Record Rainfall Thursday - Bob Hamilton


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Bobby Hamilton is with us from the National Weather Service at buffalo airport what do Knight Bob. Rendering. Age and how much so. Well. The main area that the where they heaviest rains fell as right across the metro area of looking at two to two and a quarter riches. Basically by a buffalo over all and over the course Q if you will work go to our web site. Thursday graphic on there you can actually walked the radar and look at the storm total. And the sea of slop that's about twenty miles wide where everyone picked up a nice two inches of rain in that call some problems mainly with fruit being close. In an attempt a record amount in really a short amount of time right. What was it business 24 hour record that most of the rain fell probably about eight hours. Now low where do we see some of them problems with flooding was at the usual suspects or was it different because I feel like there was a lot of streets and places they usually don't see flooding. While it in the in the metro area doesn't take a whole lot of rain. Usually if you can get in nature grain and in between the thirty minutes you're gonna have problems and under passes and low lying areas and I mean it was it was pretty widespread like as a dependable flow metro area. Calm out to Akron court few Walden. Anyone that had you know does the little. Places have wondered if you overpasses they were they were pretty much or shut down. There was. Mud slide across the southern tier somewhere in the southern tier picked up the mud slide that was very localized with that rainfall but. Most of the stealth was was more open flooding. Brought many of the tributaries of the bank for in fact we have. One creek that's still in flood that being pretty good creeks and Lancaster. Ella decree is expected to go to plug later today in the evening. Most of the tributaries so just. Climbed to near bankroll. And so we'll have to keep watching that now. And yesterday they announced. And state of emergency for Niagara county because of Lake Ontario lake levels. Is that related to an all to this in any way. Well it's it's more related to the amount of rain and then snow melt that we've had over the past couple bought some means. If you look at the quarter levels throughout the Great Lakes and are sort an article on the Internet about. Levels well all the Great Lakes being near record. Good record levels and so there was levels are going to be there for a couple of months before very able to come down so that's it's a problem well at all the Great Lakes. Heard Bob thanks so much glad things are receding a bit this morning parting. Thank you that's Bobby Hamilton the National Weather Service in buffalo.