Counsel For Caputo - Dennis Vacco


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Attorney Dennis bako is with us live this morning to partner with let this Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP. He's representing strategist Michael Capuano as he testifies today behind closed doors on Capitol Hill. Dennis lay out forests what do you expect to happen to Michael today. Gordon isn't what I expect to happen today is is really going to be severe disappointment you folks who have been. Awaiting for what the test site a thinking that he says something. On to add to the the so called Russian investigation. Frankly I think that having what will be appeared Fortis committee which by the way he's doing voluntarily. That suit to subpoena. But the request was made by the post what committee on intelligence and and I frankly think that it's going to be a bit of the abuse of power given the fact that. I just simple research would reveal that Michael. And whatever context he had had with. Russians. Did not occur at all during the course of the election that is what involvement in the election. And frankly I think that it's it's good but it's a formal harassment to vote for the businessman who just trying to make. And mean. With utilizing. Things that he learned when he lived in Russia. Twenty years ago. In effect that you know he married day Ukrainian woman so I think that what is gonna happen today is this going to be Michael debunking. Any connection any nexus to. To this investigation that he could. Ed Ed Ed any attraction to the so he did debunked the claims that somehow he was involved in. Coordinating. With. Foreign agents are Russian agents influence election. Are you advising him and all the key cancer short maybe. The opposite of that watch your role a year. Well under the committee rules he is entitled to counsel. He didn't have also they would arrange for a 41 ought to be provided for him. And while there's no opportunity to essentially cross examine or to question. Mike I will have the ability to object to their questions. But it certainly help BI and guard who can or prospect of questions that will be had the scope of their investigation. For. For that matter. Objecting to question that I think are irrelevant to their investigation. We whoever he is their as a private citizen appearing voluntarily. He's that there pursuant to a subpoena which really does change the dynamics of this of the Syrian anyway. Do you know Dennis how many members of congress will be Daryn how long recession might be. So that I think that that. In and of itself shows how old are not serious this is true years. A quorum according to the rules of this committee. Is it's consisted of two members. One from the seat majority cited the outlook from the minority side of the appointed by the ranking member. And inside. At and that staff so there could be anywhere between. 810 people in the boom Mike pass here on Friday a move to clocked. When and in the summertime and in the Washington everybody's looking to get out of town. I don't believe I don't suspect that this would be more than two congress people just formed a quorum at the sort. Do you expect that after this hearing Michael's role in this investigation will be complete. Don. Well no I don't because. You know just as you mentioned in the lead in the interview that you know the Senate's got. Of their own separate inquiry. So I would but fully anticipate that there will be at least another round of that data dump. As requested by the senate committee so. What should be done because this really of the drain them Michael and again he's the he's inconsequential this investigation. But I do think that this low and today because that senate committee will once they have similar mission perhaps support. Well this is not public testimony is going on behind closed doors can Michael talk freely after word about the session or not. Well I think. You know what was very public guy we need you know. Appeared three times saying he hosted. And here radio station three times this week. It very difficult two. Contain his public comments that I don't have any intention of doing so but I think we'll have to wait and see in terms of what the committee asked of them do. No it's possible that they were last that he that the bolts. Specific questions but again because he's appearing voluntarily. I think that he's going let the post hearing were all wearing the belt makes. Make statements he's going to start this hearing with an opening statement that we your plan. Closing statement as well and certainly we will be providing those statements this press. At the conclusion of the hearing. Our tennis thank you for joining us tennis Marco is representing Michael Caputo always he is in Washington. Set to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Later on today about 2 o'clock this afternoon.