Sandy Beach Illegals Drivers License 5-19 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Friday, May 19th

Assemblyman Francisco P. Moya introduced a bill would give illegal aliens the right to legally drive.

Should New York State issue drivers licenses to illegals? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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I mean I don't believe a tie Domi yesterday and our emergency room doctors had to remove great gadgets Spinner. From a place that you wouldn't expect a Phidget Spinner to could be. Now are no Phidget Spinner has gone before I can think this is completely new Star Trek thing okay. Whatever we're still spending when they removed it. I think the I would not wanna be unduly adds an emergency room doctor when they wield his guy and I'll would they Phidget Spinner. First off how big is it to you have averaged gonna review. It will be Amer while who don't have Giffords is gonna review X right now it's it's being used in the newsroom all the news from Egypt from his memories and that rejects are up. But it seems like a person at all. I think are not likely they should get pilot of the year award because that seems like non you know if you go on mine. As a YouTube they have airports that are hard to fly in and out of dangerous you know there's not much runway or their mountains surrounding them whatever. This might be the best pilot ever I've he could if he did that purposely about it I can't imagine that Daniel. Welcome to prove you're airlines thank you very much passenger's seat belt now I'd today every day is something. Every day is something today is. Ride your bicycle to work day and then hire her and be a gentleman who's leading the special bike ride on Sunday. Over the skyway well talk about that in a minute but ride your bike to work today. Now I'm too practical for this sort of thing because I'm thinking if you guys that's wrong sip on year. You ride your bike to work day now you arrive at work here exhaust that in your sweating. So they're gonna stink up the word plays and I got to get anything done. I'm thinking and that's that's the worst idea I've heard a long time I'm not a big fan of this idea and I'll ride your bike. At the dairy going OK fine that's fine. But that taking and the and then it but he spokespersons that brings some extra clothes. And some people have a shower I wish our. From let's close in on time. Are we away in a different zip code than our men's and ladies' rooms so I'm thinking you sharper work compatible lots. Harry would you work further down the hall ways you rode your bike into work so I don't think that's a great idea. And writing over the sky highway. He says you know you can you get a better view of the lake. Can you hear an hour here and it's. Figured I'd I was skyway gazillion times I look at lake looks like. I've got to pedal eleven miles or whatever is to go over the skyway. I don't know when they try and I'd like I would I do my best gift ever was my first bicycle. I like bicycles. They're great but I don't know if they mix we're going to work him. Because of people first of people do it take great pride they're special people they ride their bike to work well good for you. I'm sure of everybody's very happy so you are gonna do it on them now why would I have a heart attack if I tried the a lot of us through either could is probably beamer. I don't know do you have abide. Actually. I do not have it bite you heard and read about it yeah I get hurt. And that would like to go get my ninety minutes done Jim. And that way I wanted Arianna I don't wanna Ottawa that he thought like that like these that are here it looks greatly caller now I'm in the car now. I don't you're in the car and an as a matter of fact that leads I'm going to start every show from now on. Every show with a special day because everybody has today. You know it's have a twinkie at workday and stuff like that while it FBI and today. According name today even though it's already 913 and in the days just begin before a lot of people. But today I am more user friendly. Today is. Ride your car into workday you like that law drive your car to work there I think really works and here's how you do it. You getting your car. And menuing to push a button and turn key and you hear a sound that's an engine. And then you put your foot on the loud pedal as they call them into losers magazines and your car moves forward. You pointed to larger workplace when you get there you shut off the engine. And you don't see now. You're not exhausted and you're ready for good day's work in any solicited WB have so. I'm well you get to hit it I economist Susan this morning as soon we'd love Susan when she's on here. And but in the bottom line is yard drive your car to work day today because remember last week we counties that little bit. When the story about so Leno and environs broke you know of error going to break up. And we had bring your lawyer to work day and that that worked a lot of people delivering dollars to work especially if it work that's going on Mars and so that's that. But it's another day of of this that the other thing in Angola know the guy is a good bet and really have an