Domenic Cortese 5/13/17

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, May 13th

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Yes it's Dominic Cortese and of course hammer time begins right here right now. Celebrating more than 25 years of home improvement advice on the radio this is hammer time on news radio 930 WB EN with Dominic Cortese from court TC incorporated construction contractors. Now here's Dominic cork tees on news radio 930 W. Eat eat and good morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer time here on WB and is down the court he's with you in studio. Open phones this hour anything around the house needle 309 field at 8030930. Outside buffalo he can call me for free 180616. WB and so calls are welcome it stark 930. No agenda today it's whatever you wanna talk about so pick up the phone and give us a call. It's springtime in west New York it's home improvement seasons or take advantage of the open phone format today. And jump on the lines and give us a call it you know three. 0930. You know it it's springtime and oh by the way we can't start the show about sing happy Mother's Day. To my wife Diane and to my daughter Michelle and my daughter and in law Christen. And a new mother to be my other job on Sarah yep we've got a new baby coming in October so we're excited about that. He and of course my mother up and haven't. I think they get to of the yen and and that's list that's occurred and if there. So and it is springtime and you know what we see typically around the house in spring time are enhance. And he had there annoying carpet to finance big black sometimes Raddatz earning collar like termites they can do a lot of damage to wood. In its servants times of the year they can be seen. Actually flying now unlike termites which he would care partners Berle throw it they don't eat it. And the toss the shavings out of their way as the ago. If you see tying piles of sawdust. While that means the you may have carpenter ants. Look up above the Pio and see if he sees the hold that they've been boring through. Now there's another form of income and tell you about it's called onerous policy means that these are smaller. And their running from anywhere from brown to black they throw off a rotten coconut a Roma when crushed. These perpetrators hide out in walls and floors. And while they do love sweets and are often return to refer to as sugary dance. They will grow for any food and water they confine. For urges leave a cent to trail to. Help nest mates find their way so watch out for the Congo line heading for the box of doughnuts. Pavement ants are next they tend to settle in country cracks but lost so move into our walls under floors. Or into mulch or near foundations they are light brown or black they too have a swarming season. And though each or bread crumbs but prefer Greece and meet. So when they move them. All three crave human food and water and occasionally warmth carpenters are drawn to rotting wood. While the others too tight scout for accessible water. And steady supply of ant sized food. What to do well traps. Trapped for a jurors in the sticky nearly empty honey here. Sprinkle in pathways in dry areas. With Bora acid in crevices. Track the order stands back to their nests armed with a vacuum cleaner. Then wipe down on the trails with soapy water to throw them off of their sense dates can turn for voters in to poison mules. But can also increase traffic. Now do a clean that deep cleaning. And carpenters are tricky by the way if you've got those choppers. It means rotted wood it means is here more serious problem. So deal with that idea gaining an exterminator. The help line is open again 80309. Trio that's 8030930. Outside awfully calm the whole free 1800. 616 double B and so calls start may thirtieth have been following along here on hammer time. We've been apps featuring the decorator show house where we get a live broadcast a couple weeks ago. And out we've now been continuing with promoting the show. And a ticket giveaway. In the weeks. Of the Santa Saturdays of the show we've got one today and one next Saturday the show closes the 21 of may. Katie McKenna joins me on the live line from the junior league of buffalo good morning Katie. Good morning dominant powers the show going. It's going great actually in the morning doing them some tourists. Well great now we've been giving away tickets four tickets to lucky collar and our contests line is gonna open operate now so get ready for this folks. As we ask you we told you the answer last week and we'll gonna ask you to call in now the architect that designed to. The house the Argus tiny house his name I told you last week. Call now at 644. 