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Monday, March 20th

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President critically economy commended mr. gates the gates foundation working global health and health security. Generous and innovative private optical group like the gates foundation are critical to our mission finding cures for tomorrow. Also this morning the confirmation hearings and they do it straight game. Began in Judiciary Committee began for the president nominee for the supreme court. Of course it. As the judge will continue to show throughout prop he imminently qualified for the nation with impeccable academic credentials a brilliant legal mind. And it proven commitment to come to. On Tuesday and went agent of course it will be questioned by Everett and all and on Thursday we hate things include with what. The president was glad people conveyed to support an eighth. Project or it just as we can leak former New York Mayor Bloomberg. Editorial board country our colleagues. Either and op Ed and editorial. Or providing common one other aiding. And impeccable qualifications for the match. They add to one of the aisle who've already given that support. The president looks forward to watching judge court should continue to show and it wouldn't stored in addition he will be the bench in the continent will be confirmed. Later in the morning the president had a meeting with Ryan. Secretary of health and human error after outcry. And doctor Manuel doctor Manuel has been intimately involved in crafting health care app crafting health care. And work on obamacare. Obviously impressed the president had differing views and the best way to make health care portable accessible. But the president strongly it the health and wellbeing of the American people. Shouldn't always be part of annual continue to reach across party lines and you voices on this issue. Last week's your individuals and Stanley suffered from the disasters all obamacare he preview spoken health care group. Republican congressional leadership. Health insurance companies this week you know apple. And women in health care while continuing an open dialogue with members of congress. And you'll do you'll be I was even more meaning the actions in the coming weeks as he works with congress bring common sense reform health care. Pres finish on the line here from colder in health care field and you'll continue to listen. As the process on the American health care act along and we pursue the additional legislative and administrative actions. This afternoon the president outlined the vice by. And speaking the secretary's day. Secretary just returned from an important trip to Asia he made it clear that America's committed tour allies Japan and Republic of Korea. And we expect China increased control and persuading North Korea. To move away from nuclear weapons and ballistic missile development in toward. Creating better feature North Korean people. This trip at age for future future leader level engagement between US China during the meeting you debrief the president on Trent. Rated afternoon the president while the primary prime minister Al body of Iraq. The Iraqi People have been raids and attacks partner shared fighting in ice Qaeda and the president speak with prime minister had a partnership how to eat ice and moving to a new era in which Iraq or stability and peace. And prosperous Middle East. Actors bilateral meeting with prime minister the president will depart the White House for Louisville, Kentucky. For eight make America great in rally before returning news that like evening. You know in before it takes questions. Yesterday Treasury Secretary minutia in return very successful trip to Europe. Or stopped in the UK spur of the Exchequer and later met with his counterpart during the G-20 ministerial. And I. Tripp gave secretary I opportunity to outline the administration's priorities number of issues including macroeconomic all financial regulation. International tax analysts find it during the meeting secretary of arts presented a platform. Collective work. Growth and an ability intern at the rest of the week. Mara the president sign at war or you. The national aeronautics space administration transition authorization act a twenty haven't seen in the morning and make remarks the National Republican Congressional Committee. March dinner in the evening on Wednesday as they mentioned last week the president meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. On Thursday it will hold an event with truck drivers represented from the trucking company in industry on health care and negative and act. I'm there industry and lightly it. These days large employers 28. Friday the president holding Greek Independence Day celebration. A further update now than later and final address the how intelligence committee hearing is currently happening in which the FBI director and director are currently testifying comics at the time. This hearing chairman known unit noted the first several how it committee engaged. And the press is happy that they're pursuing the facts and had been president prime pre recorded tractor. Commie confirm that yet BI is investigating Russia's role in interfering with the election and let me just comment on. Following testimony it's clear that nothing changed senior Obama intelligence officials have gone on record confirm that there's no evidence. They trump Russian collusion. The Obama CIA director