idea. Affairs it's been a word digits finish an event in Boise Idaho well senator dole and Idaho I guess nothing well hey. Tonight is Friday night we can tip over to our you can do fun things would your fridge it's been a hell else could do it Boise Idaho. I. I'm really. Really think of flick in this this thinner and I put the LG. And on front of me over my head ended down the hall way. I have now blog there. And that's hard you have America and her. We've got to get an emergency room doctor push. No because of fear and make until some funds stories offshore memo and he had the anesthesiologist. On the show that was fascinating. Because. I've had a couple of votes surgeries. And it's it's not like the old days where you don't count backwards from a hundred or are you go okay I'm getting drowsy. Know when they give you the and it's easy anesthetic. You don't even know it. It's time you wake up and it's done. And they put something in the anesthetics and you don't remember anything which is great. But. That was fun and I think I think an emergency room doctor. In many ways could going to be good for a few laughs all the stories all the fun stories. I'm glad they make these smaller cold it's a will be back tomorrow beach company and Israel and I'm thirty WB yet that is BJ company. And I'm sandy beach live with Kelly and Ryan we broadcasting live from Niagara Falls and we have your chance to be one of the chosen few are at their showbiz of the contest page. At WBN dot com between now and may 22 for your chance to be at their show. And that will be a good show and I I heard a story and may media beamer can fill me in on this one. About you know. Baseball is America's pastime I know football is more popular but. Something about baseball and family. You know we're all gathered together and you have images of if you build it they'll come. And Babe Ruth pointing point into the outfield is gonna hit a home run Mickey Mantle doing all the things that he melded. While they try and keep that old fashioned flavor about baseball might have a special nights. Where you can go back in time to the beginnings of baseball and the fun things that happen at a baseball game. And recently. At a Pittsburgh Pirates game well as at children's tonight. They were ever tightening for kids day which is going to be on Sunday object as they do they find the kids there in attendance that day that's hard in Georgia and seeing the Cameron. And as they go to one kid he he'd been sober you opt to pick up there what is a course like candy doesn't appear to be accords like can't it is clearly apparently have record like man puts it on is the video readjust his hand. And it's he's. No lifting up friendship but they can't. Right well. What says. America more than a kid with a Coors Light in order he has not so someone like Tony and scores on the other. Good signs are countries are not yours mine and its buoyancy. A wow you talk about that I wonder if their cameras and go away. Because I'm sure they got to catch things from time to time that they don't want on and maybe a director of chooses the wrong shot or something and and that's that's amazing that's not a Norman Rockwell picture though I've seen a lot of Norman Rockwell and baseball related never won with a child with a slight catch on as I can just imagine in that control our title it exactly now. It out. Well I'm sure nobody wants to be reminded. But want Obama won the most memorable days of memorable days in baseball history here and and buffalo. It was Catholic school today viewer remember I'm gonna say Tony we asked it was Catholic school day and so be. The children from the Catholic schools were all of the ball game. And they beat up buster buys could not when I'm Megan is up bait they tipped over buster buys them Duma. Well well a lot of people don't like mascots by buster buys and I think was that income better than the San Diego chicken. I think the red original buster buys and frankly Larry. Was the best ever because he was so good. You remember him Tony buster buys them and we go to see him at the game and we have the butcher was there Linda bureau Bo and then. That a lot of fun love fun your lower body was need a lot of fun things at the ballpark a but nothing more fun that watching. Buster advising get pummeled. The only thing more outlandish and that is in Milwaukee. They have they embraces between. It in Milwaukee. First of all you have to know bit sausage is a big deal there are a lot of good German people. And the of the German food is fabulous sausages. Dogs are here this video aren't and a date they would take some passages. And hot dogs and make costume for them. And have them run around the track the enemy India and race a four mascots. Well there's one guy who played for Major League Baseball I don't remember who it is he's at the edge of the dugout apparently he'd seen enough of it. And when the sausages came running past them he actually I'm making this up. Hit him with a baseball bat do you remember that Tony we talked about us I do know he got. He was it was at the top step of the dugout he walked over and watch them with a baseball bat now it's nasty he said in his only plane in the that he gave his heart