California Rep. Jackie Speier mentions Michael Caputo in FBI hearings

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Monday, March 20th

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) grills FBI director James Comey and NSA director Mike Rogers about any role Michael Caputo may have had in Russia re: presidential campaign.


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Right lets them. Move on to someone else's that would add his name is Michael cook who ago. Eighth that you are professional. Conservative radio talk show hosts in 1994. He moved to Russia. And they're he I was working for the Agency for International Development. He was fired from that job because he refused to follow a State Department position he then opened a PR firm in Moscow. And married a Russian. Woman is subsequently. Divorced her in in 1999 his business fail. Roger Stone a mentor to him urged him to move to Florida and opened his PR firm in Miami. Which is exactly what mr. food out yet. And then in 2000 he works when head. Apps from the media. Act to improve. Its image in the United States. Out do we know who gassed from media days. You know that anything about gas from director. Rep it's AM. A company. In 2007. He began consulting the Ukrainian parliamentary campaign. There he met his second wife. So I guess my question is. What possible reason is there for the trump campaign to hire. This image consultant. Any thoughts on that direct economic zones. And Rogers. Likewise in her right arm do you either you know what Michael computer is doing before the trump. Effort today I've no idea and interact and talk about US persons. There on. Russia and energy. I am but then subsequently. Candidate trump says he doesn't know him. On September 26. He takes a leave of absence from the campaign. And then. Page publicly supports. A relationship with Russia criticizes. US sanctions. And NATO's approach to Russia. Saying. And then subsequently says he's the best thing is sticking gas from an August. And quite fourteen rights are criticizing the US sanctions. Raising reception. I'm in an article in global policy. And then repute the west for focusing on so called annexation. Right near. In July at 2016 he gives a graduation speech at the new economic school. I am tonight's meeting with the prime minister. Christopher's DO in this dossier says he met with that again Igor session. Offering a 19%. Interest in. Rosneft. It becomes the biggest transfer. Public property to private ownership. Carter Paige. Is a national security advisor. To. Donald Trump. Do you believe that. Why do we. I guess that I again here's another company that has had sanctions imposed upon it. Could you again clarify why we impose sanctions on companies. Rodgers did better tonight some write him. I apologize I don't remember the specifics of my answer that'll stand by going into trips to the troops excellent. All right I think at that point. Idol you back. It's here. I now yield to mr. Quigley. Thank you mr. ranking member gentlemen thank you for service thank you for being here. With talk a little bit about the Russian playbook right extortion bribery. False news disinformation. All sound very familiar correct. Well as we talk without thinking about anybody in the United States just generally the Russian playbook and how it's worked in particularly east.