sent out Obama's Director of National Intelligence. And we take that they award. However there is new information McCain and hearing it we believe newsworthy about the intelligence gathering. The on and the unmasking of Americans identified in intelligence report. And illegal leak on masked individuals which is a federal crime. Tractor commie tool how intelligence committee that certain political point you're on administration had access to the names on Matt. Such as senior White House officials senior department officials and your intelligent. Before President Obama left office Michael Lane what's on math and then a legally his identity. Media outlet. Like the fact that as and is a director Roger said that unmasking revealing individuals in dangerous quote national security. Not only was. General plan. Identity made available director commie you questioned whether or not. He actually briefed President Obama on on his phone call him. Director comic called these type of disclosures of classified information that threat to national security that you won that game for of these matters to the School of Law. He'll that the leaking information become quote I'm usually active in that time frame and question. It's important to note that both director Colleen Rogers told the committee that they no evidence that votes were changed in swing state the president and one. I don't think that that pretty much until we get. Ending at the hearing I don't comment too much further and with that that take. Question Jonathan. I'll show on the front of complete confidence and the other. There's no reason to believe. John and that is. It. There's no information is important allegations presently. Against president upon this so is the president prepared to withdraw that accusation Oliver right now where what where we're. We started hearing. I'm still on going. And then scratch and you mentioned this is wanted to series of hearings. That will be happening I think there's as a noted last week it there's all a lot of interest in news coming out of that in terms of the activities that have gone on repeal. The information American and artistically general and there's a lot of things that aren't being covered. In in this hearing I think our interest in. That that penal as it I'm going I'll I'll leave that for now putting there's a lot of Ares only to be covered there's a lot of information on the beach. That's in place. And possibility coordination between neutral. And Iraq. Yeah that the president just this morning said is that Democrats make up the Russians story. Why the FBI director investigating this story that we. I don't think that's what he said but he can't look at what all. That's the nature of links between individuals associated the trumpet in the Russian. And whether there were any coordination correct. But it didn't in that inning it and having proof there are two different things you look at the acting Obama Yang director said that there's smoke there's no fire her Tom cotton. Not that scene and that and I'm aware. You look at director clapper not to my knowledge senator Chris and his Democrat. From Delaware I know evidence of collusion mean. There's a point it would you continue to search for something that everybody's been briefed how you are found. I'm I think it finds a look into it but at the end of the day they're gonna come in conclusion that everybody else that he can even continue to look for something. But continuing to look for something it doesn't exist. Doesn't matter there is a discussion or names that are around four. That it hangers on are on the campaign and I think at some point people that. You know got thrown right at the beginning of the hearing. On those name him greatest amount of interaction that they've had had in a letter. So rockers don't caught on audio exactly the car agency. But I mean those people the great man and interaction with the campaign the campaign apparently sending them series. So again I think it when you re a lot of this activity got a so. There is a fine line between people who want to be part of something that they never had an official role and and people who actually played a role in the the campaign that transition Julie. Here today the president now we know that there is not an investigation idea yeah president yes I am confident that. It's not aware of any contact that he had to quit pressure during the election. And no one is has anyone from the White House. And I remember I. Right inning. And I'm not aware of it I'm Medina general plan was was a volunteer of the campaign. And out and got and a on me for who played very limited role. Are very limited time but beyond. That it's not just like you you stop interrupting other people are OK Jonathan. Somebody's asking questions it's not your press briefing Julie's asking a question we conduct Julie. I don't nothing that hasn't been previous guy I don't wanna. Make it look like we're aware of. How. Your eyes are. Now and where are. And Atlantis that he used to say whether it be Obama. About. And also president that there's. Anything. I think in front of my ability. To Harvard anything that can work with. Well I think we're we're what are you know I mean we're making a point that. That it it is not in their or their means it to everyone was looking for a conclusion and I think there's a lot more than need be. Scott and and looked up or we can jump to a conclusion about. A lot but I think the point is that in