9875. At 6449875. And the lucky. Winner will receive. For tickets to the show house will be held for you at the door Katie will put your name. On them and that will be ready for you when you want to come by Katie what do they show hours. Well again like Dominique mentioned open until the 21 that day comes from my they are scheduled right actuary at. On Tuesday to have the open and 6 PM 8:30 PM. From Wednesday to Friday houses open from 10 AM to 2:30 PM and then it reopened again from 6830 PM. And then of course Saturdays and Sundays from nine Cox Q4 30 PM. Okay now the junior league of buffalo the funds that are raised from the show house code to. A are worthy cause and that's the course yet to be determined for this year because there's a vetting process that will follow the show. Iraq yet so give out an eighteen. League members will vote. My non profit you repeat the proceeds from. This year's decorator show house however you were really doubling the impact is here because a lot of the managerial. On decorators. Are actually donating on stage in his cabin gas cap expansion project. Yet it's they serve for phenomenal. From phenomenal program. That Natalie Kevin guest house program but also the whole idea. Of the revitalization of the August tiny house for this purpose. So. I went encourage everybody to stop by the show house and go see my yeah our daughter my daughter shows kitchen on the third floor. She did a great job with that the end there's three kitchens in the house the 23 floor apartments. Our four bone marrow patients to stay long term. While their rehabbing. At the at the hospital of their family stays right there and they sterile environment on the third floor. And there's a main kitchen as well on the first floor. So. I think we are closing in any winner Katie to our contest. And let's see do we have a winner OK we deal and the winner. The winner's name is that we know that yet. Okay we're getting that am as we set the stage for that we want to throw out next week's question to. And that's going to be what. OK well your question for next week I hope it's not too difficult but two in the country was August find me. What part of the questions for next week. And of course the answer is Germany. So few making note of that in next week to week giving that question for you are closing week of our ticket giveaway. I'm next Saturday. For the June really a buffalo. Decorator show house a wonderful. Good looking house there on Alec it's street 766. Alec it's street. I you can pay right at the door. Four tickets to get in and I don't think you about a good hour maybe hour and a half. Dispense some time in the house and really care get a good sense and feel off for the decor so take advantage of that the closing weekend is next weekend. All right so. Let's he who is our lucky winner. I didn't hear you frank. Maryland is our lucky winner and she knew the answer at the architects name George Metzger congratulations to Maryland. Maryland your tickets will be at the door for you. Jason will be sure to get your name and phone number and convey that over the Katie. Katie McCann are thank you for calling in from the junior league in the show house. Okay Katie from the junior league and again taking advantage of taking up the show house says it. Winds down next weekend as the closing weekend 8030930. Good Marty from down the court tees and before you pick up the hammer. Before you pick up the drop pick up the following game because of the talked. Will be fully charged to you we need to travel to my corner yet George Irvin and dec. And sitting there right on the corner if halfback now in his branch. Is my good friend John Huber he's my banker as late your savings bank good morning John. Hey good morning Dominic and on behalf of our bank president Dan Ryan again our board of directors and all of us here at Catholic Church didn't think we'd like to wish a happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Of course we have echoed that here at WB EN and we thank you for. Calling and we think the course lake your savings bank for being long term sponsor of hammer time. And of course a long term bank in west New York with a 126. Years now. And that the new services just keep coming we've got one to announce today GI and that's for the commercial come up customers of late for savings back. Yes we do Dominic we're very excited to announce our new there was product dumb it's called business mobility spanking. I'm at something that our business customers have been asking for a long time Dominic. Business mobility banking as doing your banking right on your cellphone. I'll look at it for a couple of years for our personal customers but knowing that that part business customers a lot as well. There's really a lot of cool features that you can do with us business mobility banking. For example you can check your account balance. You can transfer funds from one account to another you can pay your bills like utilities loans or credit cards. And wherever you are Dominick you can even deposit checks just by taking a picture of your check with your phone. And a lot of our customers have been asking Q you know how how secure is this and we've added quite a number layers of security to make the highly secure for example. Not only you have to login with an access site he had a password as normal. But we've also had and other layers to that challenge questions. And if you wanna take an extra step you can even have a security token. Where are you would get a number each time on your token and then you use that number as an additional layer security so. Okay we so how do our commercial customers take advantage of this Chan. Very easy I'm an economic and stop and that any of our lake shore savings bank branches. Either in Chautauqua county or here and Erie county. I'm can also take a look at the real nice video that we have on our web site like short savings dot com and click on business and hasn't really nice video of this new product. I'm Bob we've updated comment and we could go over all the features missing. 