Sandy Beach Liberal Entertainers 9-13 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, September 13th

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Because you're used to picking up a story line at a certain point and then. They decide will tell you what happened before that point I had a dream I had a dream last night about Donald Trump and his wife. Before they went to Florida. Waiting to hear what their dream was about because they're going again today. Don't yet have a dream a huge usually I have a dreams and in little bits and pieces and in little bits and pieces. You recognize in the future. Use you walk into your store you'd not a minute bit and before so women. I drink I came in and restore our restaurant. Or you'll see a person and they would have appeared in a dream that shed earlier and that that ever happening either Tony or your huge I'd have a whole stories. I get bits and pieces yeah I get bits and pieces to well I have a dream last night that was a pretty well. Up pretty well it was just like it was just like Asia. A movie something that I dreamed of happened before something I know happened. Remember land a president trump and his wife malign of the lovely maligned yet. Went down south after the after the ravages of the hurricanes. She is she was criticized. For wearing high heels. And she or higher on heels again in the Air Force One and then she changed in the sneakers. And I got that. And as questions should you warned that address is dumb stuff right. Well I had a prequel dream I had a dream. Why that came to be one here because I recorded it I I had a recorder in my mind all right so here is Donald Trump. Be what his wife before are going to Florida the last time. We it was a nice Qatar. There remains. A musical dream. Now he's stepping up to a Mike he's crushing his hair back here we go go. And you know. It. We're still look good read on the T. You're gonna leave the White House every once in awhile you look at hot. This is my favorite bird. James you have some fun stuff and I what do you thing. Really. The case from my home. You have a Secret Service protection you know our school. Maybe fools long fight. Big high heels Snickers and weight yeah I didn't know I I was not aware of that nice here. It makes everybody happy with. Snicker at people like. I you know people like everybody likes. So I had not holed. Yeah you're not dead I'm dead baby. What if I do ever have a dream like Santonio. Three well I think I I never had one that's my first break well not musical or no and and musical form I the idea I think good news but Donald sounds a lot like yeah. Tommy Tucker who gallon. Oh. Goes they're back they're rising six before I think yeah yeah yeah was six of what was a great year Beatles came to town British invasion dad loves those born. A Holler unit that's doable and I hatred. I manager I was talking to The Beatles I was interviewing The Beatles when you have as well as Tim Wenger viewed on the here Jim wirelessly or David of he was interviewing The Beatles so painful it was quite. Sick anymore. Where. Are The Beatles song columns that I love this and so. I got lots to talk about today and among some is that something that happens all the time now every. Or anybody. Who we paid a city it would take as a singer this is gonna tell us how we feel about social mores. If you know we'll watch an athlete. An athlete is not going to just play football or basketball or baseball or tennis or whatever they got to tell us exactly how we should feel about things. And the winner getting preached a mile from the left we're getting preach from the right at this as boring and as wearing now if it's a truly is. And there were a couple of things that happens. A one last night. And then one in that today's buffalo and goes a bit and I kind of show you what I'm what I'm talking about. We'll take a break on news item I'm thirty WB. It last it was weird. I went out to dinner and almost never wanted them or when I don't want to do and I have to go out early 'cause I give up her upper quarter four quarter five. And so. IE I got my driveway and every road I took basically to get to the restaurant which was in Cheektowaga. The the traffic was unbelievable. And it was like 5:36 o'clock. Just a line after line of traffic there was no reason for there were no accidents. Of the weather wasn't bad though whatever bug got the restaurant have a good time. And then I came back today and yesterday they were our mothers who on the early morning news. Of the toys that are going up in the U toy hall of fame. You guys each have a memorable toy and I will tell you what mine was first is a bicycle LaToya would you color toward. That's a tough question well known if it if that is I would tournaments obviously I love my bicycle and used to write all the time. About my favorite toy it would probably be my toy cowboy cap gun. You put a roller caps and in that they had single shot models mine are like those. I'm like you put a roller caps and then and you would take the camera back and being mingling as