line OB as productive as they were last year in the bills can continue to have that they're they're running success that they've enjoyed the last couple years we'll push Obama. Horry so the bills open against the jets at new era feel more on the game in just a bit but first what's new at new era. Andy major with the bills oversees all things fan experience. And talk with Meehan bill store about what's happening including. During halftime. You know the halftime. Presentation to be pretty cool it's the 25 anniversary. Of the comeback gains we've got a lot of alumni back. A lot of former bills' players it's going to be kind of fun for fans to see them and see them on the field. Andrei Reid's gonna have a little talk to the fans and and thank them for their support over the years and for being part of that 25 anniversary game. You guys work all year long for this this opening day you know the season opener at home opener. What else can fans expect you know outside of food and different security things you know what are they gonna see that that might look different feel different here it does new airfield. You know there's a lot of new things this year it's going to be pretty fun for the fans so part of the thing inexperienced side that we're looking at this here is were having something called the boulevard. Which is a closed part about Abbott road in front of the team store we'll have a lot of fear and interactive elements gains for kids in for families. Food trucks like DJ Peter guard in a lot of cool things for fans to experience before they had intact inside the stadium. Something else new this year that happened you know outside the stadium was right cheering came into play you guys who used it during during the pre season. The pressure will be on you know for the home opener a lot more fans obviously coming what do you expect and how's it going. You know the liberal lot that we implemented along with Hoover in our partnership is located on the corner and Abbott road and big tree road. Which is also return money right across from peonies in the big tree in. It's gone well so far what we've seen is a lot of fans take advantage of it. And they get on the Lowber app. And it directs a right to that lot for pick up and also for drop off. And now what we've seen Zahn we anymore. Buffalo drivers because there seems to be more fans than ever. I wanna use Hoover which is great so it's a great way to give fans another option to get home safely. And whether it's a cab or designated driver. Or those who rely. Through Hoover driver. Just his fans another way to get home you know safely purses are driving themselves. We wouldn't wouldn't fans need to know and Sunday four for the opener what time can they get here what time can do when the part you. What do they need to know from your effort for your respect no sure I mean now we're looking forward to beautiful day weather looks great. Parking lots open at 9 o'clock in the morning. The gates to the stadium opened at 1130. The kickoff is at 1 o'clock we certainly encourage fans to get inside out early. Bob gates open 1130 like I mentioned and we don't want fears to shore up to wait. To the gates and then end up missing kick off so I think our fans are pretty educated with that they know that way if I wait until too late close to kick off that might mystic. I'm so we certainly encourage fans. 113012. O'clock maybe 1215 you're guaranteed to get right inside the stadium and see all the fun festivities pregame. It's buffalo and food is big it's important. Chef John Williams with Delaware north knows all too well and tells me about those school new offerings. Well my favorite is the the bond me that was the most fun creating three. It's come up with a way to figure other kinds of quality. New bull on a bond so we we play with this by about 23 times if I got it down and to get it done pretty well and then also the rabbi. Sandwich road concessions or signature sandwich. Seven ounces. Prime rib. We cut the guy out who did. All good to meet its the effect can't do anything and you have some Kristi harassment some. Real good and also. Stretch it. Does that process work you see you say you you it's trial and there but I mean to the ideas come from you from the fans from all of the above. All the above we've we've listened to the few Beckham. The fan surveys and then also do it we have meetings who who sports and so we start this process January. Multiple meetings multiple these things and then you know we take what they like what they don't like him to score from there and that's what we can open for the season. The Manson noodle thing is really creative and it it was a difficult task to maybe to figure out how to to do that offering not all food is made. You know is is easily made to be hand held. Trip. Well let me in one hand so we view we did the group of it by me sandwich or can you go voicing weighs one million house. We grind their own corn beef in house. So yeah we wanted to keep it local confession. Seeded saint. And partners and like. Wedding reception on steroids here at the state well. That's a lot of considerations you can commute we can do want anything ones you know can we do it. You know 345000. Times so that's but it didn't considerations we do a lot of bitch prepping. Music Thursday through Sunday. So this way. It's as fresh as we can get it with the volume doing. And then there's all that bills where what's hot. Jason Klein manages the bills store and walk me through. The popular items so obviously I'm a big. Point of focus for us this year is and where we do have a lot of that where available we're currently sitting at over under and fifteen individual styles Mueller caps so. I could certainly say that's probably the largest selection bills had where he could find it. That probably the most popular thing in the store mean you've got awful lot of merchandise we do that had where obviously is because of where we are from climate perspective we sell a lot of people Wear hats. He got knits things like that in the winter months we got and so on where. And stand out in the last election this year from your standpoint that's that's moving quickly Tom buckets always move quickly for us obviously we're not in the nit season yet so we get to Nazis and we certainly be moving through a lot nets. Only what what's moving quickly so you have really some are more popular styles are going to be what we are night when he so it's just a basic unstructured. Very comfortable it fully adjustable it's pretty much anybody in the market. Popular items are going to be really are novelties Tutsis on game days we're gonna move through a lot of things likes what's her supporters that anything keep your arm. We are in buffalo so while the changes quite often people so often maybe it's a little older immediately known Mormon in the it's. And yours it's your fourth season or third season coming up here in this this location for them. It's actually my fifth season. In this new store I'll in this new stores in there there it's okay and how's that go ones you know you're lot of fans walk and I you know