Sandy Beach Illegals Drivers License 5-19 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Friday, May 19th

Assemblyman Francisco P. Moya introduced a bill would give illegal aliens the right to legally drive.

Should New York State issue drivers licenses to illegals? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Actually did you go to a sandy beach a program note may is nurses month WB and an absolute care want you to nominate a nurse who has made a huge difference in your life. For the lives of your family friends community visit the contest page at WB and I'd come between now mates when he first. I got a couple of days left in nominated a deserving Marist pardoning. Obviously you know worth our consideration they do great work here's a government tax. We've gone from New York safe to New York stupid I like that that make your good though bumpers for it and dramatic. Hi sandy and Tony I am a commercial driver five years ago I went through truck driving school in buffalo. There were four attendees from Africa Vick couldn't read let alone speak English. And here they are driving 80000 pound vehicles and I'm sure repairs for their tuition well give us more things to think about that but. I'm saying look. I'm has compassion as the next guy like I I do care about people who need help. About people who wanna do with the right way. And if you're going to come into the country illegally I'm sorry I don't think we owe you anything despite word that. The good professor Guzman says and by the way somebody says on her road FaceBook page. That you can comment directly to her if you like to. About them to you about the the replies here do not seem to be very much in support of her position. End zone with CO2 of the basic question we have issued illegals be given their exit driver's licenses. I say no. And she says is that the quote here because I don't like to misquote the key aspect of this. There are concrete benefits associated with a assembly bill a 4050. But more importantly. We all this gesture of decency. To our undocumented. Neighbors well we don't. You can be in favor of it are not in favor of it but I don't think we all of them any thing. I know it's all touchy feeling and warm and Fuzzy and where helping people of other countries. Well we do have a mechanism to come into this country legally. If they follow it hey I'm damn congratulations. Phobia have a wonderful. Like fear in America wish you all the success you come in illegally. My message get out. You know. If if that's if that's all you believe in in our laws. That you don't even have to Obey the first one as how to get here legally why what I believe you care about any of them. In the always tell you why now. They have jobs and whenever on how many of those jobs are under the table. How many of those jobs you today income tax on products and know and the same with the guy that I think I could feel woman. That employs you. Are they doing everything they're supposed to be doing and you know what they never ever bring and the IRS. The lowest Florida was quick to crack down on Tea Party loyalists but they didn't pay much attention. Two non disclosure of of a funds when you didn't declare what you learned some of it or all of it. They never go after the person that implies you whether they've paid what they're supposed to pay no because they have the same on the same page. Same pages Lotta men at them and OK let's go into bill in Niagara Falls billion on WB again. Bill thanks for holding what's on your mind. We've got to promote seventeen years in new York and enjoy it okay let me. Well. What is always a problem. The same thing you'd do it. You take away every line has ever out there. We go. Any pending traffic tickets. You can't meet. You just so white from clear. Now because it is important legal we get those we shouldn't have the very absolutely. All the sudden she laud. First purchase in two million dollars. We. Tried. I like that bill hit him in the wall I've always found that to be the most decisive way two win name an argument hit him in the wallet. Good and they thanks for serving all these years ago appreciate it thank you very much. If any of you are thinking. And I know some of you are because I saw some quotes earlier. Well let's let's give them licenses and then we'll know they are and then we can act appropriately don't count on Mats Naslund happened. I mentioned earlier I don't have it with me about. The boy was zero there's a there's some kind of a benefit program in New York City for illegals. The blood zeal was afraid. That. That trump would Tryon and take it away and so what he. Was going to do. And this is big this is video of city government and I assume. A city and and state. Anyone who's gonna do is. Destroy all the files imagine a government official. Destroying official files. To try and avoid something the federal government might be interest him OK so everybody was outraged so he gets a vote. Guess what. The court said. Go ahead and this goes files. That's our right now that was a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if there have been destroyed yet. And I don't know aware of what's gone on since I read the court decision I don't know whether that was challenged them on. But the bottom line is here's a mayor Wellington destroy official files and a judge willing to let him destroy official files what gonna. I mean really if we can't count on the on the judges. To