Reaction to Naming of Special Counsel - Michael Caputo

WBEN Contributor Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign staffer says nothing is going to come of any investigation into Trump-Russia collusion


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We're joined on the line by Michael Caputo former trump campaign staffer WB EN contributor Michael I wanna get your opinion and thoughts on this we saw very. Measured statement come out from the White House in the trump administration after the special counsel was named yesterday. No tweets so far from the president. Is he being advised to approach. This Russia investigation. Differently than he has in the past. I think he's being invited to approach this special counsel. Our differently than the pros who have approached Russian investigation. He said in the statement that. That he respects a special counsel. Are an admission of the special counsel he's quite certain nothing will come over regarding Russian collusion now don't forget. They're Robbie Rosen he said when he appointed. You work the former FBI director. Or for more than a decade he hit my decision is not a finding the crimes have been committed more than any prosecution is warranted at all. I have made no such determination. Well I have determined that based on the unique circumstances. The public interest requires me to places investigation. Under the authority of a special counsel now this provides. Rob rose scene and some others with some political released. Rob wrote in with under a lot of pressure to do this from the Democrats. House members like like thorough local delegation. Has said that they're relieved that they're not gonna tapped into that question. The problem that is special counsel to the beat goes on for three and four and sometimes even a year. It is now going to be a permanent fixture in the proper ministry. Well what about Mueller himself do you think he's a good choice will he be independent. I think if you have that where he's got more credibility is here or credibility on Democrats and Republicans. But the man had a reputation of rock solid integrity. So are at these more well liked on the Democrats side to side I don't really. Nothing is going to calm of any investigation. Regarding Russian collusion with the Russian government on the on the part of the drug administration or from our campaign official. On the one problem we have with the special prosecutor. Is that they may begin going down in OR one are avenue toward Russian collusion. And then end up doing something entirely their. You know don't forget they're. It investigator. Our during the Clinton administration. Ended up talking about are in or use our dalliances with an intern. So while they may begin looking at somebody's right the special prosecutor and a about the way across the bow and over and get them for their belt. Is there a reason why this is. Being referred to as special counsel instead of special prosecutor it seems like that was the term we heard so much in the past. But now a special counts is that anything other than just the worrying. It's reported it's there's. Good shape shifting of spin them and you know of the Democrat called a special prosecutor. Do they believe there should be a prosecution. Republicans our administration is calling this special counsel. Because as rob brook instead you don't have not seen any in the need to be prosecuted. We're talking live with Michael can put up this morning Michael do you think we're gonna seed. The memo the Komi memo. Always insisting it's and it's you know we thought letters from the United States and it and intelligence committee. Demanding all of those rebels would not just the memos regarding. You know our regarding trump the trump administration. All the memos. If we're gonna take a look at the memos we're gonna take a look at all the memos and that includes all of called these memos on that you read email investigation as well. There were about to open up pandora's box. Not that well for Republicans but for those. Felt that of the Clinton family had gotten away with what they Wear what they did with the server and all these. Does it speak a lot to Moeller as. A lawyer as an investigator at that. He would be named when James Komi is you know one of the chief players in this in the two. Do you have a relationship in the past. I think Lauren. The idea of former FBI director as a relationship with the president the arbor are irked Garber is pretty or. I'm you know I never have bought the bears need for a special that our special that it has special. Our council batting order you're talking to arbiter we're gonna have one viewer's guide to do it. Question I have a and the concern I it's how long ms. The Democrats have been calling for a special counsel. 44 months because they're trying to put the blocks. To the Donald Trump's agenda so far it's worked. Troubled ministers and having gotten very far with their agenda because of the allegations with Russia. And now white beard they're there's special prosecution. This special investigation. Will stand mr. the entire administration. Right Mike I wanna ask you app president trump yesterday spoke to Coast Guard graduates in Connecticut. Listen to what he told them about himself. No politician in history. And I say this with. Great charity. Has been treated worse. Or more unfairly. You can't let them get you down. What about that Michael is he on point with that. I think I don't know that it of history are we seeing some historical. Our analyses that problem in the late nineteenth century but they're pretty terrible treatment. Our politicians. But you know I think when you look at presidents. Armament and their who have been attacked by the opponent politics. I think probably at least in modern times and attack morsel. And any other president. And in recent memory and that's what I mean in a partisan certain they're the tenor of the value. The visceral nature of the attack on Donald Trump have been something we've never seen at least in my light telling. And I think it's only just started with the Donald Trump in for the fight of his life. Right now and I happen to think he's up for I'm certainly up or I'm looking forward Bisping moved forward. Art that is Michael Caputo WB EN contributor and former trump campaign staffer joining us to talk about. The special counsel appointed yesterday.