Sabres House Cleaning - Paul Hamilton


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Sabres housecleaning yesterday of the GM and coach we're gonna find out about those new direction for the team this morning at ten. And sabres beat reporter for WGR Sports Radio 550 Paul Hamilton is with us right now Paul. The state of the sabres right now it's has it ever been like this. Oh sure I mean there that time where. We were even sure the sabres were gonna stay the sabres and maybe move. A before Tom Golisano took over so yeah. There's been. You know at times like this before and you know we'll see if there. You know what their what their plans are and wouldn't surprise me if there's somebody else there with Terry but you'll today. It's usually not his thing just to sit there and take questions and that type of things though. Maybe even just somebody who will take over in the interim until. You know they get people in place but I I'd be surprised if it was just care goals for the. That being said I mean we'll let somebody else be Russ Brandon and technically he is the president of the sabres even though he's supposed to be just the business side to get right door. Is already someone knew what I on the way Ian is kind of a hockey sour sort of figure I think you would be somebody knew a lot of openly obese hockey's are itself that. You know this is the guy is they said it could be just a guy that maybe has played in the NH dollar or bad in the NHL public interest. Take over the business. You know they've got things going on in just take over until they get people in place an interview by. No won't be Boris Brandon he isn't just on the business side and especially in in the hockey department that would that would be his thing is. They mean he knows more people put quality wood on. Powell and deadlines are coming up you know expansion draft the draft all acts kind of stuff that'll be the next several weeks. Yeah expansion draft there and draft you're looking at June 21. For the expansion draft in the NHL draft pretty quick after that. That would be proud they they've got guys they have three guys from the 2015. Draft that they need to sign by June 1 otherwise they go back into the draft. You've got a Russian freeagent defenseman who just finished in the cage shell who Gymboree it was rumored to be pretty much ready to sign. Well that's over now as far as their playoffs and somebody's got to take that over and it's a very good defensemen that they could use could probably step in right away he was the MVP. On defense in the cage all playoffs so you know somebody just take that over. So there's two things going on as the offseason moves here that they have. It'll be enough. Now. I'm Maria which I think was the big surprise from yesterday can you point to any wonder two things over the last year two years. A with Marie that may have led to this because I think a lot of fans. Up until maybe this disappointing season were pretty happy with him. Some people think all his trades were bedding may 22 trades. And for the most part I think they were OK the signing of Kyle post so I think was a feather in Buffalo's cap. It was super good decent money plus it was the number one free agent at the time. But who coughed trade I think was a huge miscalculation. I mean there are seventeen points out of the season because of their defense and he was supposed to be playing on the first offense yes he did get hurt but he just wasn't that good anyway. And and really dragged him down so. Defense really wound up not being addressed and they probably have the worst offense in the National Hockey League. I personally would not give up the number one pick for goaltender if I thought Robin winner played on an injury problems. Shootouts. Our relief with the way he played. But I think you can get goaltenders and I think giving up a number one pick it's just something I guess I'll I would never do do you think that GM will be hired first and then a coach. That in my mind is the way it should go I think GM should hire the coach. So I think yes they should hire a GM personally coach but you never know. I mean it is. The bill's case they owner hired the coach and has super Rex Ryan in this time to him. I think. The sabres case of mr. Murray had hired the coach but I I'm a believer that the GO fire the coach. Are there names out there right now can we point to a few front runners or is it too early. Well as far as side GM IA. Think Rick Dudley would be fantastic. He he's so with the Montreal Canadians has had offers before not one to leave it. I think he is graded evaluating talent he's rebuilt organizations before. You remind first and hopefully last call but if he doesn't want to do it. You know Crist during his name has come up he is the assistant GM with the New York Rangers. Reese why has the same position with Tampa Bay his name is c'mon mark potter with the Toronto maple leaves is an up and coming quotes dark. When it comes to. Being an executive like that's our. Those those are some days of course dean Lombardi who has won two Stanley cups with the Los Angeles Kings I just got fired a couple of weeks ago. Paul we're glad you could update it as this morning will all be listening attend thanks. Take care guys sorry that's Paul Hamilton sabres beat reporter for WGR Sports Radio 550 live coverage. Have Terry goalless news conference this morning at ten here on WB and.