Paris Attack Leaves Policeman Dead - Tom Rivers


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In the wake of the deadly terror attack in Paris yesterday presidential candidates are speaking out we go to Tom rivers overseas with the latest Tom. What can you tell us as far as what's going on with elections. Over in France in wake of this attack. The bureau everybody all the candidates elaborate at this stage of the game are all comments on the touch your about a block away from control police say right now. Traffic here is flowing again open to vehicles and pedestrians but there are police call all of action on every. Every street corner. The family of the assailant has been brought in questioning and looking for leads. As an orchid like there's. We leave no stone unturned trying to see. Accomplices out people it might help. The individual along the way. So far no official word on any of rests subsequent arrest at this stage of the. It's how we're hearing that police were the intended target on us want. Exactly exactly. Ransom itself within 8847. And focuses on the police and ran. And what stopped at a red light many people this is not rocket our ears let's start to many people milling around on the street. And this individual. Decided to just go for police on this occasion. Now you said things are getting back to normal in Paris but the second crisis inspired attack that there has to be a lot of people feeling extremely uneasy in their country now. Well you but let me go about what two years ago we are literally thought we had done other smaller. Put that weight throughout the country the other big truck. Attacked in east and then of course November 2013. We had the be the big one year the club. So yeah no stranger that got. I'm sure a lot of people on edge stare with these elections and now coming up on Sunday. Yeah oh exactly exactly because if somebody wants to upset. The campaign. They're probably would strike now probably not on Election Day crusade because people are gonna side with the Beau Biden. Right now this is is a very worried I mean. Art that is Tom rivers following the story of the Paris attack yesterday he had basically on. The eve of presidential election in France.