the same token you've got individuals that one. And answer and same time there's clearly a lot of information doesn't matter and I. Were to. I hate it we are at it would there's a lot more to come in. And I got presidents and he says that they are going to come to the same conclusion everybody else. My point is that all. No I don't know what I'm getting out there can and you there is. Mean it aired at that continues to talk about collusion exists and yet every person that's been briefed. You yes Tom cotton Crist and Democrat. Of Delaware. Clapper that Obama appoint a ball said that not things that ain't seen makes them believe that there is any collusion. There's a difference between talking about an investigation. Into the election which we all know and any evidence of creek collusion. There is no evidence according to the people and in the reach of any collusion. At the end to believes that it. I think god is an important point gets overlooked over and over. That they are out. Of everybody else that those deficits. Are no I don't wanna. What I'm saying it every single person. Because what what the director today that there's an ongoing investigation. My point say that everybody has been reached on an investigation. It doesn't there's an option because an investigation must mean that it's about. My point you is that there's an optional Atmel people in the media about what that investigation must mean. My point you is it like that the narrative that it played over and over again with respect you what investigators might mean. In terms of collusion every person Republican and Democrat. It's been re not come to the team conclusion that there is no collusion and that that over a lot can talk about an Asian. Big picture whole list sickly the idea how many people are trying to jump to a conclusion. Seems very very guy. Seek. It. It. I have more read out afterwards I know that they're gonna talk extensively about what I'll. Japan South Korea. In and out in Beijing but let. ATP the president. Deciding what they what it was. The previous hoping for a little bit he said he's the president tweet that I'm just on going investigation. On this yet more and more and more people come out and it may just might happen is that the Clinton targeted at all as a threat and it pesky there. Why in one case is that divisions that. If there is no. Luckily now vs yeah it is obvious need more information coming up a lot. I guess again I think there's a difference I'm not ruling anything out I'm merely explain that every person. Republican Democrat Obama. That is certainly a monetization across a broad action. In terms of what that. Portrait but I think that there is. I'm on the investigation tell we know that people who have been briefed on any other piece that we know that there is an ongoing thing and it even according to the apartment. In terms of the information provided in Armenia that they are still at the beginning of this prop is very different thing. And it group of people saying there is an ongoing and ancient and from what we've been pretty there is no evidence yet. Conclusion. That that's a different higher. On and on slightly different topic. In his first eight weeks president trump has made ten trips to the golf course. I think he regularly use to criticize President Obama spending time on or how his golf game any different. I think things one day you saw in utilize this is an opportunity to operate. You. Help for Foster deeper relationship southeast Asia. Asia rather have a growing relationship that can help you in. How do you game of golf and secondly you know we want you lot. Don't you edit a mini cabinet meeting the other day down or two weekends ago. Downey is club in Virginia. And I remember them it was jumping at the conclusion he's going to I'm playing with playing golf just as you go somewhere doesn't mean he got on a couple occasions actually conducting meetings there. He's actually at phone call. It just because he heads there doesn't mean that happen. I looked at me when I'm prime minister up on the course. But it when I think a lot of details on other high level meetings are taking place. It's in these productive meetings on the course why isn't the president and his age being a little more forthcoming about what. Same reason that he can have dinner launch for somebody not hearing the president and out of a bit of pride at some point. What we bring them wit which is what we've always agree that we bring a price put protective pool I should be there but the president you know also entitled to a bit of our privacy is well. Drank. The president believes the FBI would do her job of investigating these sort of linked to Russia during the election that I want more. I think there's a Friday evening and he's looking at it but the or an Intel acknowledges three FBI. But yeah I mean I think it when you get to the violent day. Well how much better picture of what's happening I think it'll continue to vindicate him on guys Paula the press. We did this morning a question about potential he is the connection to Russia during the election is under the impression that the Clinton Campaign had inappropriate contact. With Rossiter and the election. Well I think there's. In interest in out of all of us not being covered number one. For everything that Ed and publicly available. Several occasions do you have idea behind him are you allowed servers should be look at despite all claim that their concerns about