Sandy Beach Illegals Drivers License 5-19 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Friday, May 19th

Assemblyman Francisco P. Moya introduced a bill would give illegal aliens the right to legally drive.

Should New York State issue drivers licenses to illegals? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Elliott Macrovision governor say yes and op Ed piece in today's bubble on those written by Jennifer goes months. Who is an assistant professor of anthropology at SUNY Jenna CO. And she is promoting assembly bill a 4050. Which is a before resembling now. That would allow all I'm undocumented. Is not a good word illegal is a good word illegal immigrants to get New York State driver's licenses. And now the document cannot be used to board a plane. Vote not that they Vasco or be allowed to ask a pair for any kind of ID. Or very were gracious status but what I threw a couple of things that I've always wondered. When you go to get something for an illegal. How do you prove. You're legal. I'd like to know that. I mean there are ways to improve your birth their birth certificates. There are ways to prove your marriage your marriage is ever gets. There are ways to grow your divorce children divorce decree but how do you prove your real legal. I'd like them that I'm able what do you get maybe an illegal card. Yeah yes that you're showing all was somebody on climbing over the top of that I mean how do you get a card that says your illegal. But that's the first thing. And so I'm thinking that if if if you don't show wondering is as saying hey I'm a legal what's to stop anybody who wants some form of identification and legal or illegal from getting. If there's no way to prove that your legal anybody again. Inger forget it and get a good sailor. You know they might be an American citizen. They look again this this driver's license now says some illegal and in some cases it might be beneficial to. So no I I I don't think that's a good idea and I especially don't like the last paragraph. The last paragraph is is the last chance they have to dimension to support bill a 4050. It says there are concrete benefits associated with the is bill but. More importantly OK get the two issues out now. We old this gesture of decency. To our undocumented. Neighbors oh really. I don't think so. I don't think I owe them anything and think about it like this. In order to think you owe somebody something doesn't something after coming your way. Otherwise you do it is out of our common decency but if you yet. They've done something for you oh and you must do something for them. Repaying something you oh. Well if they haven't done anything for your why do you oh I mean I guess you could feel you owe everything to everybody. In the entire world. If you're if you're abroad thinker about that broad thinker. I'm more parochial. Let's go to Roy in Niagara Falls Roy you're on W via. Well I don't want it I'd feel role should give them any. License at all is that this is it really all people should be in the pre election. It is. Veterans it's served this country probably in and give them their freedom. Like this is a college professor at probably where maybe two hours that they. We will probably do it there are considered. Yeah anybody that's ever worn the uniform for this country are set up for this country. Those are people you old something through you don't old people who are snuck him. And then it expects group would be the retirees it's eight exit familiar state. All their life for working and it finally retired and give them free license our free registration under center. Yeah there are people who have contributed to have a country I don't think you can consider yourself a contributor to the country. By so by sneaking around and breaking the law that allows you to be here in the first place and go when you talk to groups that are of illegals they never ever talk they they say well our family's been average wanna Ayers they never talked about applying for legal. The legal right to be here so if they. If they consider. Our laws to be so trivial why should we consider them as the inhabitants that we owe something to thank you with android. That's the whole point. Our Tony you have a several Facebook's today and by the way it will remind you again when you were replying FaceBook. On a question that could be answered yes and now trying to you know probably more interest for conversation LA LA you know we want little conversation is like when your interviewing somebody is the first time they've been interviewed him answer. Very short answer is it's a nightmare. OK so India kind of fill a little bit of damage delete one word answers and the wire a lot of all ward answers that they are no right no no no no no no no no no no no hey that's a good sign that was always. That's. All right we'll start off with Jamie notes that comrade Jane. They will drive without licenses no matter what but they should not be given the privilege of a license. The odd bit of a my thought is this. How do you say you shouldn't be here while you're giving them privileges for people who have the right to be here I didn't do that. And nobody ever thinks about the people live in a bid to come about the burden and it is a burden to go through the legal channels. Have the patients have the time stand in that line come