Latest London Terror Attack - Steve MacMartin


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Well as London police are investigating yet another terror attack we welcome in Steve McMartin. Head of McDyess Homeland Security program to talk a little bit about the investigation. I'm what we know so far Steve what we know is ten injured one dead. And it appears that van plowed into a crowd of Muslim worshippers that police investigating this. As terrorism. What would lead on police to investigate someone some thing. As an act of terrorism as opposed to anything else. Well there are a number of factors that that specifically there's no. You know error in a in in fact we are booked at a neutral or. I think people are quick to jump to a terrorism. Although understandable. And in this case I don't know. That that's exactly what they're looking at. I predict we jumped from the debts are looking at. Oh what are it was terror attack gritty crime problem it's certainly didn't know. You know a degradation in in the situation there. But it also seems to be following along this trend that we've been seeing lately. Using vehicles right. Well yeah. Duck boat since 9/11 is. You know. We're cursor under attack how regard to act in one ever break here is that they will. Be able to turn around. Everyday. Items they use every day and create weapons. I'm sure everyone thought. It's the very first moment they're herbal don't want to me power fire. It was an act of terrorism I thought award. It would not. Thankfully. But it took sure old or something he might not. Could be uses terror weapon and that now they've they've let down to our web. While cars and trucks I mean it's something we've seen now obviously though London Bridge just a week ago wall over in Germany and going back a couple years now. And after these attacks we keep hearing the same thing that there's almost. Nothing you can do. To prevent something like this will bat. Be looked at say even closer. After this attack that fact that maybe there is something we can do we just have to figure out what it is. Well. Yeah if you were called back to what I knew there were times when federal building. Were there are needed by. Earl concrete. Blocks and in all pretty expensive. And after the McGrady. Attack in. All city. We realize. That. We needed to protect protection. I saw this week a report from London where bridge had establish those concrete all along the walk way. Track being. But after. And it may come to speed up that world that we now live in the third quarter that I put. Accommodation. You know Steve just last week in front of buffalo City Hall they started putting up those. Those giant pollard's which herb giant boulders I think there are over 3000 pounds apiece you know to keep. Any idea prevent any curb attacks in vehicles coming up the curve is this something we're gonna see more of. Well I think clearly gaps. And it goes back to. Right question about seeing the increased you are in the behavior pedestrian. Certainly in a larger area I'm I've certainly are allegations being made the market. In Berlin as we speak. And Libya. Think you know in our City Hall again you know unfortunately. Since 9/11 this is the world we live it. I'm bringing things around full circle now low we mentioned terrorism it's being investigated as now that's what police and London are saying. I'll we mentioned also a hate crime it's possible that this was a hate crime act. Either way does that affect the investigation which of those labels are put on dissect. No we just got this and clap many times and don't have to come to Europe with the idea. That and a very little at the very base level terrorism is just criminal activity. That two minimize it not to. You know. Make you like let it let. Awful it'd. But it. Police stormed the Jeter. You know march tell people don't have the anchor Jack Ma. But respond it is almost identical it doesn't matter what the was so. Go back full circle to what I said let Eric acting that's where there are approaching it as a terror. Attack or hate crime really doesn't matter that the police procedural status thing. Okay that Steve McMartin. He's director of the Homeland Security program at the dike college here in buffalo.