leaking. And yet the question still doesn't ma what why wouldn't the D&E. On multiple occasions read while the FBI. What what why it would seem not wanting if they were so concerned about hacks leaking. Why did that in 89 at the FBI. Come look not only do they not ask them they were bought them a multiple occasions why. What was what are they what are they hiding what would they can iron out but I think there is a serious question mean is not they they're very clear about the concerns they have. And as well as all of that the leadership and Democratic Party and yet when he came to hack. And leaked out of the DNC. And it they're quick to jump to the conclusion about who did it. And yet they wouldn't allow the FBI to invest there's a whole second out of a concern here in terms of what was Hillary Clinton's role in you look at the Obama's history Obama administration and Clinton. That Clinton's involvement with Russia in terms of donations they did. That Clinton received from from Russian and the idea that they sold off tremendous amount of the with the uranium had you the Russian government and yet. What are where what they can earn that what are we doing to look into that it was the Obama administration 2009 it talked about a recent. With Russia and it desire to reach their relationships. And it was Hillary Clinton signed up and ideally gay Russian. Company 15 the US rainy and apply. Where the question about that what are they get there was discussion the other day about Russian official noting that both campaigns. They don't where's the concern about their efforts on Hillary Clinton thing. The Democrat. Democratic Party a lot of those individuals are quick to point fingers and yet when it come huge in their own collusion or questions involving error there. Involvement with Russian officials are buyout that the Russians there's no discussion there are you gotta wonder I'm humbled I Wear. Where the parity when it comes kind of smarter. You. Were. It's not where I hadn't I intelligence community I think it. So when does this end with a I think I. Question eight question where we Indians you look at Michael Lang. And you ask the question how does an American and who should be protected by law from having their identity on. How does how does that happen it's got to think about like the FBI and all that relevant intelligence. That. They can figure who. Right well so it. Note the what I'm getting at is there's a lot of information that we've come to learn about what happened in terms are. Throughout the election in a transaction. And when you look at somebody like Michael and you realize that body might have been looking at somebody else at that time. How does somebody named protected by law from being to get get reason get it up. Why was it. Put up. Because the people in the intelligence community would about how this information they could have found out who like. But he yet. You've got a question why was singing should have been protected by law from being put out into the public domain out there what was the motive behind what else we need now. Who would. Kinda. On that. It. He had no I don't I ain't that there's a lot more questions he asked about the involved what was being done in terms Irving. Who being prevailed why would it being well what acne. What why are certain people being sort of quote on math. And and having their identity. What was going on there's a lot more questions that means that need to ask. And I hate we we are. And it and it and we've talked about this ad not. How Intelligence Committees looking today is the first several hearings it. In union to call senator Burris Ari tuchman. There's a way to get the eyes of the into the book right now we're on first chapter of this I. Of course. We've we've put it ain't in the look into. So I don't you comment and surprised that war we noted multiple times. That that board president will be appropriate place. For all. Who said he had a lot of meetings over the weekend on North Korea where those media room. And what was his reaction to North Korea's test of this new rocket it. Well I think we continue to be concerned. I'm. With North Korea's activity that's why not only if we continue to have conversations with officials in Japan and South Korea. But it continued today to urge China to step in and played larger role in deterring. Both the ballistic and others. You couldn't missile threat it the North Korea placed. I am not Iowa I have a further Rihanna some of those conversations but I think there is growing concern about. About North Korea I think that is part of what secretary Tillerson is going to be with him during their meeting. Get. The problems from child is away and moral North Korea. I think any very clear signal that our policy of strategic patience is over. The president and secretary date has an expectation that China. Employed multiple points of pressure on North Korea. We in we know that we don't agree under percent of the time with China. But it's a department noted yesterday but present Sheehan secretary tellers and agreed that there are. Our opportunity. For greater cooperation between China and the united he acknowledged that there are will be in the future difference between two countries. But I think it. Secretary Allison Trent. Can he needed our help on that path and I think that the follow on meeting the leaders in and and and will be helpful in that and that name. And it's given the talk last week about the