up with what Jeff to come up with. To be here legally instead he cut the line this is horse today I mean it's a better able to cut line in front of your. At a supermarket a bank or any place else just cut in front because you wanna be there and you've done nothing to be here legally on how do we owe you anything. But that's the thinking of this for our professor is professor road goes by and Jennifer knows month. Thanks though we ought to them and that's what do we owe it to them all. I don't understand. A M by the way if they're not happy or it's about an unfortunate situation in their home country there are other countries. We're not the only one but where they are ones that are sucker enough to make it this easy somebody posted what happens if you enter Canada illegally. Can you get a license. After you have been there illegally in just going get a driver's license. I don't know the answer to that but I do know dead in her row op Ed piece she says there are. What twelve states and DC and Puerto Rico that do it now twelve. I'd DC and Puerto Rico so viewed your views of track of fifty and you should dreadful on twelve for fifty you'll see that most of us don't. Next one Bernice as what part of the legal sole hard on Jewish. Now if there legal immigrants or visa holders I have no problem that's exactly why it. Anybody who doesn't the right way that's fine. Well I'm not anti immigrant anti visitor anti anything except illegal. I'll stand on the side of being against a benefiting anybody who is illegal okay I'll do that. I know they have some stories it's Allen and and some are are very compelling. But there has to be a way where in their brain they say a wanna go to America but I'm going to do with the right way meant a sneak in. And then as somebody's going to want to take advantage of me they're gonna want me to work under the table so that they don't pay any benefits from. Of course you you're not gonna declare road the money anyway. That he they have bear. They have Obama and iron fist over me because against army and and any time. I'm working for less than fair wages they're taking advantage of me if I ever become legal wanted to vote for them I mean that's just the way it is. While a lot of people that wanna stand up for illegals are looking for the benefit they can get from illegals and it's not because of great compassion for them. And imploring both political parties by the way I'm might pad will be back Lamar. A newsreader I'm thirty WB yeah it's amazing every day oh we'd pick a subject or sometimes more than one. And no matter what you'll pick it the actor why guys. Somebody will say that's style warrants subject hours that audio and Joseph. Our do we got that reply on this right zoning or subject never had our houses even a question. So apparently illegal immigration is of no concern to the big movement this is about wars. You could do. You could do this. Garnett on absolute authority. Jesus Christ will be in buffalo today at 115. In person for the first time. In recorded history and somebody will Congo. So why so it got hired should go wedge five bucks think under the conch. That's all. Talk about. Amazing. At her is amazing to me illegal immigration as lava. It was one of a top story I think issues and the entire presidential campaign. And it's a continuing. Topic of discussion. So that's what this is about it and I've you don't get a real feel badly about now in in this article says that. You know you've got to for the illegals to get a driver's license at the pass to driver incessant and I would ask this I don't wanna seem like rigid. Is a driving test in English. Is the is that driving is the person from the DMV. Busy speak of the same languages somebody if they don't speak English and the reason I say that. Is because all the street signs are in English at least they are now. And so if you take your driver's test and then you don't says speak English how do you know when you drive away. It was your new driver's license that you can even read the street signs is supposed to memorize them. Is that is that the way that works I'm not sure and yes I guess I guess we do owe them something. It's as we poll this gesture of decency I guess we all summoned by having 93 languages spoken in the buffalo school system thank you for. Really appreciated it. We were stuck when that dumb ol' English you know what I mean. And now we put in some there is rants whatever term. And now we're 93. Is nothing life. Have a vault now thank you for that really appreciated that. Man let's go to. Joseph is next Joseph you're on WB AM. Good morning and you have fun show though when he got worse today. You must be fit in your always open and can't work. For where or which crops grow why. We Chuck Schumer I think that's right and that's the award winning check him charge humorous or. They. Yeah I feel like it's a great idea and now. On the money so they know I stand and. Because you know when you try to find a cockroach you can't see him because he did. It's hard to get a letter to be out there Leavitt. I wanna know where they all are so when we don't have to go get them and say sayonara all that's the wrong language goes so those people usually your legal. Already old. Well remember. Remember what's going on in New York. New York or courts gave. Billions of lousy over right to