got. Hardly a baseball bat so that's it's two Milwaukee itself. Got a lot of things do I talk about today including best. I think. That as Americans we're people of goodwill generally. I mean surely. In the country with a history has some things that is we could have done that Americans. But by and large. When when trouble shows up in the current and they anywhere Maria. In the world our country is there to help. Whether it's technological. Information whether it's money whoever gets. Equipment and we do what we can to help those that we can when we can when not always there for everything but by and large. I think we do a pretty good job probably as good or better than any other nation on earth. And because of that people how to tap into that people tapping into that to promote their own agenda they tap into our glowed well. They know obit. The person of good will you're probably more willing to go a little further. Then somebody who is not not care and as much as you'd. However there are times I think when we are taken advantage of in our in our goodwill and we're taking advantage of to promote some some agenda for the somebody wants something from us and they tell us. How good we are they tell us how we are very very I wouldn't count on you America. When openly and help and that's what's going on now in the New York stay this way. Isn't an issue don't have it would veto assembly bill aid for assembling stress and 405. At all. A 405 all in the New York assembly will say at all of this country are quick here we should give. Driver's licenses. To illegal immigrants yes. This thing not absolutely. That's what the bill says that we should give driver's license for those who want it. For illegals people who have no right to be here. People who are in the country illegally people who are in our state illegally should get driver's licenses. And why and why because whereas such nice people. Jennifer goes mine is assistant professor of anthropology at Sony Genesee ago. And she's written a an op Ed piece it's in the Buffalo News today. And the reason she says we must support bill. A floral five all to give driver's licenses to illegals. There are concrete benefits associated with a stumble ago a 4050. But more importantly it comes. We all the gesture of decency. To any undocumented neighbors. We should urge our elected officials to pass this legislation. I've I've. I don't know if I can go through I have to Deb in my eyes with a tissue we all. This gesture of decency to our undocumented neighbors here's what I think we are an argument and neighbors. Nothing but aren't they are here illegally. They are here without the proper passage they don't care about laws they didn't care to. Follow our laws but suddenly we owed a driver's license I don't think so. I consider myself a fairly. You know apparently the for some decency. But since when do we hope people don't have any respect for our law. A driver's license. I hell's going on an opening. We'll talk more about we come back on newsreader and thirty WB yeah. And we are back with the legion covenants enemies before getting in the U full blown version of our subject today. I was I was quite moved by watching the fox channel yesterday. I hadn't watched a lot of it lately I just had to get away informant. I'll what I watch a lot of it yesterday in virtually every one of the of the personalities that are on camera. Were road as saying wonderful things about the about Roger Ailes who set up the whole channel and they told individual stories. Janice Dean who does whether. Said the when she was. When she was diagnosed with MS. The very first call she got was from Roger Ailes who said anything we can do will be done I mean you remember that certainly. And other other peoples of the same thing Sean Hannity. Said that Roger Ailes found him he was a local guy and and and showed a lot of patience developing his on the or style whatever. All of the people that spoke. A spoke glowingly of him and how all he had personal contact with them that he cared about what went on in their lives. And it was them very very impressive red bear. I had some problems with a lot of this children and Ailes it was right there. Is the kind of thing that. Janice Dean crichton on the air and it was quite emotional so you saw the relationship. Between the employees and the people that he put together have a winning team. And hand them it was great and of course we always we always try and make or make it personal. Because personal means a lot more and I I'd like fig I think given examples on the personal here and there. My relationship with with Gregory you know I do a lot of jokes about Gregory. He's the manager you know why should he care about a mile just a lowly talk show and and you get the impression that he shouldn't but I think he does. Yesterday and it should I share of Estonia I think Tony he should I share count ice your story. Nom he eyed you know he's got so many things to think about. Like is the vote radio and things like that there I'm thinking he doesn't have time to think about me but as I was going. To the elevator. But he was across the the hall and he summoned me sandy. In my heart started debate I'm thinking why well