budget and priorities and American tax dollars. Need to cut programs like you know or may cut rugged foothills of the Obama are. If the president going into that are hurting of his trips tomorrow lock out GAO and it could cost three million dollars portrait of the president Paul speaks. Is he planning to cut those back up again and feeling about the priorities for the American packed up its. I think that is that each get in that the president presidents always travel. And I think the president wherever he goes. It carries the app for the white house with us that something happens the president will continue to go. And travel around the country in. I have meaning all the bombs and again I think just with his and he took. A little bit shocked they're even the Washington Post which is no friend you. Too too conservative. Even date night with the ball sort of narratives on meals and we not a federal program 3% of their total budget come from from the from a block grant that. Eight run program and it apparently at phenomenal weekend we. I get that that's cute programmed to point out but it falls and leading to a try to make that Ratner. Quit. So I know you're my president I'll. Go off and that currently. I. It but it still President Bush went to Crawford any there are places off I get it. I get it but but it does seem time. The president's very clearly that he worked seven days a week where I go to Stanley I he brings people down this part of being president John. Thanks shock. Turning back he was chancellor Merkel on Friday. Did the president and the chance where she's got the economic crisis brings at all. It given the appointment of two crucial to the Treasury Department. Who have been critical of the International Monetary Fund. Does the administration. He. Do or different role with the idea that. You know resolve the economic when he refer you the Treasury Department Diana I think they read out that we provided. I'm secretaries and on the chance that it rather excuse me. Or south they look at length as far as what they discussed. And and what they meant I'm not gonna step on that Francesca. Are you clear anti white that are under. It now. It makes it easier on an earlier. And Carter he's been there not a question about writers don't we all categories that President Clinton. Contact at all all of informal advice it. I caught on. This on somebody the presence known for a long time. They worked briefly on the campaign until that ought to. 2015. Up from from recollection. But they they they have talked paradigm I don't think any time recently. But they had a long relationship. Going back years where you provide counsel and again I play. The role early on in his campaign and and that role in August 20 gene and and I don't know and all in the Oakland. John the in the meeting this morning with that gates did the job. The President Clinton and again I NIH funding come up and how does he square feet with gates and it sort of focusing on. This all mean to continue medical research and then at the same time. Work that Americans are much much. I mean I know they talked about cures and help that I think IE apply a lot of the work that they've done an overseas in particular. I am. I don't have a full read on yeah I'll try to get you more aren't they did it but it looked Wheatley to NIH in particular I think that. There's some you know Washington and if you don't and more on August that you're not carry as much we will look at some of the agencies and departments and programs that we've seen. And in any case they're not meeting their mission and I think there are cost savings that can be achieved. The invoke the dollars that are being allocated towards a more effective use. Of the nation and but yeah. Interest only in Washington you literally judge I don't think how much money you throw the problem not actually whether solving the problem coming up within. April. That won't happen our own it you know information reporting that it. So good that it had. Breath. Shift saying he liked the troops coming from the fact that their fingers there alienating. Allies and eat it for president and with that. How big truck. Don't use him and it was. I think you're citing Adams shift political diatribe is beginning. And sent me EU literally went off you are talking outlook outlook. You aren't out there isn't a truce in and this direction and if you look at that that opening statement it was filled with. So I don't use that and they war having to respond to be you know I was watching a lot of it. Reporter response and Twitter. Initially did you. Sort of diatribe. And I think there are several vote it talks about how we and is scared try. And and taking things Wear contacts or use out of it based on an authoritative. There. Are I think at this point. And I think April at multiple times at this point. There is we we are at the beginning phase of this and we have we got John. I like number thirty. All of the all operatives it got there and his management and. Well that's a lot I mean we've you. That the White House and it looks and it total percentage that budget minister that you. Ask a question somewhat ironic after injury after moving it into games are about. Aiding in the cost cutting measures that we seen across means higher. But I'm here got grilled on. And answered effectively how the president is looking at a station in duplicity all programs our government. So it's not a question of a here at the White House where