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He's got that may ask stick that stuck behind on the concrete what to do. He wants to know how to remove that and the question is should he coat over that. I depending on how high the mastic. Grooves are. It may now be a bad idea to go ahead and just coat over that with the leveler and then lay into floored down over that. It's great being that mastic off will take a lot of elbow grease. There really isn't any chemical that I can think of that would be. Oh worthy that would work effectively to dissolve that. There are floor scrapers that are made to scrape that adhesive off. But depending on how well it bonded to the concrete sounds like it's very well bonded. It may be proved to be a lot it's great being with little result so I would suggest may be considering coding. And another idea would be to abandon it put down a heavy. Star of foam padding. He and then use it laminate flooring over there maybe that would be another solution. To nab him to remove the mastic and thanks for the taxed. You're welcome attacks or call 80309. Trio as we traveled to Angola and chat with Tom Tom you are on WB yen. Good morning Dominic how aria good times. It that it has a project. Planet I'm removing just the healing and wanna my ups spears backer. And converting it into like a alternate killings were here are actually your refresh rafters would be here your outside. She'll pay for quick action and I was just concerned about insulation and then of moisture issues and things like that a proper installation. Yet it's it is a it is a possible but difficult project. It will require. Not only a structural consideration how to we had a we properly support. The rough line when we take away that collar ties the ceiling joists the collar ties that support the roof together so that's if that's a consideration. But the second and I'm probably equal consideration is how to we properly. Then battle late. So that we don't create a moisture entrapment inside the insulation if it's over packed in the jewel in the east rafter cavities and we'll have a problem. With moisture entrapment my suggestion. Would be to consult with an architect who can deal with the structural elements and then design something and draw summing it can be worked from the first car owner were ago. And and I little trick of the trade would be to see is her the the rafter with the lower framed. False cathedral line that would be below the actual roof rafter. That would then basically do what the ceiling is doing now. In collar type support but also give you. A cavity that can be easily insulated and then drywall not its tie in terms of the hype hype factor with the ball pitcher may be looking for. But it does the job of giving you that illusion of more height actually more right now the illusion of more right. Without having to worry about all the other elements that come with actually dry walling over the rafters. What what what kind of us our space would you would you say between B. That. Bitch debt default he'll be great for all area where the air all of. Yet it doesn't need to be a lot what we need is consistent and uninterrupted air flow so that would include. A connection to the south it's so that we get air promoted above the inflation bear. In then be able to flow out somewhere as well. Ridge band tour roof flew over. This is easier when we have this fall scissor line as opposed to actually working author actors. All right so yeah okay. All right well good luck when that in. Yet giving other snags on their project gives the call will help you problem our interpreter okay. Tom hangs up and that opens up a line for you here on WB and my phone number is 80309. At 30. Outside buffalo I'm a free call 180616. WB and cell calls as well it's star 930 coming up to the bottom the hour. Time for us to check in with a Mike Bagram and from the latest. From the deli and newsroom and then we're back with that Maryann in Cheektowaga Paula in Orchard Park and you take advantage of an open mind right now 8030930. As we. Get ready for our second half hour here. I'm at WB yen time for the news with Mike Beckman. Thirty from the WG CNBC and I'm like Batman here's your top stories. New developments in the officer involved shooting from may seventh. In an appearance on volume fell of. VA yesterday buffalo police benevolent association attorney Tom Burton explained that Jose Hernandez Rossi was pulled over. By officer Joseph a queen offer smoking marijuana and it was discovered to have narcotics in his possession. This driver was desperately trying to get away and given the effective previous felony history for parade. They have all periods of heavy duty narcotics and that our including heroin. He had a great reason to try to get away from Winston cup. Rossi Hernando Hernandez Ross who was killed after three shots from officer Justin Tabasco earlier reports indicated that officer queen always shocked by Hernandez but no gun was ever discovered. In an unrelated incident buffalo police are investigating a Friday night shooting that happened in the 100 block of Stevens avenue. The shooting was reported at approximately 645. And a man in his early twenties was struck by gunfire later pronounced dead at EC MC. As Lake Ontario continues to rise says much is an inch per day lieutenant governor Kathy focal stop by all cut to assess the latest damage. Seeing the same story repeat after. Day after day that there is homeowners who look out their backyards we just a sense of shock. Paul what happened to my property split them the waters encroaching upon even their houses have basically been blooded. Yesterday and walked in the area were I have to to feed I'll bring themselves up to two feet of water in the street DC for a literally