Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Leave Fox Empty-Handed - Brad Mielke


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Bill O Reilly out if Fox News but. That not too many people feeling also sorry form when we've learned of his severance deal that came yesterday. Brad milky joins us now with more on this Brad though can you tell us about bill O Reilly's deal on the way out. Will the New York Times in the Financial Times both of reporting APEC group of great reporting on this topic saying it it did 245 billion dollars ended up being the price tag at fox. Settled on what they parted ways with Bill O'Reilly Lisa bloom that lawyer who's represented couple accusers of Bill O'Reilly. As says it's terrible it and to most people consider this 25 billion dollars a huge lottery win associates. And several women speaking out this morning saying that Bill O'Reilly coming over the course somehow in this situation where he was removed because of. Parody harassment claims against him. Aren't bread milky following this story for us Bill O'Reilly out at Fox News it's 25 million dollars perhaps and he gets on the way out it's nice severance deal there absolutely talk about golden parachute.