he's looking it all the all the government. It and you look at the activities the president personally engaged in terms of yet 35. In the there was want her getting in line in in looking at ways in which we can create. A more effective and efficient procurement price that's one area ranking at present are engaged more more looking at all the that the government buys. How we're doing it are being propped them anyway actually in the department defense. We don't read more here. Right. Right. I'm sure he got hurt but you bring it up there are multiple people here. Or not speaking out to me that it op. No way more than 3 April I'll get back but there's several of individuals that are acting out a year. I'm so when you talk about commitment to helping on our government. Or the president actually. Helping Univision there're a lot of people who sacrificed tremendously in terms and I'll give up. You know I've done very well for myself. I I at this country benefited neat opportunity for me get back that there are people. Well through this organization. Who have done that John. And yeah he's probably one. Accuses critics trying to the president is trying to do anybody out there. It quite clear that he believes that this will take us back to worse than we were before you portable Eric in him. The president Paul. Well he's an architect of obamacare. I think that despite our political. Difference. You know you want your ideas not him but a lot of people now than we brought in people well I I'll from bow out treatment for an industry. The idea is try to make the best possible. I'm talked Elijah Cummings couple we about drug price on about ideology or party about cheating. Senator changed centric. Drug. And health. Care that benefit the American people and give them access and the price point that they can get health care and actually get coverage so. It is it is your ideas and suggestions. Hearing if we can make it better part of the manager's amendment that speaker Ryan talked about he's in large part because. We've been with. And making it better and make it better and continue to work it will the prob. Not just the current bill but it all of the additional legislation. As part of its overall we prompt we talked. So making sure that we do right. And we give the American people the best possible outcome but always. Out tickets are ousted by Thursday how much will the plane change between now there are what we saw. Voters aren't that person committees it is the president Gregory built on paper you Whitman's. It is present it feels more. Outlook we don't have any announcements unscheduled time on he's gonna continue to make sure that we do everything we can and I'll leave the legislative piece of the fine. Does he think it changed between. We. Is it depends on how much it looked. It did I think speaker Brian T tell them. Magicians and ideas suggestions on on your network today with this law. That he is considering and I think as we continue to meet with folks. He there's an app level discussions that occurred over the weekend they'll be more later this afternoon and the extent that we can make changes that I think. Enable us to maintain. I'm children eighteen votes we'll do our our. Larry I. Brought a whole wiretapping issue well. It clips on the other accomplishments what message. Does the president have for his supporters worry that is that you rabbit hole that might diminish other things turns dealing out here. I think you'll be a lot of accomplishments they don't need to worry. We've got a lot of things coming down the pike and I think whether it's health care tax reform these infrastructure plans for reforming government. Immigration I mean I. I think we're gonna have a lot of things to be very proud of that he fumbles I dial. In due time they'll be plenty to be proud of Sarah. Campaign I'm on the chair and undercover. Agent. Went out if any point where any tax school on the network and I. Operating. But just look like I'm not dismissing Paul in port as they. I noting other folks Jonathan pointed out with respect to Paul though I believe and again I'm not looking to re litigate the election there. But it really Paula brought on some time in. June and by the middle of all he was he no longer with the campaign meaning that for the entire final stretch of the general election. He was not involved in so to start to shoot. Look at some individual that was there for a short period of time. Or separately individuals who really didn't play any role in the campaign. Suggested those and that they were anything is a bit ridiculous. I think it but it puts in innings. Write Arabic to intimate that somebody there or eight weeks in definitely not there in the final three months of the campaign. Play and kind of lasting role that influence. You know again again you realize I think somewhere between march arena in August 12 fifteenth with with when he ended the campaign. So my point is just now that. If you look at the final three month campaign where none of the individuals and question that Democrats brought up over and over again today were affiliated with the campaign. To suggest that somehow show in high level collusion. It is a bit of a stretch saintly. Air. And now. Before. You didn't really critical. Reports that are based on horses and today in headlines in headline that we. And he won an official confirmation directly from India. Are. There is an ongoing criminal and whether that president. Had contacts that