GObike Buffalo Event Manager Henry Raess


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We're joined on the line by Henry raissi is the event manager for go by buffalo did you know today is bike to work day. I was not on my bike and on what's I was pretty early to be on your bike but I Harry did you bike to work today. Yeah actually. Just two of the American medical campus about five minutes ago for pot authority you know witty come from. I don't know what side wasn't too bad down. We had them by train government today. I didn't need to put that on but we have a number of books meeting up with the rotation that writing in group. There are folks to target on the bike. Ride to work. So before we get into the big events Sunday any tips for people biking to work out today or any other day. Yeah. You know bring water bottle and a helmet. Back up your year others. And you answer several bags you can get to put on Iraq and their bag. On the back here by a people sometimes are worried about arriving at work I'm a sweaty and some facilities that you hours. It's a good idea to have some extra clothes in the bag may be just keep an actress like. Teachers open network and they secure our sweating. I promise we'll get to us Sunday's event in just a moment tell me more about these trains. You have caravans of bikes along the road in buffalo this morning one of them that I think we're hearing about was along route five. Are you I'm not sure about replied well we did have. Some of our folks look like buffalo and imposed upon our better efforts and other our organization. Meet up the different spot than others. Someone from ready quake share went over on the west side. And that to some and it's been cropping up around the country and places but mine are effectively regulate LA where. Ought to car traffic and they're really trying to record people who. Right morning get out of traffic. And so it's just like sketching her commuter train related to stop them drink come and pick it up. Only it's well picturing those tomorrow. Started the location and go to several stops in pick people up along the way MS. Great way to encourage people do meet other cyclists spend them like where it'll extra motivation. Those sky ride is this Sunday it's really kind of a one of the kind of band isn't. Yeah there's very few events in the countries that are anything like yeah and started as those kind of wild idea a few years ago we're like well. That's a great idea let's go for it and so we decided to go where we were able to put off for now we have our unique annual fundraiser that includes a bike ride over the scarlet. Tell me more about what that entails what happens Sunday. When and where. So the events starts at the right start at 8 AM shark. People have been able to pre register up until this past weekend if you ought to register in person they can do so it might ports are right near a little problematic medical campus. Across some innovation center. And yeah we leave the Hampshire and we're gonna go as as a group with police escort with volunteers. Down their street over the skyway. We have miles of open highway on route five turnaround at this. A comeback over the sky into downtown. And then now a number of riders are gonna go on a loop around the city and some of the writers it is gonna head straight back to the main event area of South Park. And to be certain this is being done obviously while there is no traffic on the skyway during that time. Right this guy will be closed on Sunday morning from approximately 6 AM until about 11:38. AM. Now for people who are thinking about doing this it seems kind of daunting right I mean the skyway big road you'd kind of going up hill for a bit there. I'll what do you tell people about what they should expect if there are thinking about going in the sky right. Well ideally it'd gotten out on their bikes and started writing already had an all I would recommend that being the first right of the year. It's not as hard as some people think but it is the challenge brokers you know as a wide range of skills and abilities and comfort on a bicycle. But there's a lot of people had that drive from really experienced bicycle as who you know we'll do that two or three times for breakfast book org. Getting at the skyway or other folks who it's like a really big accomplishment and I'm riding eleven miles and going over. What is probably the biggest till. Near the city. That is the really big deal and. And it's a challenge I imagine that's worth that talk about the view briefly. Oh yeah I mean if you ever driven up this guy away you know that especially going out bound that there is really beautiful view Lake Erie. And got some I know we talk about. Go by and our bike efficacy is seeing the world it a more human case that it more human scale grab a bite out of our. Diving thirty year that your sixty mile an hour. Are you don't get defeated the elder but it is Anna winds through your environment. Whereas when you're on a bike and going ten or fifteen mile an hour and get this Elop Maureen noticed more things. On the street you get it taken the view is a lot more so that's an opportunity to. Cross over the skyway which has about a mile span up under beaten here. And really appreciate those views from a bicycle. Our primary races the event manager for go bike in buffalo the sky ride is this Sunday.