Sabres Moves Ahead Of Expansion Draft - Paul Hamilton


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We welcome in now Paul Hamilton. Sabres beat reporter for WGR Sports Radio 515 to talk about what's going to be a busy. Busy week in the world of hockey it all kicked off yesterday teams releasing their. Protected players list ahead of the expansion draft including the sabres. Paula and these surprises though that you see from the sabres list. Yeah guys that was a minor surprise. To have Tyler Ennis protected and will carry out their but. You gotta figure that Jason cultural and George McPhee of Vegas have a deal in mind. And that's what this would indicate that maybe the conversation went something like this that McPhee said you know we're gonna take your goaltender. And buffalo said. We're kind of short on goalies com. And then make peace as well I'll tell you what we won't take your goaltender you leave we'll carry force. So now boxer has a choice I'm gonna lose either relieve its hallmark aren't gonna lose will carry. I'd rather you lose a fourth if you figure and a good team will carry it's probably no better in the fourth liner with speed which is important. But buffalo is more depth at forward in the habit goaltender. We just saw mark was an all star in the AHL last year they'd like to see where that goes. So when it was put that way then you say well George McPhee bluffing. Or is he got and that's why I think will carry want to be exposed. So just so people know when this happens Wednesday. The biggest golden knights they're going to select just one player from each NHL team is that right. That's correct you can only lose one it's. That's what I tell the fans it's like all of us and green it's gone out for the past year. We're talking about losing one player who is likely a fourth liner or. The gold standard that we ever relieved seemed much. Or some salary or anything like that it's not going to be a big deal with the sabres lose him in in the grand scheme of things. So while there's been a lot of Henry over. Something that I think in the end is going to be all that make all the difference I mean the sabres are in pretty good shape period a lot of teams that may be giving up first second round picks in order for Vegas to now. Take a player a certain player off the roster the sabres. And didn't really have to worry about that their whole list is kind of players two of the you lose them while. Too bad I guess if exactly. And there I thought there'd be more trades before the 3 o'clock deadline the other day. Buffalo made one not picking a boy you for monitor August Montreal could protect everybody. But they were made so that means exactly what you're talking about probably is gonna happen draft picks. To graphics may be number one depicts. Are going to be exchanged were at Vegas to lay off some of their players. The only way that buffalo would do that if they want them to take some elect goes and takes salary up their hands. That's gonna cost off loss of mass he would you make of the deal over the weekend for a Nathan W. I think it's one of those that. He started off the year on the number one here with Shea Weber and by the last game again in the playoffs he was healthy scratch. So he didn't have a great year as far as Montreal was concerned easily 24 years old a former number one pick. Better than what buffalo. Look at it this way buffalo basically traded. Coup coffin Bronson for boy you keep it that's basically what they're workers spent so far. In the offseason I think that's a definite upgrade for the buffalo defense Ari good things to look at and Paul you're heading to Vegas later this week. The biggest news Chicago. Now heading to Chicago for the draft there's so much going on Vegas effort to rapids and Chicago you know the thrilling not going to be anything that we can clobbered Vegas and receivers don't have an area for awards. So surprise surprise. Ports as though it did you do Vegas bank. Last time I was in Vegas Ryan Miller Tyler Myers up for awards tomorrow as a wild. Up. All right Paul Hamilton sabres beat reporter for WGR Sports Radio 515.