uphold the laws in what other. Universe doesn't come down that if you wanna destroy even your company's files. You're in big trouble. Say the IRS's. You're trailing of thinking well. We look a lot better if we got rid of this vial. And you deleted you make an attempt to skirt the law review or you do it for some reason that would benefit UN and not the government. They will go after July ago I got home island on import job. But the bottom I just made that up myself I consider Brett you know Brescia and things. But they would they'd be all over you. Can't destroy pertinent files like that to take a government program. And does say is it okay if I destroy this and I'm going through and the judge says go ahead and something's wrong with that. So the thought of anybody collecting driver's licenses and say these are the people who told us they're illegal. And now whether it's on this bill let's send them back not happen ever in New York State ever. We'll take a break and return under Israeli and I voted WB so their target about the fact out of the top of price of the president's list. Of candidates for head the FBI I it was Joseph Lieberman. Now I'm could take it or leave Joseph earlier and I think he's a pleasant enough guy I don't always agree this policy politics very seldom actually but he's a decent guy I. It shipped here is a problem I have with Joseph Joseph Lieberman. Joseph Lieberman is deputy dog. Anybody remember how he speaks he sounds like deputy dog. Now I maybe it's appropriate. For the head of the largest investigative agency we have the FBI. To sound like deputy. Dog. But I always laugh when I hear and are we could. Get get better I can't get passed out of his voice. But will we'll see what happens in one of those suggestions of people giving the president is. Pick and others say O person because it's important this time. That is just goes flying through with the approval and everybody is going nice job. Let me just tell you this there are no missing the bull. People when it comes that his nominees what happened. He could dominate the purest nicest most accomplished and best to have a benefit show. Bill walking always crosses straightened patting warm puppies all waiting apple pie a candidate and there's still got a degree from the Democrats. As there and just wait to go on until they start with the news investigation. What's going on now. As soon as he says the wrong thing on him cook. On nine on Tony give me a couple of a Facebook's if you would. I would be happy to and marshaling says. As the the legal changed or is the word been eliminated from the dictionary. As a good point. Two days you know first of all there's always different degrees of things. However illegal is still illegal. That means not legal for those of you didn't go to school. All right and so why you always suddenly find reasons. Well. Over and it's not like. Laws. Killing twenty people I mean it's it's legal but now. Guys it's not that important it is not that important figure off the books. All right anything it's not that important anything you're not going any law that you're not going to enforce unjust figure off the books. Why haven't on there you're going to have selective enforcement and by the way selective enforcement is illegal itself did anybody know that. If you can throw selective enforcement and your your your chosen to be enforced because of some reason it's not Kosher that's illegal. Art itself. So that's what we get we get if if you're like the of the of the people is not illegal if you don't like him. Or you know or users want law enforced then you have to you have to go separate some mission total bomb that while he was President Obama was a joke because nobody would dare say anything do anything because he was bought back. And nobody wanted to be accused of being a racist that's it. And so he didn't. Fondle on the immigration. Statues he'd been funded enough to enforce it. And he didn't Campbell enforce its oil would languish same as a as saying it's not in. In for us if you don't if you don't do what you're supposed to do to who. I make them follow the law. That's why I had to laugh at a lot of the comments and yesterday's topic especially. On the FaceBook page trying to compare what do Obama went through vs what trumpets call and four days all. We use one network vs several Matt. Works out vs all of them. And that is somebody will write one good thing in many gets thirty other things. And I'm glad Danny never when he called brought that up I had seen that article. I'd trump doesn't patronize Washington restaurants like Obama dead like OK that's supposed to be a bad mark against him. Mean really studied somewhat in and it's also a lot. Maybe have a membership and advocates and ever closes noted the presence of tiger grilled cheese please. And comes out and are you can the actors and close five minutes ago. Your daughter to grow GP five minutes ago. But I does that image that now obviously. Probably not in order a sloppy Joseph know everything or are really unique and unusual thing cleaners and being pigs are you sure you're a man of the people. I'd like winners boys know he's under indictment. Actually just. There take a take a Winger ever work today I hate internal error court date. If I have gotten ugly. Sucks as we owe that thanks for the increased cost of living to cover what we already give them. He got its they keep in mind illegals are required by