Investigating An Investigation - Karen Travers


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We start line at the White House this morning work. Karen Travers is reporting from and and Karen seems that the big discussion is whether president trump is under investigation or not under investigation. And if you read the president's tweets from last Friday where he flat out says I am being investigated for trying firing the FBI director you would think he is under investigation because why would the president tweet that if he was it. Well the weekend his lawyer. Went out and tried to do you clean up duty and was explaining that as far as they know he is not under investigation on how they know that. The president's personal lawyer says they've received no notice of investigation. Legal experts say they probably wouldn't so that's still isn't clear it up but. There's a lot of interesting. Kind of word scrambles over the weekend and the president's lawyer where he really didn't clear the confusion because at one point in an interview he said he was under investigation and no he's not under investigation so. The line right now from the president's team is he's not because we haven't been told. Now he says he's not right now but I mean the general consensus was seem to be that he's at least a part of this investigation going forward right. Certainly I mean it didn't oppose for the first reported this last week and later is matched by other news organizations that. This it has expanded to include potential investigation into obstruction of her A investigation into potential obstruction of justice. It makes sentence I mean once Jim Thome came mountain said the president seemed to suggest to me that we should back off of Michael Flynn. And these other reports that the president was talking to other senior intelligence officials trying to get them to put a lien on they of sorts. To ease off the investigation. Right there alone eat it seems there would be enough for special counsel to say what we recently looking tennis and Muller's not saying anything right. And we are never expecting him to you mean he's not going to be holding press conferences. You meet you will see things. As we start learning more about who's being interviewed. As part of all of this but. Again is one of those things where it's not gonna be wrapped up by the end of August this is going to be months of this and that means for the White House. They're going to have to figure out how they're gonna handle this from communications point of view. And also just really managing how they are doing their work with this very large significant investigation hanging over it. Those tweets the president sent on Friday all the confusion that is come from its we know that. A lot of this Stafford doesn't exactly love the way the president uses Twitter all the time but is this putting I guess an increase microscope on. His Twitter use in our people around the White House saying hey we've we've got a halt this for for at least a little while. They certainly your saying but there's. Almost no chance they're going to get him to do that I don't think there's anybody at this point you could say that the president you have to completely stop this. He has been told publicly privately from lawyers you're making this much more difficult for us the first it was with the travel ban when he was tweeting all about that legal case. Now he's tweeting about the Russian investigation he used the word witch hunt I think about a half a dozen times just in the last handful of days has the president weighed in at all on the latest London attack like he has previously he has not we asked the White House this morning for comment any reaction and had not. Surprised to see the president nick Camp David over the weekend. Yeah the first time out there you know not exactly his style of weekend getaway he certainly is more fond of the place wreaking go to the golf course in his own property is actually the first time he would spend the night. Besides the foreign trip but spending the weekend somewhere that he doesn't own which is notable in itself. The Obama family didn't spend a ton of time up at Camp David either you know they had young daughters who have a lot of school activities on the weekends and wanted to be with their friends the bush family did adding they were out there are several times a month. Especially in the second term President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. We'll see what the trumps do they gave it a chance. The president said he liked it. Tweeting so as the First Lady that it was beautiful but is it going to be irregular destinations out of the weekends I'd be surprised our Karen Travers joining us live from the White House. Every morning at 7 o'clock.