single action yet like that they kept gonzo is a fund has raised the play. Two things we used to play army. And we used to play a war and they both will learn with the cap guns and you have to find somebody and and take prisoners stuff like that right that that was a lot of phone we did analyze. What was your favorite toys. When I was really young maybe my G Agile don't GI Joseph back then had. Actual facial hair alone and all kinds of neat things now Barbie has facial our RBIs patients complaining about that there's anything wrong we know our government army doesn't want assurance has captured the in fact ever go and shaker Barbie honey you have general be read in an hour yeah yeah so GI Joseph yeah edged the GI Joseph that was good to about you know every now beamer is going to be more modern electronic toys probably what you what it what's your favorite jeweler what was. No it comes to just what year your average tall like the ones I remember the play with. The white ranger when it came to the power injures are powering the green ranger loss is power tools a lot with him no black Rangers matter all the you chose a white Rangers won't know. I think that's something I'm I'm a rumor is here to order the green ranger lost is powers and or god. Had to make in the lightly injured nor under yet all carry any talking soared. I'm talking to it I love to play. But bird droppings guard but he still had gone to. A Ottawa lock myself in trouble. On. After that I have to say my Sega Genesis growing up well my favorite with sonic two was the best game ever made. Ever see that in our generations that he likes of electronic fancy stuff. Tony your right there with GI Joe's so that I play with a rock. Just rock. And roll it over there and pick it up and drop written that was. Those are good some of the ones that. That when nominees this year sing and I may as on this one sand is a toy. I don't think so no I presume they'll have their electronics and game where every grain will have its own pixel. It'll be and then you can have. I'd not a not a real sandbox it and have a simulated exam aren't something that. That that's like a real Sam barks but you don't tracks and in the house virtual real virtual sandbox that's what it that's what we on the aid. Personally I was surprised that. My little pony finished up attract a little bit I guess not as popular as it was a couple of years ago now is that the all right in fact it Joni. Mitchell have a song called a circle game. And I I think that was the big Toro homo more or jeopardizing you know. Now I'd like folks. I really do. Out two things are for all audiences as Wright ever term. Because when we post every morning a little teaser. As to what we're talking about. And the teaser today says are you tired of being lectured. By entertainers. Of people that we pay money to entertain us. They can be singers are MB dancers in Columbia football players does that mean it's a sport certainly but we watch it for entertainment. And it seems like anybody who has our attention span for more of them. A couple of minutes has to give us there political point of view of which I don't give a damn what they say what they think politically I could care less. Despite if I get my money's worth here's who sang the song the right way. Or you scored a touchdown our goal or whatever that's colony from view I don't need any more information. On why am I wrong or behind in my thinking. And somebody poster already before we even signed on saw Bob Seger in concert last night. No politics just incredible music twenty awesome songs. And he is 72 years old now thanks guys were great today so that's exactly. The kind of thing that I was looking up because the next one. Says and this is part of our show. I did you hear Stevie Wonder he role in the fund raiser fifteen seconds these lives can't stop that political program. Yeah I have the guy ever transcripts or hear what he's at. He opened the show with a monologue about coming together out there regardless of nearly ago race religion political affiliations sexual preference. Two so we start with that we ought to come get her and that's fine have no problem. However he close the speech by taking a shot at those who'd deny. Climate change. And here was his quote at the end of the year show. Anybody who believes there's no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent. Lord please save us all and then he went into of the weather's so Lima army so there we got our lecture from Stevie Wonder. On now on climate change. And add an odd the companion piece. Is that AM an op Ed piece it's the another voice today. From the Buffalo News OK it's written by Beth. Policy qui qui attack. She's a freelance writer okay. And and he races them. The best in the city of buffalo. And parole. A pro activists that are pro races known zone. Some of them obviously show relative. Pretty good indication they're wearing a sheet will hold them and that is a pretty good indication their but that's that's what her robe her title is. And she says and they headline on this op