Pres. Trump Joint News Conference with Italy's Prime Minister

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Thursday, April 20th

President Trump addresses France shooting while holding joint news conference with Italy's prime minister.


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Welcome. Thank you. It's wonderful. To have view. In our wonderful people have known as the White House. And so many great Italian friends who witnessed today. And we re new. Always. The deep ties of history and a friendship that linked together the American. And the Italian people's. That history traces its roots. To the timely contributions of Italy. Civilization. And human progress and true. Stretching all the way back to ancient Rome. Through the ages your country has been a beacon. Of artistic. And scientific achievement. That continues today. From Venice or Florence. From birdie. To Pavarotti and mine. Are. These bonds of history and culture. Have only grown stronger. As our two nations. Become plus partners your friends. And very vital. Ally. Mr. prime minister I'm thrilled that you are here today. How we can make is great relationship even more productive. In the years ago. When the economy Italy is one of America's largest trading partners of people don't know that. We both seek it trading relationship that is balanced reciprocal I love the word reciprocal. We don't have too many reciprocal trading partnerships I will argue that we wilders. And fair. Benefiting both of our countries and we can work together to achieve that outcome and Iowa. Italy is all don't keep partner. In the fight against terror. Italy is now the second largest contributor of troops. To the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would also like to thank you prime minister for your leadership when seeking stabilization. In Libya. And we are crucial effort to deny ice has put all. In the Mediterranean you fought hard. We're grateful for your role. In the anti ice is campaigning. All nations must condemn this barbaric. Enemy and support the effort to achieve. In total and complete. Destruction. Also you know mr. prime minister we have more than 30000. American service members families and personnel who are stationed to crush your country. As we reaffirm our support for historic institutions. We must also reaffirm their requirement that everyone. Must pay their full and fair share for the cost. Of defense. Together we can address many pressing challenges. Including two that greatly affected both of our country's. Those of large scale. Migration. An international. Smuggling. Maintaining strong orders is a vital component of any security problems. And it responsible approach. To refugees is one that seek the eventual return of refugees. To their home countries. So that they can help. To rebuild. Their own nations. Finally I want to say how much I look forward to visiting us so it. For the G-7. As we seek to Foster cooperation. Not only in matters of security but also. Science commerce health. And technology. Our two countries have shared interest in shared values. And we can each make great contributions. The other mr. prime minister IA again I want to thank you for. Being with us and being our true friends. Italy is a spectacular place I know it well. I love the people of Italy. We have. Eighteen million Italians living in the United States people originally from Italy. And it's a great honor to have many of them as my friends thank you for being here. Thank. Thank you for hosting us here and honored to be here at the White House today. And I'm now switched to Italian. And demo. We had a very fruitful meeting. Which reflect an ancient trenchant. And the president reminded us his word. This friendship. Zone. Eighteen Marion. And who have such an important role in our country and country. And French is witness. By the fact that Italy. And actually American students who died. And we're very proud. Of this and confirms he importance. That the united say it gives the cultural dimension of our country. As a precedent to set. And is based on common commitment against terrorism. This commitment. If as he is a commitment in which. We are both very active our country's very active in Iraq and then Afghanistan and I think that the stabilization work will be the I it. Asian work of Iraq after the military defeat that we. That we're dying wish. We know. That this action against terrorism. Must take place within our individual countries in Europe. Whitney national and cultural commitment against radicalization. By cooperating with. Islamic community. Italy contribute to peace and Italy in the Mediterranean. In Syria. Where. I believe the US choice to react through the use of chemical weapons. Russia. And where. And negotiated solution is more necessary than ever in mid yeah. And we discuss this in our meeting. Where we need to work against the division of the country in our stabilize it. This is a great. You manage migratory. Without. Putting on values. And human. And we need to match. Horrible. Traffic. And refugee. Camp at its strategic commitment. In favor of the transatlantic relationship. We have. Spoken about coming commitment made it easy. And Eagles where I can play as a four team and the commitment on. Military. And the Portuguese and me two. Years. We're out. Arc. In. India Italy. Countries. Because. You know and ethical crises. Ago. Can be. Useful. Even an. Op is keeping an art. Print. Without giving up I drank. And values. Oh. Miles I'll. Try. That we have confidence even at that moment on the typical right now. We have confidence in each of the European