First 100 Days Approaching For President Trump - Karen Travers


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Live to the White House this morning power buy up or are the immigration law Karen Travers is joining us end where approaching a hundred days Karen for the trump administration. That the president just tweeted about it this is certainly on his mind. It's certainly is but he doesn't like that heyday. A marker of time he called it a ridiculous standard of the first 100 days but you know I'm sitting here. Going back for some of the archives and the president himself has certainly mentioned the first 100 days himself you know when he. Got the swearing in for his Supreme Court nominee he boasted that he got it done in 100 days. And he said that his administration has accomplished more in these hundred days than any previous administrations so. He might think it's artificially ridiculous but he certainly keeping it very close eye on the calendar how much of a reality could a government shut down the definitely a reality I mean there negotiations going on. I over the past two weeks while congress has been out of session but lawmakers aren't back until Tuesday. They have until Friday to get this done and everybody is talking positively that nobody wants a shot down ads that is. Sending they're trying everything they can to avoid. But they get down into the nitty gritty of the negotiations. And will the border wall be something that the White House insists. There is funding for in this bill Democrats say that's a non starter and there are even some Republicans who aren't onboard with that so. These poison pills as they're called things that are inserted in political things. That could sink it. Could be what makes for I very rough week on Capitol Hill next week they have until Friday night coming back till Tuesday its politicians ever conduct. Vacation short. They have it in it it's certainly not gone on recess we've seen that. A couple times during the Obama years when they stayed in session in December up until almost Christmas Eve to trying get some things done. And then came back right after the Christmas holiday remember the fiscal cliff of 2012. I was working at midnight and here's the eve of the capital have. So they've certainly done it before but it is kind of remarkable that when they went on that two week Easter recess you know week and a half ago. It was like great welcome back and then we'll have four days to get this job done but. In some way they that's better then their backs are up against the wall they got to get it done if they had three weeks to negotiated everybody has their chance to get their say and try and put something in the bill that they want our kids Karen Travers. Live at the White House. That two government shutdown looming. A week from today.