Reporter Aaron Katersky- Trump's Poll Numbers


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But right now we have Eric deters deep. Joining us cited news correspondent from ABC on the trump approval ratings which have not been so good lately Aaron. Not a good at all in fact record low for a president six months into office says 36%. And the numbers show that he has his base and that's about it and and that may be enough for. After president trump cool will cool seems to perhaps be betting that the rest of the country will simply get used to his style. And there's politics. But that the criticisms of him are are based not only on policy but also personality so opted to give you cents. Two thirds of Americans distrust to the president. To represent America on the world stage by it 221 margin Americans prefer Obama care to. Plan by the president's own party to replace it. And 63%. Said it was inappropriate for a son to hold the meeting with the Russian lawyer and then on policy on personality. People don't like his use of Twitter 67%. That Tweety is an appropriate for the president. Want Twitter is where we found out that the president's paying attention to these numbers somewhat ranked. Educated it is exactly be used to edited kind of did dismiss our poll and and says that you know the DA BC news Washington Post poll is. I was down there would would pre election polls even though you know the our cars happen to be. The pretty accurate but whatever it that'll be good so that's a winning argument he he doesn't like the numbers. And and he has made clear end in previous tweets that any negative polls are fake news. Aren't Erica it's her ski joining us on the poll numbers. For the president him.