he he he knows away from and that was great yeah and I walked over to him. And and then he says something that I'll always remember because it's that personal connection. He says. Have your run would prefer awful spots. Well he knows that the rebels once run on my show and I'm thinking this is what broadcasting is all about and I want to turn away. As we are as he's only people could be more accurately his presidency said. What about kisses are allowed to run those through as us. And so I'm feeling. Tight bonding in this relationship and I ever have and I've been their radio on time. On the Amar colony were friends but nothing like this I'm just telling yo. So you know he cares and that's all its thought about that goes. That's tonight's. Yeah as a moist you know I was expecting a hug didn't get a hug or maybe is too mentally. That's it's not even a fist bump. We did do a fist on I have to say it and I didn't know he was that ethnically aware but he did he bow my fist. In in my own face and give him but yeah. It's made up the last part. A now all our. I there to get back on they are more serious track of we will. I think that because we are very compassionate. A nation and because we try and do things when we can. When it's reasonable to do something. We are taken advantage of and that Jennifer goes my assistant professor of anthropology at SUNY Genesee ago. As an op Ed piece today in the buffalo noses about assembly bill a 405 ball. And that bill says that. Illegals. Ill illegals I wanna stress that illegals. Should be given driver's licenses from the State of New York. And she says I'll get through there the reasons but the end is what we're gonna Damane. She said and more importantly. We all this gesture of decency. To our undocumented. Neighbors. And all to me means something was done or give them previously. That you would like to repay me either either literally. Or figuratively. Bush in some way shape or a gesture. A kind word or something like that. And I I was thinking. What has been given to me and you can do your own math on this what's been given to you by undocumented. I'd like to know. I'd like to know why Jennifer thinks that we old. People who are in the country illegally widely it would what do real. I don't understand that we may feel some compassion if they're leaving countries that. Very have a lot of problems and we can understand that you want the safety of family. But I'd like to know we owe them because I don't think we owe them anything. I think we owe them safe passage back to their own country or another country of their chosen a but I don't think we owe them anything. And out the other than any other aspect in this case. We all of them driver's licenses suppose let's suppose they sneak in a theaters in my way. And I'm Tricia is them. And says hey hey what are you doing there's an admission prices it is vote normally you ought to where where undocumented. You owe us a free movie I don't think we owe them anything I really truly don't. I'm here as we owe them we all of them the point in the right direction to come in here legally. Maybe we all the information to do that and that's fine and the farms and the and the encouragement to do it. Because that when they come in they Communist partners they come in as somebody. Who wants to be here and is willing to do what is necessary within the possibility. That they can handle. To become members of our society. Not people who come in here illegally. And now suddenly they've got a Tebow in Albany writing bills as say. We should. We should give them a driver's license yet on New Yorkers already. Is in the fold forward you are giving illegals these New York State. Lower. Price for college. They get the lower tuition costs they get the in state tuition costs as opposed to be out of state in this case they -- in the states and they get the lower admission costs. And so I'd like to know for mule. If you think we Ole illegals driver's license and should we do it at all I say no first of all I'd fast. What are you have to jump through in order to get a driver's licenses and everything everybody else does okay well that's that's a step in the right direction. They get and do that maybe get him there go to a work ethic go to get him what ever linemen have to get them through. To become legal then you'll embrace them sneaking am I don't I'm sorry I don't and I consider myself a fairly compassionate person. Lawsuit we make the tests and foreign languages so that they can understand. Make it more comfortable for that something like 93 languages spoken marvel. Okay. So give an idea or you know what else forget what bill was. If I just got a bill and I notice that for the first time usually when I get a bill I just take the front page which is what you have to pay. And write the check with the with a slit open and send that out and then right down the information put in my file usual elegant page 2034. And and let's is something I need to know. They now are including an entire. Page on both sides. A foreign languages when they send the bill. Now who's paying for. Well whoever sending the bill is praying for is that what you think known all your paying for it. Because part of what you