Assessing Damage to Florida Properties - Paul Cambria & Esther Gulyas


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We are joined now on the line by Paul came Brea attorney you know him as their expert legal analyst of it also owns property in the Florida Keys which was. Absolutely devastated by hurricane Irma Paul. Have you had a chance to see your property seized some of the damage down there in Florida. Well the only the only way that we can see it there actually is a contemporaneous. Satellite. Hook up of pictures. And so you can dial in your address and do an aerial. It looks like you know we might have single law or something but no love major damage we're lucky. Well most of the damage down there all the people I've been speaking live are both. Trailers things like that older structures. That would not have been filled with some of the more modern. Ways to resist hurricanes. And of course with no power no water. I mean it's it's a real disaster now. And do you have plans to go down I know you're there just before the storm boarding up. Yeah out we. You know there're so many things that you can do now we have actual hurricane shutters and things that we had installed. In all children play but no I actually. I mean Indiana. Arguing it ate today. So I will be less but. You know we do perhaps there are people who specialize. In going around outs. You know preparing a pervert gains won't take others down all the restaurants. So we're hoping that. It's two hours eventually. It's very tall we're glad he can join us in a best of luck when you head down. Backed fair to Florida this Paul came Brea. RE ST girly as the tax lady from Ichi tax she's with us Esther when we talk to you last week. You're high tailing it out of Florida Herman made landfall where you have a home on Marco Island. Well it was like just like how we dodged a bullet I had a girlfriend at my house. Because she had an older structure and I was in contact with the whole time Glenda I ever heard and came on board. We never had any water damage very minor damage now who worked very thankful my girlfriend and I joke see. Has lost it she has no power or water or on purple is fine. Most are neighbors houses are gone so I hope people open their hearts and volunteer I don't let it go out and volunteer she's. I'm here next week because. They're devastated but I'm so thankful I just like. Paul. And I do are all all boarded up I lost a couple reptiles. Lit night screens that deficit. Now for those people who was homesick you mentioned they're your neighbor right vehicles gone homes basically destroyed. What are they doing for the most part some of your neighbors down their do all of them have may be another place to staying nearby. Well I don't my preferences up in Michigan right now and she's going to. I read our vehicle down because there's no aid as there's any hotel. If he's fit it into Arctic sea to stay so she's hoping to be able to be self contained. Are there is they are just between Iraq are what General Electric co op. And my house and Marco Island. We were lucky out here and then north India. And north and Ireland it was a much flooding there. The south and that the island a lot of outer side will not play any point they act on Sunday and I'll have a better idea how correct are well. Fair but I just know that my house. Has been spared. Boy you really were lucky because that's forecast. Just before it had you know is this. Really. Devastating. I would tell you I'm on Sunday night into Monday morning at that I call my friend on Monday morning and I such paddling around my living room and I got to act. And she called there and she's so good morning. I sit. So what housing market not a rock water achieved at the water every been made but the stock. Scioscia said it was a it was a miracle well. I'm very thankful and nobody watching you and your insurance. Oh don't get what we want is you know. But I mean there are people that are horribly devastated. Donna put it on my brother. That it Naples has been coming out from Alabama. Yeah. Evacuated Alabama yesterday he said it was awkward opera and I 75. Who miles an hour well. There's a lot of devastation that floor general people are generous and you know occupations. Poor people on here that block much. Eric and his asked are truly CEO of EG tax joining us has property down in Florida and she says she I was very lucky her neighbors not so much now boy both Esther and Paul came Brea very lucky.