captives. There's there's free for cannot drive out of their neighborhoods because of the danger. While Chris her lives near the water she's worried about losing property especially because she doesn't have flood insurance made us all feel like we're why. Living on eggshells not even walking on eggshells were living on them it's. We don't know what's gonna happen next justices never been before it's a whole new. World for us and Carol relic he told WB and that she's been pumping water out of her home 24/7. At the highest water ever been. My my hope rods everything I have and there is destroyed. New York State set up mobile command centers which are helping people. Affected by the flooding when their insurance claims. UWB yen for solar forecast is calling for times of cloud and sun this week and a high of sixty for your Saturday tomorrow. A brief rain shower too especially in the southern tier where there may be a thunderstorm. 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Poor pony rides are rocks. Nickel city on tickets around till now for fifteen gallons per day for thirty dollars for a three day pass nickel city time may nineteenth in the 21. For a full details visit nickel city can't dot com it's nickel city current downturn. 1030 it is hammer time and good morning it's damn record he's come into from our studios and Amber's our phone number 80309. Trio got an open line with your name on it pick it up the big pick up the phone right now and give us Crosby. Travel to the Cheektowaga and chat with Mary and good morning there you are on WB and how you do one. I am doing burning. OK I can't believe getting. An attic full. And it works but I would like to have somebody kick it out forms which you tell me who I could cost for yeah. Check what out if it low what's the issue whether. I think it will bring you on. Okay what is it. Wobbling making noise. I. It's not making any regulation yet okay but I do letters that they had and she thought she'd be replaced. So this is that I mean it make sure I understand what we're talking about this is a fan that family it's the excessive heat out of the attic. And it's is it mounted into the into the actual rough. It then came mounted intense self. Holloway in I believe it. It's in the ceiling. OK so it's a whole house fan that exhaust the and the heat out of the attic and in valley today and into the outdoors. Yep okay that's a pretty easy proposition I would say. That a qualified electrician could come out and check that out for you and maybe service at and make sure that it's operating properly. It's a good idea by the way. Marianne you're on the right track here anything and operates continuously. And uninterrupted. Does need to be looked at at least once a year during its peak operating times so that we make sure it doesn't break down on us. Eight Q okay theory. Thank you very much. I think you for your call. Marianne hangs up and that opens up her mind for you an eagle three on nine field as we traveled Orchard Park in saying good morning to Pala Pala. Your and double the yen. Good morning Dominic I have a question about our heating system. Would be an ad in the house for sixteen years in the 65 year old have. Won it would spill. It had to heating assistance in can't afford their system and hit it great it cheating just. We care India's. They're Radiant Systems. Food and they've been very happy with it. And we're told when we purchased the house prepared previous owners also you can Radiant Systems so that forced air system he hasn't been used her a lot of time. How do you air condition. We can't be. In the room conditioners enhance our on the mound a lot of. OK okay and then. Yeah e-book systems yep com. I'm not my question is when I got. Well besides the normal about it I'm getting a CNB greedy. Consider and say and I can't figure out where it coming from. I heard. Is that is it still open and all the vent lines open. I didn't get things they might be are you talking about where they come into the room correct. Most are close either covered there are a few that are still open but most have been covered or. Removed and we did get remodeling. OK so. I don't know whether there's a connection to the sandy great you're speaking about as to whether these lines being open what'll what caused that to happen. On the an activity in the line would certainly lead. To me you know more collection. He is there's no air flowing through it so over time they are going to get more laid in. With. You know just dust debris as things fall down into the dock work if that registers are open. So keeping those closed or sealed off will help. Prevent debris from getting down in the dark work now whether that's causing your problem it's part it's hard to make that parallel. What where do you live in do you have an and a certain and and neighborhood that is and a busy street during like that. Come that far off the road so I don't think it would be. An issue. And where he's seeing that sandy grip. I'm the floor. Specifically that I noticed the most. Then. Are there registers that are high on the wall that are not plug into that and that possibly could be causing this. Now okay. Yeah I don't know whether I can drop parallel then to the heat's heating system that's abandoned. To this this sandy Britt problem. I'm not quite sure how to put my finger on what could be causing that. Do you see it. Re occur promptly after you clean it up. Colin is it take. All elected today. Well that's pretty quick. Here. And is is that does it stick