send them to pay for that bill is to pay for the different languages. So it is just amazing to me I didn't know what does it was an art project Islamic dog look that. So I want to know from you showed should we feel. That we owe it to them to give them New York State driver's licenses or not and if so what do they know us. If they own auspices via the pleasure of embracing them as legal participants in our society. What that held the sale laws will be back after this should illegals be given New York State drivers voices within does make this up. There's an assembly bill now a 405. All of us as though we should. Do we all of them. And and this brings in July. This brings into play. My final check marks are told a story many times and I think it's a story worth telling when I first got into radio. I was having a casual congress visual and my mother one time of my apartment Tommy. A lot of things that have stuck where me in my whole life from. Those things have turned out to be very valuable to me. Way when there and in radio insurers and television newspaper whatever but it went in the media a lot of things are asked them view. Okay and a new a lot of people want you to do a lot of things and my mother says there is to me. There's only one reason to do something. OK and she says the only reason to do it is not because you're going to be rewarded for. Not because you're gonna be recognized. For it. Not because you're going to be patted on the back for it not because you're gonna be thought I was a great person for. The only reason to do something. Is cause it's the right thing to do. And as I apply that to this. I don't think it's the right thing to do to give illegals driver's licenses I truly don't. They have broken the law they have snuck into the country and I'm sorry I'm sure there are a lot of stories would like here. About unfortunate circumstances. Before they got here but that is not we cannot bring the weight of the world on our shoulders. And so I don't feel. Unlike Jennifer goes mound who wrote this article from assuming Jenna CO. Professor of anthropology that we all illegals anything. If if we do it it's because though this the right thing to do and I don't think it's the right thing to do not make it isn't. Maybe it is for you. Let's go over and through via actual. Op Ed piece. All immigrant residents were able to obtain driver's license in the State of New York until 2000 and true. When a policy change made licenses inaccessible to those unable to prove their immigration status today twelve states. The District of Columbia and Puerto Rico issue a special driver's licenses to undocumented residents New York should be the next to do it. New York state assembly bill a 4050. Would create. A limited purpose driver's license accessible to undocumented residents. Under the law those who pass the driving test could drive and register vehicles but not use the documents aboard a plane. Vote all our altered their immigration status. It would boost state according to her and local economies license and vehicle registration fees would contribute to our treasury. Lawyer and lower than I insurance premiums for everybody. The average cost of auto insurance is seventeen dollars and twenty twos as lower in states were undocumented residents. Can drive well I'd like to know what the states are and you know more information than that. Limited purpose driver's licenses. Are also a just and humane transportation. Solution. For immigrant families and our communities undocumented immigrants in New York pay taxes by and then she goes on to make that. Point where they are contributing to our our Rome treasury. These are concrete benefits associated with the assembly bill a 405 girl. I edited some of the stuff in and out we all of this gesture of decency. To our undocumented neighbors. We should urge our elected officials to pass the legislation. At the beginning she mentions. That the problem that she sees is they must rely on goodwill of employers and so on to get to work. So is she saying that when they don't need to get a ride to work they have to pay rages prices is that imagine paying twenty dollars. To sixty dollars for a ride to the grocery store. And sold. There again I think you look at a chicken and egg situation. They wouldn't have that problem here if they were here. Legally. Okay back to Schumer again you know exactly guys Schumer and the chickens. A churchgoer promotes those chickens. So I think that it starts with you being here illegally. It doesn't go anywhere beyond that as far as I'm concerned. But this is New York State. This is New York State. And we got our governor who can hardly wait to throw his hat in the ring but Tony you actually have a data me. You're seeing a lot of Democrat names out there though who would like to be in the next the presidential run his is not being mentioned not use Elizabeth Warren is looks to be. The front runner mom and Tuesday. So we want an offer me oh and I'll take calls and emails and not Gaza stuff and Texan. FaceBook and hot air balloons should illegals being given New York State driver's licenses in the second question. Do we owe it to them. We poets. It really. We'll be back with more after this.