Entertainment Reporter Jason Nathanson - Landau & Romero Deaths


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And we are joined by Jason Davis and ABC news entertainment correspondent and a couple of major names in the business of entertainment passing. Over the cell week ended matter fact yesterday. And the first one let's talk about Martin Landow who many might know from Mission Impossible but then though later from some of them big time movies as well all right Jason. These TV series Mission Impossible three Emmy nominations. In the first three seasons to good masters good master disguised. Or hand them that show. On the and then three you later in his career re Oscar nominations finally winning one in 1984. Playing well would go see Tim Burton's Ed Wood. Orlando is 89 dot org holds his publicist tells us from unexpected complications during short. Hospitals static I'm that was on Saturday and of course in 1959. He was in operative Scott classic north by northwest with the villain and that. Dozens of other movies. And actually you know what started his career in New York City and in newspaper cartoonists non factor. And it's a true seeing little tidbit that you might now have known nom also there wouldn't be a Walking Dead really wouldn't be. Any zombies without George Romero. The other wouldn't is 1960 classic night of the living dead and it kicked off the modern zombie genre. He was 77 he died after a report a brief but aggressive battle to lung cancer. The movie making night of the living dead I mean his crowning achievements. He tried to do a whole lot more afterwards there are tons of sequels up until 2009 even but really it was all about not living detonated scheme made that. 440000. Dollars they filmed it on nights and weekends. Hand held cameras the realistically that kind of stopped in 1968. And it made its way to the library of congress' national film registry in 1999. Jordan he'll piece all. His movie get out earlier this year. I was basically because of George A. Romero living dead and Jordan peel tweeted yesterday Romero started. And no one quick thing and it which won't be easy to do quickly but 23 really got people stoked wind doesn't Star Wars and avengers previews. Yeah there are a lot of pieces didn't expand convention I was there over the weekend we saw a lot of footage. We saw the first trailer for marvel infinity war which brings to every superhero in the marvel universe. And the moms they're all battling a big mega bill and stand just a bet gospel and we got behind the scenes look at star was the last guy but no trailer we're expecting it to get trailer maybe from that didn't get that. Soft first look at Mary Poppins the new ones coming out next year which looks just Emily Blunt is charming and not. And a first look at Lion King. The live action remake that they're doing and the first look at symbolic and that is the cutest thing you've ever. I nets' Jason mavens and ABC news entertainment correspondent.