Excerpts From Mayoral Candidates On Primary Night


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Primary night is history mayor Byron brown handily beating mark Schroeder and Betty Jean grant to when the democratic nomination. Here are some highlights from the night. You know I gave it seemed tonight for this race for me because I believe that has done politics Canada's. And proud of the fifth seeded Butler. Had to be fixed them command C I'm Matthew. For who knows I believe that we have made mayor brown if he wins have been a man. Because things that I talked about who's doing the Tucker bounds stake now via the floor for a for years we'll be paid now. Its utmost sidewalks not being a repair and beat him here protect my commercials get him thinking Chrysler billions. Think this though you can kind of thing. So my campaign has Carlos I've seen this ten administration may futures this case. No we can't do that. If anybody wants to reflect. On the left by the to have your tonight in the control room. I've what I've read golf for one certified public accountant. To hand certified public know why I'm the fiscal officer of the city of buffalo I'm responsible for the people's money. It's sold that was my. We can't win for mayor I wanted to beat the mayor for everybody. I wanted to be a streak mayor and that's what we did so I feel that everything went right for us how we got the message out but sometimes you don't win. I'm gonna savor the victory tonight but we're gonna go back to work tomorrow. We work every day to build support. From the people of buffalo we're gonna continue to do that and certainly not take anything for granted but continue to reach out to the residents of this great city. To build support for our programs. Our ideas. And our strategies to move buffalo forward. We've done it working together with the residents of this community and that's how we're gonna continue. Can you account that you had three high profile Democrats in this primary turnout was so low can you count that any one particular thing. I think unfortunately it's a national phenomenon. Voter turnout seems to be going down. And all across the country. At the national level at the state level and at the local levels and I think we just have to continue. To reach out to the people of communities all across this great country and let them know that voting matters there votes make a difference. And so I'm gonna redouble my efforts to reach out to him every single member of this community. And let them know that their opinions matter. Their thoughts Carol. And that when we work together we can accomplish great things for this city. In the early vote totals suggest you get 51% of the registered Democrats to work this race which means 49%. Voted the other way. It's just a big if there's a split them apart in this thing. I'm happy with a win and I think it's a big win. I think it's a fifteen. Percentage point when that's pretty significant. As elections go so I'm very pleased with that. But again as I indicated. I'm not going to be satisfied with it. We will celebrate and savor this victory tonight but we'll go back to work tomorrow. To continue to reach out to all of the residents of this city. As we move forward continuing to bring progress and momentum to buffalo. What I'm hearing is that you anticipate the general election campaign here you go about the business of a general election campaign. We're gonna go about the business of a general election campaign. But more than that we're gonna go about these. Business of reaching out to the people of buffalo continuing to build support. From the people of buffalo.