Union. Me and me it partners. In the east. Transit. Based. In part a and freedom in the well. We're going through a difficult time. At cup. And will continue to be at. Me and expecting and president's visit I mean. Me and I mean. And I try. Neat opportunity. Of that principle three economies. And now we really do need is. Thank you Mr. President. Thank you. Questions. Forgive me for asking your three part question it's been awhile. Just in just the last few minutes I believe it while it was like your being with the prime minister. There was a shooting in downtown Paris she is being described as potential terrorist attack. Wonder if you have something on that and further to that through the big trouble spots that you're dealing with right now North Korea and Iran. Do you believe that the leader of North Korea Kim Jung Hoon is mentally unstable is that one of the reasons lawyers are concerned about in these latest developments. Is he a man who can be reasonably. And on Iran do you have reason to suspect that they are cheating on the Jay EPO I. And that's mr. prime ministers are just a moment ago about you commit your commitment to NATO president trop would like to see on NATO members contribute to percent of their GDP. The NATO's your contribution slightly less than 1%. Will you commit to committing 2% of GDP to the alliance going forward thinking. Of course I love the question you ask the prime minister. I look forward to as answer. Because I'm going to be asking him that same question Burris. Well first our condolences. From our country choose the people of friends again. It's happening it seems like so I was walking in it's a terrible thing. They've very very terrible thing that's going on in the world today that it looks. Like in other. Terrorist attack and what can you say just never ends it to be strong and we have to be vigilant and I've been saying it for a long time. As far as North Korea's concerned we are. In very good shape. We're building military rapidly. Things have happened over the last short period of time in here for a approximately 91 day we're doing a lot of work and very good position. We're gonna see what happens. I can last year answer your question on stability and help the answers a positive one negative or. But hopefully that will. Be something that gets taken care of I have great respect for the president of China. You know great summit in Florida. And Palm Beach. And get you know each other and I think like each other Americans safe from my standpoint I like him very much respect him very much. And I think he's working very hard I can say that all of the pundits out there is saying they net never seen China work. Like they're working right now many called ships had that many other things have happened. Some very unusual moves have been made over the last two or three hours. And I really have confidence that the president will try very hard we don't know whether or not. They're able to do that but I have absolute confidence he will be trying very very hard. And one of the reasons that. We're talking about. Trade deals and we're talking about all of the different things but we're slowing up a little bit I actually told my that you make a much better deal on trade. If you get rid of this menace or do something about the man is not correct is that what it is a menace right now. So we'll see what happens as far as Iran is concerned. I think they are. Doing a tremendous disservice to. An agreement that was signed it was a terrible agreement it shouldn't have been signed it shouldn't have been negotiated the way it was negotiated I'm all for agreement but that was a bit want. As bad as I've ever seen negotiated. They are not living up to. Third of the agreement I can tell you that. And we're analyzing it very very carefully and something to say about it in the not too distant future about. Iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement. I'd have to do that they have to do that. We will see what thank you very much. And do the president it on Google. For. Me. It. Alone me here showing president. Try where. I know what happened in Paris the season. Words. I don't and click on news that the French people and this is a very delicate delicate period. For them in three days before the election. As far as the question is concerned about it that this has been made it was me Ernie and and Antonio some. And we are used in respecting our commitment. And we wound that the Democrats are processed. It has already begun. And we now. That Italy has certain limitations when it comes to my limitations. Our academic for common defense is very clear. And as a it earlier. I'm very proud not only. Of the progress. Nate in our financial. Commitment. But I was so proud of the contribution that we gave to the security of the alliance. And he's so many areas of the world if we talked about Iraq cannot and and that we can all talk about. To see them Balkans. And then all of these areas and the EU rules either presence of Italian sources. Within the alliance. And we are proud that. And an upper right. Happening happened. First for you president and you don't want to as Q. We offered his administration. And new type of punt he on in action and national. Seen very different from what we've had in the past and my last and port operations apparently carried at a president tropical wasn't Syria. With that on main. Following the chemical weapons by a packaging. I want to ask you to Italy bankers have seen approximately. Mar acting. And. Syria is much like I'm a news it is hot to not thick as other publicity as it took part