destroy files. On a program they had. On illegal immigration. He was going to destroy them and he was challenged because these were official documents of the stated new York and the court said you can destroy them. I don't know if they actually physically been destroyed now but. That's move the process so if you're hoping that all I give my allies is now will know who they are so weak in gently ask them to go home. That's never gonna. Well lord what a day off or more. What went hard at a resident amber yeah that's a question and also the question is when they go to get insurance. Which they have to get in order to put any plates on the car. Bode whom knows what they're driving record is in their home country. They could be vehicles stunt drivers troll we know. And so the insurance companies have them with waits to learn what their driving habits are they sure as hell wanna know ours when we go to insurer car. And Boozman yes of professor Guzman. Yet a professor there you go another eight. There really hasn't all the Austria I could clear it out she hasn't done enough and in this world other go to school you know blurred. And it did make it. Why you're probably right that's where a lot of these ideas come from they don't think the amount they don't think them as the average person of average person on the street. They do in their little ivory towers of what the world would be like him they're dreamland a thank you Joseph appreciate your call very much. And how they figure out insurance rates if you go. You know you could go if you're undocumented or illegal. You go and apply for insurance and how to they know what you're driving workers you certainly didn't leave the country you left. We review were complete driving record here it is because I knew it was going to be in the country illegally and you and ask me. So here is bloc I apparently hard happily hard I've hardly had heavily Hart no woman named Hadley and that's why's of that. You know you were meant to be able to tell what they're driving record his life. Our guard their reckless drivers and they drive under the influence are they speeders may we don't know they could have a perfect driving record but we don't know and that's the point. And the more people we let him that don't don't go through a regular process. This has been established for this country for immigration gentlemen immigration and the worst is gonna get. And pretending. That we're just people who do good deeds for the sake of doing it forget it. The people that are really pushing for this or people who want cheap labor. Their people who don't want to lose the opportunity to hook on to them as they you stay in America and eventually get him to vote for them. As basically wanted to roses and about the fact we have a nation of saints in the political parties and that goes for both of them by way. Both parties will be back what mall are under Israeli aerial 930 WBA and can you imagine. Can you imagine one day when they do voter registration and all of them are in line to vote Democrats. Yeah I can imagine it. Rebecca. However remains a governor telling about a illegals and certainly owe them a driver's license there's a bill before the assembly right now. And this anthropologists. Of professor. Fraud monster only Jenna CEO or name is Jennifer Guzman who the things that we owe it she says. Talk about illegals there are concrete benefits associated with a similarly bill gave. 405 goal. But more importantly we all of this gesture of decency. To our undocumented. Neighbors. Well I don't think we owe them anything if they're here illegally. I really don't now what one MI a attacks there which is three 309 trio said Torre said he V because I asked. When they take your driver's tests is that an English. If this is the is the official from the DMV's speaking a different language. And insult. The street signs are still English. OK so somebody said well don't worry the numbers look the same what you know why the numbers may be the same. However there's things like kilometers. Miles per hour and text. How many things do you actually read on street signs and instructions so what you're supposed to do behind the weirdo. There are a different words than your language or different words and you'll understand. So I think there's it's them is not a good idea and I absolutely I feel like I'm a decent person. I'd definitely pay back things that I think emote. That. That I at all absolutely but I don't although many thing. And neither you. If you ought to do something do it I'm not saying your view you should go listen to me and do what I do what I am saying is I don't think I owe them. Anything. And I'm not going to believe that I have to repay them by another gesture for illegals. Let's go to Alibaba. And listen a bit trivial we Bubba embolism Bubba what's going on. I said he very that always great partly thanks. And I don't know I think that this bill doesn't go our at all. I think you know we took about three drivers or. I. With no. IT always need to the American. Yeah but it driver's license. What oak. I think we should it. Right boat but the real and reasonable. You know why didn't it got younger and with no. It's like a bit as well without a cherry on the top guys is not rough and at all like I totally agree we're doing anything else they might need for