law in some states. To educate them you're required dialogue to give them health care are okay. In some states including New York they get the instate tuition lower rate. And New York has a bevy of programs in various things that would benefit people who are here illegally. That's the point. I think that the benefit programs whatever we have were meant for people who are here legally and not illegally. And once you start spreading them out as a way to garner favor or votes it's wrong it's simply. Wrong. Let's go to Tony and buffalo Tony around WB yen. They're kind of guard sort actor and a finds only once in your mind. I wanted to be more what were your bookmark you'll yes. Give us some information. Number. Year probable problem we need to we're aware. Of armed terrorist sort of terror. In Arctic editor or whatever word order where bomb destroyed the way. Sort of the incoming administration wouldn't be able try to find the people and I. And that's a good point and yeah I do I don't remember that in and then when you add veterans of lousy O publicly. Threatening to destroy the list because he thought trump might use that to his benefit. And that a judge agreeing that it's okay to do it was the last time a judge agreed to destroy a public while I'm not sure. I. They totally forgot that they who they think that where their bidding now this that would target about today. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it passes because they don't really care what Wednesday. Most of the things they just do what they're gonna do them we're told after the fact especially in New York. He would tell you on the same page thank you very much. I wouldn't be surprised that this passes I would be shocked at all. It's shouldn't pass above look at the mindset of a state. Do you have you gotten any indication that this state has any interest in a deporting illegals. Because short of of a major crime free our crime scene. They're not going to care if you're here legally. And yet you know what's funny is they'll come after you. If you don't have declared the income from the soda bottles you picked up on the side of the road. And yet look at the money that must be laws because taxes are not being paid on and on no work being done by illegals okay. So they're not only here legally. But if there if they are not if they don't have a Social Security number and they're not paying taxes like all like the rest of us after their tax cheats as well. I bet. Nobody wants to say that's not a whole lot aids people just want a better home. Not want a bigger drop than they had in the if they really want a better home they'd make it better buys becoming legal. Residents of this day we're back with us. Aggravating that I like to congratulate they know our top group of dealerships. I've been doing their commercials were like forty years but that's not why. And I don't know why I'm congratulating them because. I know they won but I didn't hear the beginning of Randy bush over his business report. Here I am shaving in the radio is on the bathroom when I'm shaving him and listening and sometimes you hear part you don't hear at all whatever. And he's doing a business report on some kind of competition. And their winners in small and medium and large categories. So I heard the small that I heard the medium winner and the large winner was the north town automobile group. And I'd like to congratulate them except I don't know what I'm congratulating them on but they won and so. Congratulations. Service drivers and all of the of people that work at the north number of dealerships for winning whatever visual one. I was someday I'll find out yet and then I actually judge you it's a major award is Fred geely. I. Oh instead of graduate from Korea from Christmas story yes it was the eleventh annual buffalo Niagara ethics award over a very good on the sloping away and very nice a certain regulations. To Illinois town group dealerships. Now I knew them when they were one Asia know about that. A seriously about that remember driving by their dealership and they have a neon a ribbon. Law on the front of the building it looks so cool I've told a story in the air before nobody had anything like that. And ever read the rest of the dealerships organized a bit more traditional but this one had a neon blue ribbon. Across the whole front of it. And I remember readers are at parliament. Sheridan. And I used to live right here and I would drive by and I see it I go whoa that is a cool and today and it's been cool ever since. I speaking of cars and forgot to tell you this. Jeannie sol lying green or are yesterday and a lime green for India while I've never seen that I know I also think that military she saw while I wonder if that's a factory caller some audio and a girl shy person that. Jim. I remember sure oh sure girls Jarvis that around. But can you measure point for our momentum now let's see what color when he got orange all that's Lamborghini will have to be given a different color ash is superpowers they begin all kinds of crazy colors. The there's Lamborghini or Ferrari but again I don't know if this factory orf. Are these people have so much money if you want to take him to get repaid if you wanna have fun. And it is fun not not for the people audit but it is fun. Go to YouTube and just put in super car fails all that's I can't handle these are people who have all kinds of money. Through drive. Everything from Abu