in. First of all about African Union has had in a hot that it was a great team and that you think that board a country with Paula. Oh you know that he is an important play here and reports are of European integration. Do you it. Believed that actually a strong Europe is important. Rob or the united eat all so looking forward to and election. And on the account by news that use that a new look at parts of comes with a rated GM and and I wanna know or looking forward if is gonna be possible to meet our friends is doing our Italian thing. Media. Oh. Oh. Me immediately. As. The operation that was ordered by president trapped. And cited that this motivated response. He's chemical weapons we he added that it up so everyone. To consider. An rode through which. We hopefully can. And war and come. It is not directly. Involved in the military operation area. Other than my channel that. Lets. Not act. Plan to change this attitude. Yeah. As strong Europe is very very important to me. As president of the United States and it's also. In my opinion and I'm very strong opinion. Important for the United States we want it we will help them be strong. And it's very much to everybody's advantage and I like very much forward to meeting that help. Damien oh. Yeah. Thank you Mr. President. On some people on capitol believe you can get one of two things next week a vote on health care or vote on a government funding bill. So my question is which one is more important you'd have a vote on health care or vote on bill keep the government open and mr. prime minister. I wanna get your thoughts on a referendum. And in Turkey that occurred last week. You spoke about democratic values and European continent so. Are you concerned with the results of the Turkish referendum it is that something that you discussed with president. OK I wanna get both. Are you shocked to hear that. And we're doing very well on health care will do what happens that this is a great built a great plan. And this will be great health care it's. Evolving you know there was never give up. The press sort of reported there was like. They give up this don't give up we started remember terrico obamacare seventeen months. I've really been negotiating this court two months maybe even less than that because we had a thirty day period where we did lots of other things. The first thirty days but this has really been two months. And this is a continuation. And the playing gets better. And better and better and it's gotten really really good and a lot of people like it and a lot we have a good chance of getting it soon. I'd like to see next week but it will be I believe will get it. And whether or next week or shortly thereafter. As far as keeping the government open I think we wanna keep the government open don't you agree. Salary I think we'll get both. Thank you. Newt. And who. Yeah that turn Franzen who. Is a fact that we might not. Meeting I. And to me like and then take place at how the vote took place. And I believe that the European leadership. Taken note of the vote at. The consequences. And a great deal. On. How well the Turkish government and Ann Dolan. Win now. I can count on how far the populations. Christian and a different. Opinion. The ol' days with Libyan includes. I mean confrontation. In this part of Turkey. Be very important. And the European Union. I think going to be very important. News. Respective certain fundamental principles. Members. Reminds me Turkey and Italy and Turkey and with its own military ass. We believe that among our country at the cooperation. And hopefully turn that this operation. Have among consequence. The illusion. That case concerning the turn on. Me and detained over the last few days in Turkey. I. Did you. Say. A lot on the let me show. It kind of an American leadership in order to stabilize Libya. What do you exactly from Washington and especially M you know. What is necessary in this process. And relationship of cooperation with Russian. And company is key and roll or your I mean rationing and helping me lies in this league via. And do you agree that them having lights and lead yeah I mean combatant terrorism and that I. I. And that has played very. Keep all. To. Prevent that and our nation. And important. Terrorism. It was undergoing an area it. There where. Operations that word and by the US against I should in this. Which. Have a successful. Now a commitment must be political. And therefore. In cooperation between you know in Italy and other. Key partners in the region. All eyes who rods and they can and for the cheat the government. Community. My able to count on product. Oh realities that. One year ago or should be. The money. And we countries like Egypt and to me and close again. On me able canyon high. Divided. Country and in conflict. Would mean. Would make me. You. Is US girls are and do not see a role. In Libya. I think the United States has right now enough roles. And roll everywhere. I do not see that I do see a role in getting devices were being. Very attractive and every guy who are doing. Job with the respect to ice is that it has not been done anywhere near at the numbers that we're producing right now it's the it's a very effective force we have we have no choice horrible thing to enable we have no choice and who we are actively ridding the world devices I see that as a primary role and that's what we're going to do whether it's in Iraq. Or Libya. Or anywhere in that role will come to an end at a certain point. And will be able to go back home and rebuild their country which is what I wanted to thank you all very much appreciate it thank you.