here palm when you wipe your hand across that. They ethnic. You know what I play isn't slip her something like reacted. Learn over the Floyd and I will see it on the bottom of excellent front. Any parallel to. When this occurred is it possible that it started when you've shut the other he system down or is it a newer problem and that. I don't think it's SpinRite from the beginning. You. Because I'm starting to to be bothered about it now. So how long have you noticed it. Am so that would now be connected to the heating system and because Yemen using it for longer than that don't care if so there's something else going on. And what they could be is certainly a question. Any other changes that you can put your finger on transfers things that are different. Him in the windows that you didn't use and you use now old things it's your opening that you're didn't use before. Anything like that. Now than. Well I'm stomped if anybody has any suggestions as to what this could possibly be it sandy Grady. Dust. Coding is what to we're seeing a policy house and Orchard Park. If you buy to participate with a comment certainly we would welcome that eagle three on nine trio protects the 309. Trio also stay tuned. And who knows we might figure this out anything to do it found. Anything to do with the rodents. Anything to do with psalm. Well actually you know what and that's something just hit me I opened the show with but a little talk about carpenter earth do you see. Any chance at all. No knock on wood I hit ending. OK because you would see. You would seek high heels if it was partnering and he would see little mounds of sought us so that that that's not what I'm sure you're seeing them. Okay all right well let's see if anybody can offer a suggestion I do not have any idea what could be a start now I can. Thanks for the call though I can't sit here now for 28 years and professed to know everything but that it is what it is it's. 8030930. If you can help follow with what that sandy gritty dusty. So debris could be or any question as they said it's open lines this Saturday morning at 803. 0930 it is hammer time I'm WB yen. Almost looks like we're talking about what collects down in your dock work will we talk about that sandy Grady. It's coding that Paula has that are house. And that's how what does collecting your dark quirky and she isn't using her air duct system. In the course the areas in flowing over it so. No real concern about cleanliness but certainly when you are using your air ducts. The air blows over that dirt which means that your breathing dirty air you need to get it cleaned out and the only way to do that. Is with the patented column duct cleaning system it will black glass all be gone out of your duct work and leave you with the fresh scent. Of cam very gel after today with negative pressure. Remove it all out of your duct work and Peter Gordon joins us on the live line from indoor air professionals good morning mr. Gordon. Good morning I was on the phone so I didn't hear the gist of all that but. You know we have seen it it's very common means especially at 65 year old home but socially it's totally abandoned her forced irritants. Correct she's relying on her radiant system they have largely closed off all the duct work to be. Are forced air system that. Let's get back to the point where some people that don't have air conditioning still suffer in knee up. Summertime with dirty duct work in Tucker you know the especially if they've sealed up their house pretty good just the current from opening windows and stop. Can push. Stops through the system but that's going to be more like the up. Lighter. Dead skin cells than in in dust mites he sees that will eat more allergy gritty stuff is gonna come out. But you know and so I think maybe it's still what she needs him on the week well I'll pick it. Yeah let's see if anybody has a better answer but yeah that sounds like it's on the right track anyway 6833000. That's a number that you wanna call right now for the extra special. Camera time discount that Peters gonna tell us about what is it. Yeah are able first thought we have Eddie meaning the phones today and she's celebrating her 23 year with indoor air professionals. Bring it up because we've watched about. Seven these companies go in and out of this business since her problem is is that the the best equipment out they're only queens about half the stuff about we're getting closer to 95%. So that's getting its girl. It's huge when it comes to your health. I know. You know meant companies. I realize on and many other. Thank ED and director so. Sir okay so what's discount this week. And yet she can offer 51 dollars up one dollars while summer it's great and with hip right and dryer vent cleaning and of course they. Extra special opera for customer for repeat military logic pursue. Now you need to call right now folks 6833000. To get that 51 dollar discount if your first time customer of indoor professionals 6833000. Got I AP. Get a today. 