Gotti. Very Iran's. To a miser bodies through amber dean niece who Farrar is. But they don't know how to drive. They they spent all the money on the car but they don't spend money and driving lessons. And they do the dumbest things were those beautiful works of art that you've ever seen they really don't know how to handle them I'm just so much power they don't know who that this past today money sedation or street outlaws. They have laws and don't fold swagger and he goes out and race is all accounts in the street. While the long guys doctor has in my class. Okay it's two rates and he doesn't even ought to launched the car. McLaren school I've never seen one here now or for anybody owns and here again the looks of it though. It looks different and it has at least they used to every village angels I'm used to this undersea. So you're kind of seated in the center. Well passenger seats or the amateur behind aside like a yo Fareed so it's. I never seeing one here it's not somebody might have warm and our members and I've now proceed but when you do see those those exotic cars the last thing you'll see him wrap around a pole or something. And if you go to super car fields. On YouTube museum are remember from my heart beating and when I saw Lamborghini drive and on Grand Island. In house three behind there's like this is the most amazing thing in the world. Nor they showed a couple of more than one by the way Lamborghini is on for higher. Because. I know what it what caused them on a mechanic but who is obviously something with the gasoline escaping on the back because you would see. UN and guess what they were on my AMP. And using them you know Garnett and then you'd see a little bit of a flame and all of a sudden a big claim and this surrounded by people taking pictures up. That's only that's all they cared about they want to take pictures of for aria of real number gaining on fire. And nobody rushed to open the door Ernie finger helping guide that was driving it. I see several homes snapped in half on it's it's is brutal it's depressing news very rural visit if you if you care about people obviously review and if you love cars you'd hate to see that. It's about their meant to be driven. But not not that way others while there was a parade of Ferrari's at all like ten or twelve on. Say hi dot I would have vote Paul fixed as Lauren fix is Osman. I'd buy the car and have him drive reform and I would be in the presidency. Or better yet I have warrant for extra for a corporate Paul's nice guy but if given a choice I would choose Lauren. Have heard drivers swarming. Once she gently for a test drive on yeah. Commonality. And wow she can drive. She can garages driver two bushes or is there there are and so city and he does very well through the he's married tour that's doing very well I'm so let's let's go to Japanese food originate in Hamburg Germany Iran WB yen. Andy you while you're talking about the independent Al dale Albert. In languages that act like I I had took issue with it myself but document on. Last week and I had a lot of medical independent health right now and see what they have to say about. I I take insulin. And Michael Cain was ninety dollars I went the other day it was 200 and DQL article I had to basically percent walls and I said that there'll. She is well that the security of our tier or drugs now she does rebuke on your doctor get a cheaper one. I've that are being meaner than I had a lot of issues with a lot of different Madison. And saying I wonder what the illegal or the court happening or wait and wonder what they're paying for Easter. Well that's a good point I know that one of the things is that the emergency rooms are used as as regular medical visits by the illegals. And there are some things. They use ambulances. They misuse ambulances to go and it is my understanding that if you come and go an emergency room or hospital in an ambulance. They have to take you first. Because I've talked of people who have heads are absolutely legitimate emergencies have to sit in an emergency room and wait and wait and wait. While the ambulance people may have had failed get taken care of first. My grandpa polished and well and very closely. It was. Met at a rural metro driver. EM TR driver OK. Okay. I. The other particular event first and a lot of people use thousands of taxi so you know who have moved there differentiation between wanting to help from being a soccer is getting slimmer slammer well thank you Jodi thank you very much yeah the all of the different languages listed there. It will be interest thing to see why I bring mine in next Elliott because the first summer looked at an auto wise. I I just glanced at it. It and it was all of the various languages and it was a full traditional page and the fault was this big. So there was every language and accept sanskrit that was probably in their true. Back after this driver's license should be available to all immigrants as of the headline screams. And as written by you or Jennifer Guzman. Who's an assistant professor of anthropology at Sony Genesee ago. And apparently this isn't just that hey why don't we do this this is an assembly bill. 84050. What she says is that twelve states. And at the end DC and Puerto Rico issue a special driver's licenses. To undocumented. Residents and other words illegals. New York should be the next to do so according to her. The assembly bill says we should do that. The