household goods. Did go out and she's got a lot to our country living here. Well that's that's the point you know you come in here and you do all the work in your here legally or whatever. We will try and help you always can get you acclimated and get chewed on the right path. But you sneak into the country no obligation to that. You know white grandparents. Came from the old country materially. And they did it on the right where. When I mean we didn't do the right thing Google legal. Yeah and here we have these people. That we did you know you. Or drug. Or murder well they're the greatest in the world by. And it just yeah. Didn't agree that settlement didn't. I hope and I'm parked on the tracks. If I haven't spoke at his lead over divides have moved up from the drugs now. Did you deliver trailers was Johnny Cash song went Mubarak. Our idea here. As the Pentagon is coming around the bend me highs seen as sunshine since I don't know when I'm stuck him Folsom prison I don't think Butler call from Folsom prison but we could hear the draft an awful. As it. It is time the drug dealer called gas and there was a front page story about a drug dealer they have busted. In. There was some aspect to it there was different we're doing it as the subject. And the drug dealer we're talking mode called us the call from he was behind bars some armed with tape via. I guess there's some kind of federal walk up there and medium he called this. An unusual call. I know I I agree we have a Bubba Bubba agrees with me. That it's not I don't I don't think it's the right message to send. But this is you said about mixed messages here we talk about law and order. And what happens when you we've got each at least to whom errors in. At least a two mayors in New York State. This AM of the blind zeal and before him Bloomberg condoning arc of your legal if you don't feel comfortable like they retirement Arizona at the time. Now I come here we've got better benefits actually said that OK we've got a governor will do anything to be seen as some kind of a miracle worker for the state of New Yorkers he wants the run for president. Okay so that these these the things that we got a mayor who's. Well this isn't a Sanctuary City it's a welcoming city so so let's go we are always politicians as I count. And how we got you and me the people who live here the people pay for all of his government's. Hell if you can do it legally you shouldn't be doing at all and we certainly. Don't owe you anything I have the solutions and what is report Joseph beamer at the DMV with his patriotic Speedo. That's not wrong that'll do it because he does Wear a Speedo that is a red white and blue. It doesn't have all fifty stars shows non and then some of that. But it looks like the early colonies you know. I think stars everywhere I'm pretty sure there is that the un utterly and little rock star and and just remember when they play the National Anthem don't lord of the flies. Off and leave it. After this thing and there should illegals be given New York's a driver's license in New York assembly bill a four all five most says yes. We see no. Jennifer Guzman has an op Ed piece she's a professor of anthropology is Sunni Jenna CO she says we always diploma I'd say we don't home anything. And everything is something. It Eagles have cause problems in this country and one of the biggest problems. That I've ever seen. A certainly took a lot of money out of this community and sent it back to Switzerland. I hear he's an illegal Swiss immigrant would be banned ever down. I remember the first time I saw yards short pants and you're singing in the recall would jingle. Either one condition of anonymity okay will scramble your voice was with our engineering department requires nothing. And at internal and in because I'm thinking and in a community. Yeah anonymity here or look up the word and then I will move along that my what's going on. Your ideal it's about what do we know what we call now. I don't street seeing some interesting information. From my area health insurance they says there's more tomorrow they. Tell you how much you're spending on drugs and how much is spending her doctor at all OK we're now being close. Only touched of all a little language shares that you can speak if you need to talk to them okay now. Fortunately I think English was at the top of the list but what really didn't work I can now ask them questions in the current who. Erred when he was on channel seven you know is that the three of them. Ernie. And Tom made a great job and rector who. I know I actually had a big branch. You know I can understand sure or whatever but I'm hot and on who instantly. Here you know if you look at that that's a full page because I get that to infect I I reference in there and I forgot when it came with. Our full page and the font is very small of all of the different languages. I'm thinking the person who speaks her new probably Israel only because I don't think we have a lot of ever billions here. 0000. You missed that particular. Yeah and is a real interesting story today. Because clearly. There aren't comparable. Remember. Him shaking hands with trump right zoo. Now. And want. He felt uncomfortable because it's gonna say what's important toward his body and it would ha. In order a couple of goal at twelve. Well Washington. Odds