Primary Night Analysis - Carl Calabrese


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Political strategist Karl calabrese is with us this morning from messy Alomar Tucci calabrese & Associates. Carl Byron brown captured 51% of the vote in that three way primary for buffalo mayor what's your take away and his went. Well. Very solid. And Susan problems in primaries is nobody really knows. Whose initial vote so it is their serve fairly unpredictable. Prices happen it's a matter of turn out. And making sure you get your focus to the polls on and off site and on November elections so. There's 22 Linda that race in this three way race with those numbers was impressive because there are. Yes yes. You hadn't hit it in the in the equation Beijing's clicked. Taking thirteen 1213% of the vote. Eight or nine out of every had a purple we're going to buy them wrong without question so in a two way race he would have been in the high fifties Los. Now what do you think about a Schroeder still being on the ballot in November under their reform party line does that play anything into it or are we still assuming that. Because he won the primary mayor brown is mayor for former years. See any chances with any candidate and any life any minor party line BB Byron brown you know fall election is just it is it. Chasing Windmills is just not possible. It whether that he made the decision is unclear what I can't see any minor party. Candidate be in this that this mayor in November. Let me ask you that turn out Carol we know that just under 26000. People voted. In the democratic primary for mayor that's a really low number. Extremely low and this legislative it's the symptom of the much bigger disease and voter turnouts are going down across the country for all different kinds of racist people are turned off the tune out. It's just it's the side of our times that I I think there's a lot of reasons for. Including the fact that our educational system doesn't teach civics anymore. And the role of citizens in the in the free society. Electing. They're leaders in overseeing their government. But it will teach history very well either and I think that particular generation decades of what they have fossil of other things going out. You know the I generation in this. Electronics and it just people. People hurt are turning away and it's a very very its site either presidential level now perceived as the local level all the way to the school. Now you have all those reasons you just mentioned but does the low turn out surprise you at all given Nancy you know over the last few months and maybe even going a year back. Seems like the political talk has been cranked up to eleven no matter where you turn now add the talk is always politics. Well that's true I think there's a certain fatigue factor involved now as well some of the other things I mentioned. You primaries are notorious for twenty to 25% turnout in this particular kind of expected. In this race. And that will make and so unpredictable and that's what you have surprises because it becomes a matter. What side is going better thankfully read people are or booms. Off the off the November election succumbed to the polls it's. Very difficult I worked many many primaries and my time in politics and it is it's the Biddle unto itself totally different than the strategies and tactics put together for November election. With us. The primary now behind this Carol what's said what's big in November. Well you know this as an off your shoes and this is a a hole lead local you're there are no. You know premier races. To bring people out but the other. Political junkies like me who is always interesting races. I think this ship look for the potential shift to the suburbs obviously airport. The control of the universe on board will be in the supervisor. Elected. With doctor Weinstein in terms limited that would be a very important race in terms of politics is Erie county Erie county legislature. And and Republicans retain. Debt that body and then of course the three big ones. With clerk controller and share so you have all the local you're from folks like me it's still very good. Share are currently are glad we didn't cook hook up with you this morning thanks that's Carlo calabrese political strategist.