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Six weeks ago. 1052 this camera time a couple people texting in for Paula as to what possibly could be causing this dust Gregory at that she has sinner Collison. Once suggestion is maybe he has a gravel driveway that's a good one. How about another one says the old tape that has broken down over the years old tape. I don't know where from maybe and non. On the dock or perhaps is the as a suggestion and here's one that I think maybe we might be onto something with this one. It says I came in late but it sounds like powder post Beatles. Could be somewhere in the dark return because oftentimes the metal returns are attached a crops ago. Powder post Beatles. Across the choice since thugs. He and that could very well be a likely possibility so maybe we need to get in to the return system Pollack. In if you're not operating the system you can just pulled that metal off from the bottom of the joists. In see if there's anything in there and nesting up in the cold air air returned system. I think maybe that's what what the problem is I think maybe this texture. Figured it out for us here powder post Beatles. Leaving this residue behind thanks for that tax and thanks for Pitt participating in our problem solving here. I have a open line with your name on it give us call 80309. Trio as we traveled to to log in now and speak with Mike good morning Mike your next. Good morning. Hello Michael. What 48 year old I've with a model year of arguable how in the back quarter mile one and capped Eric gets lodged. All it is falling on patient falling in about fifteen years ago I got into order put in and cinder block. In it I thought that would have been the solution to a now in the last four years. It's all about two more inches. Looks like outside quickest crack insult and a well the solution would be the court then not ever happen again. You are a candidate for a engineered. Hell appear. It's a system that will. Shore that foundation and actually could actually write the movement. So I would suggest. That you contact a a structural engineer. You and I do have a name if you don't have one give us a call on Monday. And I continue line to a guy who can figure this out for you a hell appears system will board a bedrock. Anchored there and write in support and write the movement if they grounded. Retention issue with a ground isn't strong enough to low low support the structure. In the movement is in Suze from that so the hell up here system actually works right from bedrock so that that's what it's anchored to. And in the work wonders with these on how appears in solving these kinds of problems. What what are up there. All of replacing actual single block as well where would that. Army it may only need to be re appointed after the shoring is done. It it it makes it may survive. The movement. And then just have to be reappointed. Are to have the wall regain its integrity. That's the remains to be seen based on how well the movement of how well the moment incurs in whether the movements effective. Okay great news is spot what is the number to call him. I give us in my office a call at 6832100. And I have the gentleman's name are in my file on but we're using FaceBook. To broadcast programs so I can retrieve it on company. Greater researcher on your right arm I'm like thanks for that yet common problem. Foundation movement. Leading to. Sags in the foundation will be doing a show. In the future on this in the near future on this as well hate you may remember. Couple years ago we Leo well up to a couple of years ago we. And at the Clarence rotary had the Porsche raffle. We had to suspend this last year because of the state. Long story but the state. Tried to get their nose into. Whether these raffles were legal or not in debt anyway we're on the other side of it now in the raffle is back. So you now have the opportunity to participate again you can win a 2018 Porsche. Arts 718 boxer. Or on the cam ass or you could take 40000 dollars in cash and also have fifteen additional 500 dollar prizes. In there's only 4000 tickets sold. Here's what you need to do is go online to Clarence rotary. Raffle that comic and I am right there Clarence. Rotary raffle dot com. Will be drying on the seventh of August at 8 PM. At the taste of Clarence I'll be doing the drawing. He and we're looking forward to a fun night then but we have plenty of time. The lead up to that and plenty of time for you to buy your tickets only 4000 are sold those whom we sell out. We stop you can win a 2018 Porsche 718 Baxter or McCann ass or forty. Grand in cash go to Clarence. Rotary. Raffle dot com and participate. In in the raffle again we suspended this last year were glad and excited. To be able to bring it back the Clarence rotary club foundation and the 2018. Porsche raffle is back. So take advantage of that also policy for you looking for something to do when you've got some time to spend. How about a volunteering have a tea they are looking for volunteers. At several levels. In the store on the sites. Anywhere you can help go to volunteer. Email volunteer at habitat buffalo dot org it's volunteer. In habitat buffalo dot org. The field needs involvement chemicals if you have any expertise in. Bombing or heating. We confusion there in the store. If you have any retail experience certainly you're welcome. To volunteer. And of course the stores are open and they're stocked with a lot of donated items that vary from dining sets to kitchen cabinets to. Brand new recycled paint paint brushes windows doors. The list goes on there are to reach stores. One at 1675. South Park avenue. The other five of one Amherst street don't discard it and donated and help build a world where everybody has a decent place to live mothers please enjoy your Mother's Day. Looking forward to our celebration well our mothers and our family. Have a great week everybody will see in next Saturday same time same place and remember. Like may be hard by the yard the by the inched. It's a cinch.