Recovery Begins For Tampa/Florida Keys - Alex Stone


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Let's go live to correspondent Alex Stone in Tampa is people are heading back checking on their houses and properties. And it's the same thing Alex it looks like big back ups in gasoline worries for people. Yes folks are coming back in down now luckily the backups aren't quite as bad as they were when people were getting out of this state because they were doing all time out coming back yet. Folks are deciding when they wanna come back in the airport's just began to light yesterday at a reduced level but but they're ramping up. And on the road you know people decide we and they feel like it's the right time to come back that. You did good comeback win and you don't have any power went about it on a grocery store nearby what are you don't act. Nearby to a dead there's a different level win. Each individual family or person says OK now I'm comfortable coming back. There's a little bit more rhetorical but they do you run into that the good news is there is more gas available were seeing a lot at stake in the opening up now. That isn't quite concerned it was before but it still hours off in many areas. You know for the people who were evacuated down thinking especially those who have evacuated from the Florida Keys who might not have much to go back to. How are they passing the time where they're staying where they are. Yet I think completely true and and personal Ortiz were getting better yet now he's got the devastation that is there and it's back there are a lot of homes that day have been a completely destroyed there and everywhere no running water. Although one of the commissioners last night in a statement put out saying that it may look bad from the air and brokers look on the ground. But those buildings are pretty much intact if you remove all the debris. Superficial a lot of cheap yet. Your move a lot of bad debris and and then it will be cleaned up relatively quickly and a lot of all of okay. Despite what we're seeing. With those that evacuated from there I've read into a guy at our hotel without any hour. You've been bored sitting in the hotel he left out of cut Jo he which was where the I came ashore. That's where he lives. And he came to Tampa thinking of getting away from the storm to get them here you get a hotel without power. Sitting there with nothing to do and Andy's just incredibly forty can't go all cake hole well. Anybody in the keys to find out if you're almost feel bad that you believe not a right on the water you think it's probably gone he's hoping that your friends are still alive. But he can't go back and he's stuck here just waiting with nothing to do at this point we've been taking a lot of walks. And going up and on the stairs boat sell locked up or just try to get exercise. While they he can't get a break out the power and that's getting restored we heard over two million hook ups yesterday but. It's just random right it's not like they're doing big cities first or anything right. Yet it completely random Whitney did he get cruised through these areas and there are all aspects to it like big airports back online giving hospitals back online. It back around me here on in a parking not right now bit. A premier blind date Con Ed crews are out parked right here they're coming in all over the country and all of their trucks they got about a dozen of them up parked their problem. New York and you know this is. It's an effort where there are tens of thousands of linemen who are here trying to bring power back on pretty incredible numbers they yesterday 2.3 million people. Have been brought back online since the storm batted incredibly back. But there are millions more who were still without power. Aren't Alex don't joining us live from Tampa on the you know cleanup efforts going on. Not just all across Florida but down south in the Florida Keys saint Maarten island. And many people coming back now to whatever part of a home they have left.