iced. Unlike unlike Obama that even though Bob put up against Obama Obama used to patronize washing your restaurants but trump doesn't so I guess is supposed to be bad for. And I can't talk it'll. Speaking on condition of anonymity and I got beat at home. And read about when it was like and see what the New York Times bloom what exactly. Are people have to say about our president. Well get my message you're doing him a life. Actually I'm thinking of Murray is probably are not doing what you're doing life. And Dubai goodbye. You remember I mentioned earlier I wasn't sure what it came with it K came with the Euro held some summary. You'll get this every once in awhile says okay here's what we've paid. The problem lies is what the procedure was in the last page is off all of page what Dan was referring to because I couldn't remember what it came way of it's a full I'll say the next time and read some of its via the full page of foreign languages. I. Can look up heard do. I don't know there's got to be 11 or two ways its balance either ERD you or use our deal it's going to be one of those two and find out. Where are doing n.'s live. They live in Milan never do I would guess I'm not really sure do do we have an up or go against the make it worthwhile. If you can look it up and and tell me where it is either appreciate it. Meanwhile what we are talking about today is illegal immigration and New York State being right up on the forefront of saying hey you want free stuff to us. Hey you want the end state tuition. And come what I see other American citizens who might live and far away places like Pennsylvania. From Massachusetts. Ohio. Who wanna go to our colleges have to pay through the nose but you know you're legal world demo and I are gonna let you pay the in state rate which is cheaper. OK we got that we got the mayors of New York saying you illegals come into New York minds of a city this is where it's happening. We have better than they actually said that. Bloomberg actually said that come through here come the New York we have better benefits than. There and Arizona. And so we got that and now we've got bill and it's. Subsidy bill. 40500. It in you and the legislature and it says that we should give driver's licenses its. To illegals we should do it and the reason given by the person who wrote this op Ed piece Jennifer Grossman assistant. Professor of anthropology. As soon legitimacy is they have trouble during the war. But. A meanwhile for those of you. Who are here legally who are standing at the bust up yeah I'm sure you would rather have a different ideas worked true but government doesn't care about your your party there. They're looking for new and a fresh fresh votes that's that's what they're looking for. Tony give me a couple of of Facebook's and a bit of you found out where Hurd who is. I found a language. It's just the language quote is going to be a soldier in the country you are deed you your burger who you are do you. Etsy. The language we do know that induced army in this economy. So I'm not sure Andy well it's an offshoot of him do it and that might be doing this note to judge Ellen just called and said it's the script. Of the Arab language or is it OK I was I was unaware of it I'm sure there's a lot of people more on that. Under that flag anyway. Tony you may have faced were Perry's. All right back to Facebook marks as. What the hell is wrong with our politicians. Illegal is illegal people who we should put any elected official that supports distinctive in jail for treason. Here's a deal for any any official wants illegals here I suggest. We are allowing one illegal. If you're willing to go to their country. If we haven't illegals from Mexico you go to Mexico and live and there will take in the illegals from Mexico. Let the politicians have the lead out there and let your house and you pay for them. And you don't do all of the associated costs with them including. We're required including a education. And health. And I'll be associated benefits that come with legal legal residents here in new Thursday. If you're willing to take command you'll take under your way Willis and you otherwise is just another bag of hot air from somebody trying to scrounge up some more votes than the next election. So arm I'm willing to do that trade and it would almost be like fair trade you wanna go over their country or you want them to live with you know. Not with taxpayer money but with a your money see how that works off for. We'll go to Rick they should give them one way bus ticket back to where they came from. No illegals come to our country through the proper channels what's so difficult to understand. That's the frustrating part it's not difficult to understand. And somebody brought a prayer really good tax if I can find it because we've got so many tax today. It says okay I'm trying to read and scroll of the same time. Ryan I can't OK here it is. All my life I heard a license is a privilege not a right from lawyers and police. Now I find out it's our obligation. To give you an illegal a license. Good par a good point so they've heard that it is a privilege not a right which I've heard you heard. From lawyers employees they bang got into your head now it's our obligation. To give somebody who's illegal. A license you trigger on news radio I'm thirty we RWB again.