if this votes yet know certainly I think you start our dated a traffic is certainly better I think about it now it's known that we're here we you have traffic throughout the week throughout the offseason. More relieved destination for your bills here. All right to the game now what to expect the bills broadcast team John Murphy and mark Kelso. Talk with Susan and Randy about what they're looking for. Merv kicking off the conversation with some Tyrod Taylor talk. More of a concern I think for my mum my to my mind about our dealers and lecturer. Familiarity in the limited working at your pre season and I think that only nine cents total. Pretty cute period in the final game. And and the limited work strictly limited work with the receivers city edge you know he's only got a couple balloting. Is with. A guy who's likely to be number one target Jordan miss cues art in the trade director. About a month ago and they Jones as a rookie from the bureau there's only one receiver on the roster who even your question that's grand teton mostly. Return specialist or not to diminish that at all so it make. You know pick a little break and Paramount this week next week maybe a couple of weeks for. Are to reach some level of cohesion within receiving corps to me that. David and a mortgage with him as opposed to you know it's I think he's been cleared and you can and per also that computer okay. And mark up picking up on that Matthews Jones expected to be the unlikely starters there and that is certainly among the things that are new with this buffalo team this year. I mean certainly a lot of changes and hopefully. The and he. The offensive line OB as productive as they were last year and those who continue to have a they're running success that they've enjoyed the last couple years but what Sharma Chordiant. And and I'm with now Colbert and Spaniard so it'll be interesting feeling it's the route to resist this yet defense of lying even though they. But he traded children and then and good luck in person losers here they can strip the bill heard much they got imminent return from Seattle but he was. Well the bass but they're they're defense line built. It is extremely felt that the union and and they play really hard and if you play a lot of man coverage. And no those receivers are good to have escaped with a lot of them but at the bills have a successful running game. Then now and I think that'll that a couple of nice play action game which. Which is that something I think Tyrod Taylor if you really efficient hadn't and not have an opportunity on Sunday. The opening day John it is so exciting for everybody no matter what. But it's just like this year there's a new attitude with the pills are you sensing that community and it looks at it comes from the top from Brandon dean and Shonn determined. Yeah that there's no question about that you can you wouldn't building in Africa. In the lock the players should adopt an extra seat in coach and then connect. Taking. NATO and rookie wide receiver community. About you know that your community excited about her game and he says you can repeat itself in the coach McDermott had Toby thirteen late. Somewhere at some data that's get better today and then tomorrow will worry about getting better that in. Instead they taped up and I think it's that sort of methodical. Approach that sort of organized it's an approach to this. Permeated that locker room obviously they're about to meet that it you know the next the seventeen weeks it in terms of the seventeen weeks or Huckabee at it and there'll be all along the road but I do think return some really solid early on our. Of imposing his it's mine took them through under the structure and you know the proof will be in the putting me in terms like. And following up on that marquee where they're during a similar transition when Marv Levy took over for Hank bola. Is there a he's such a thing as a parallel to take here I know we're talking a hall of Famer vs potentially good coach right. Well both philosophical therefore I think here's your probably right I mean. It is that you need to have about all the preparation in Internet the indoor in the week. And need to replicate everything you can't let that might happen on game day if you want to have that you're because they're a little sanctum. And which I was talking about as it is exactly true the players are talking about those I think expecting only bear fruit thank. On the back end because he knew that you need to prepare on a daily basis and I think that's part of the crowd missed. People think sometimes it is still a game their play and and it seemed that wind into consistency and and in winning arcane it'd they're really understand it preparation based on what they need to accomplish on a daily basis. The opportunity for success but doesn't guarantee success a sunny but at least give you the opportunity to have some success on Sunday here. If you just if you if you're really really well prepared and understand the nuances of the upcoming opponent and understand things beach you'd do well and and make sure you have an opportunity to beat those are. He immersed when you pick Sunday. The deal like. They'll get they'll win I'm not Serbia though steam roll reject somebody. And we get that solid deep into line with I would work sending and Leonard Williams. And Clinton in the middle meant that the bat and beat you so it's all right where it structured being in the run game but a picnic built seven. As a weapon ready to go into making divert could be well based on. Some of the green fees and evidence you know the bill were really like South Africa leader and four preceding era in and so. I think the bill to win multiple games are close and I think swallowed like to be close as well. And quickly mark yeah you have a similar take on the game. Yeah I'm impact obviously optimistic commit think they've done some things like jobs said he essentially they'd eight. Played pretty effectively in a pre season offensively they had struggled at times but. Don't think we've seen the bad of that until late and Chama Korean in this seat and the guy and escalate into and certainly appreciate it let it reached up and it yet. He looks at it to look forward to with any entity you know at any any real excitement so when it when he steps on the coast Sunday and in that up until lying yeah. It together is there there there are some opportunities there even. People are PX or that that gets beat them like they're some opportunities I think it did make some gains up comfortably and and it seemed that he absolutely they'll they'll make it. Difficult for the jets yeah I would concur coming decade they need to be able to win games I think. Coach McDermott would would reinforce that too because it EPO and all in your home but I could have I went and and it's all about. First double game. Will be about fundamentals and not making mistakes and things that make mistakes you're gonna lose and paint that avoid mistakes her probably got under so successful. Go bills. And we'll talk Monday. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.