Russia Russia operatives in any sport nation. And the headline being that there is an official unique question in the past three weeks ago. When there are reports are paper and others that the FBI director with indicating that the work weeks he's well worth it. Coming from is now that we have got it from his mouth directly. There's no evidence that he. We guess the question is. 00. On the record. That. Might turn. Oh how content. You treat the one the latter who wanted to wire tapping one in the early stages but Portland. You want to. Com the conclusion yet. The investigation is. What would outward up. Under them. That you're treating both this news very. Well first it. It. Let me right island I accidentally like cute guys are looking for Al. And I don't. I I just our server is are your Basel the right headlines. We could probably do a story here. I'm. I think because there's a big difference. I'm. 11 is literally talking there that they get it keeps complaining that their investigation in that election got it. No disagreement there. Right but I think if there's a question about collusion between anybody in my point and over and over in May of every one of you guys is when the people who have increased by the FBI. About collusion between individual the answer is can and you should be no. At some point 8 no morning. Wendy's people apple side of the aisle a wobble appointees electing Democrats electoral Balkans say no evidence suggests it. At some point not just about me it's about you. Eight no Arnie and realized that the people like you have an investigation. It doesn't really mean to jump to the conclusion that popped off it might be about the collusion between those who think they've talked about that for a long time. Seventeen intelligence agents have talked about going investigation. Until Russia's involvement in the election. That vastly different than jumping to conclusions. That there are much out there for a include collusion. Between individuals and one guy they don't talk about all of the Hillary Clinton collision that may mean I've heard and that was the subject they can with the Russian official yet. For you won the Euro minute heat on the evening news the other night when that. Russian official. It that they did a respectable campaign. Perlman I know I equal opportunity whack at. It. I don't because one what a bunch of people open three who are saying we have anything and one isn't ongoing. Because if you get when you then they are getting the president is very clear and I think if he's going to be a very very literal. Interpretation is tweet which is. Whether or not there wiretapping under you know literally wiretap people the same way you do it in the eighties. With wires in and things in the top spot so good right. No art. But again I think that we are we are still at the beginning. Of a look at what kind of occurred and why. And that there's a question about what leaks occurred. Why they're happening again you know just director comic I I believe one of the big headlines chicken at a is that when he talks I'm usually high amount. I'll be that are coming out of class and information. That helps you be questioned why so much information being leaked out now. What what is the motive behind always doing it. And it threatening our security which I do believe the answers yet but there's a lot of other stories and that's why I think with all due respect. Here you headlines coming up I believe there's a lot of headlines coming out the only headlines people right of the one. That reporting herded again ministry not one look and you. You know how many times people say this there was no evident in how many times are how much classified information is being weak. There's a lot of headlines should be written. A lot of stuff that I'm going. And I know that we're hearing that there's a lot of other things knee got an army happening why it did Ian not let the FBI look at their server. Why has that or not getting because I would and that somebody was victim. They've yelled from the rooftop pull out all that. Called. The question is why it's an honor that being looked at. I don't know it. My point is not to drawn application. But merely a question with all on getting it certainly none of the questions regarding any of this in ask or answer or lord. And yet. I ever get done. So the answer that getting why why are those questions being. Why you know taking oh when all these individuals ain't that they. But there are years and headlines I would need to get me or I'm glad you as an awkward George. Clarify is. The future. When you probably. Podium. Re. Articles. On. Your. Article. I think merely reading a story in a paper is not out forty reading this story. Her now I I think reading series of things and asked a question where where near to coming from citing a multitude of stories that are in that Indy. Public domain is not endorsing everything I read it that it really. You know occasionally reading stories that UN your colleague not you know. Have put out but did several people in here whose publications and put that thing out. Simply. Red dating those things is not endorsement. When you talk to about the GQ. You don't them. The light with not raised my stock. There was a nearly an explanation of what we get in and why we did it which is what I TO and now it. Simply thank you guys for that you tomorrow hopefully get a chance announced today if you don't we'll let me thank you. Hey yeah. It's.