under this law those who pass the driving test. I could drive and register vehicles but not use the document to board a plane. Vote or Alter their immigration status. And there she says it'll benefit all of us and the and the closing where you put the argument that be compelling argument. Here's her compelling argument. There are concrete benefits associated with a similar to go a 405 all. But more importantly. And get ray Davis I hope you're not operating heavy machinery causes seltzer you'll. We all this. This gesture of decency. To our illegal neighbors see shoot a scenario she says undocumented when I'm sitting. Okay and there are concrete benefits associated with a assembly bill. But more importantly we all this gesture of Jason say to our undocumented neighbors now do. Take that literally. That means. That if you don't think this should be done. You are in decent. Sitting in seventh position things life is about positioning. A caring. And beamer looked up and nausea right about that but it is about positioning. So they're positioning you as uncaring. And in in some ways in decent. If you don't think that's the best thing since sliced it okay. Don't they Welch got on a FaceBook in there. Amanda assess yes. But put immigration officers at every DMV. So that these people Camby rounded up and deported when they go to get their license. Yeah I I think that's a good idea but at that won't happen this is New York State they welcome they opened the gates come and in the past and did. Don't give us it was a reason why it's come on and documentation we laughed at that. We have known nothing but mostly out documentation and all of that is if you're going into another country they need a lot of documentation and coming here just come on down. Maybe they should have got my money hall of he's still alive. To stand up there at the very is borders and cut. How. Stuff. Is. Right exactly. And so that's that's the attitudes you see that happen they want they want illegals in New York State. They're not trying to protect our state against that analysts analysts what got paid for by the we pay for it whether it's federal stable we pay for and they don't care. Have you heard from effort mirror assemblyman about this bill I would guarantee you haven't. Now you know and you'll hear about it when they pass it. Then you'll hear about it and then it'll be too late that is what they do. This is what they do you'll notice during election time you'll get all kinds of colors are brochure for color you know expensive list of is. In really fine them a paper and whatever neo. You get ten element day and we care about you how do you feel about this and that. And we hope you're comfortable and can we get short cashew anything they can possibly do. To win over your favor after their elected its. He's told you about this bill. You know the first one to tell you have his bills many because Chirac this and if she didn't write this I would nobody either that's the point. That's the point they there are some things that don't particularly want you to be aware. You know oh GPU. Didn't look like I'm sorry I could have done something about it but it's already law. That oil works New York safe. Lovely idea that's the way it works. He doesn't give a damn about you and all they care about you care about Washington and Lincoln and Jefferson not president's just people on the Monday. They like pictures of them they collect pictures of them if you got too many pictures of them they come and take them they take them away from you. They make you send them to your pictures of those presidents and Maher. Okay that's what they do and they do it well. And they don't want you to know because if you if you know maybe you wouldn't want office. And if they want it that's all accounts because they're governing themselves and governing for you. They're trying to lay out a path where either today or of their relatives will be an office for ever. And that's and that's all they care about their time for another one if you have it ready is it hot right producer. Yes dad says they must go to drivers school understand language and laws and paid sport themselves. I think a drivers school. Is in case you don't have formal driver's training just remember this. Okay. If you're gonna do this year it everyone will know how you feel. Anybody driving around you will know why he he didn't like what I just did on the highway. But be careful because if you do this other people are liable and tests you don't want that race is sometimes a little of this and maybe one. It was Chicago thug and I'm. You gotta make a ball right now that's illegals and that's get through Cantu one Moses brokerage. I think you send them cinema tick remove Kansas are we have a disagreement on highways and edible arrangement an edible arrangements for its good for you to. Wonderful man. Well that about wraps it up I hope we've covered everything today. From your Phidget Spinner being in a place where your fridge it's better shouldn't be and I see you have beamer has got his bad did you ever drug claim. Yes good of course that's very very good as your own or an average listener has been. If he wants the renaming it digits manner that might work go to work depending on where you go. All right out of our suitable see you Monday at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yet. Well it's they never had to music east's great leeway here have you given him.