Ed piece though she may or may not have written the headline. I don't know normally if it's a staff writer they don't write the Hamlet which you go to written them. Why isn't the NFL standing with neck. Well. I think it's maybe because they don't think he has a right to drag the NFL along with him for his. Views both political social or anything else and that's as Rio Rio real shock. Maybe they don't think he's now with a cause properly or maybe they just don't wanna be a part of it ever think of that. The united you know you're certainly welcome to your opinion. It's nice one you want good things to happen but don't automatically assume that because you know assume the unassailable. Position that you have that nobody could possibly be not interested in joining you know. It doesn't mean there on the opposite side maybe it means that they just tired of it and I think this is the case. Added to give you an idea because I'll get more into it after the as break. This one sentence ought to tell you what best position has. Is it because a white woman was killed. That people are finally paying attention. It is just the kind of crap we don't need that and we just don't need that. Do you see anybody that wasn't sympathetic to what happened. Is it but its third trip through position like that isn't because a white woman was killed that people are finally paying attention. You see we get bombarded with a all the stuff every day it's a wonder we don't go build a thicker shield around ourselves. We don't and we don't want to be lectured. By people that we pay money to entertain it's okay if we want to be a lecture will go to lecture. Strangely. Lecture there's nobody there are football helmets. All right they're Baird two either play football for you to sing Florian dance Florio whatever you like that or pay your money you get your entertainment. But if I want to be lectured. A total lecture hall and it probably won't be the same one your teaching we'll be back with more after this hang in there. Al backward region governor in today's of the day for my buffalo vs the 99 dollar all access thicket of buffalo cigar and music festival for only 59 dollars. Gain entry to all concerts and events fifteen premium cigars. All you can eat food. Amy and great with Thurman Thomas and more. Our go to my buffalo perks dot com it is a legion company. And a two things hit me about both at the same time. Stevie Wonder in the concert last night and this op Ed piece in the Buffalo News by Leah Beth. We attack and I'm I'm I'm begging him. Just leave me alone. Alone. I think I'm a responsible citizen. I believe in using the earth respectfully. If if you guys come to an open Gately brigade opened if you come to a close gate closed negate. You cut down a tree plant another tree. You know you do things respectfully whatever but I need to be lectured. Every time I turn on the television or pick up a newspaper or even listen or talk show I just don't need it. Aren't and everybody is so the social self assured. In there so much optimism being morally and intellectually superior to the rest of the rest of us it just makes me sick. And yes they want to Stevie Wonder always have. Little Stevie Wonder he started and and a music about the same time I started in radio and I used to play some all the time and did throughout my entire career and about stolen music I'd be playing him now I guess. But I don't need his his lecturing us. Anybody at this is what he said last night now keep in mind there were a lot of people who did a lot of good work. To raise money for hurricane victims beyoncé Blake Shelton and Barbara Streisand Bruce Willis. Cold air Stephen holder of Oprah. And others took calls and and raise money for that that's good. But Stevie Wonder opened the show by saying we ought to come together that's fine I I agree with that had no problems that. But at the end. Anybody who believes there's no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent. Lord please save us also it's nice to have an entertainer. That your either donating money because they're an exam or your. Your buying tickets tell you richer and intelligent because you may not put it on the same plateau as he does. And that's the kind of stuff we get anybody has a stage uses it in my view. I feel absolutely. No need. To not on my neighbor's door or some stranger's door and try and doctor donate them what my feelings on the on the issues of today. Just leave eve meet alone. At all I want and I think a lot of people feel that way. We're responsible for our own lives. We do it right hopefully we'll we'll get a pat on the back and if we do it wrong we'll get a kick in the pants but I don't need any multi gazillion there. A professional entertainers tell us how low was screwing it up. And the same thing where this Beth qui attack. In another voice another voice she's talking today out of Buffalo News and the headline is why isn't the NFL. Standing with Capra and there because they're not required to stand with Capra and I can tell you that death. You know because you take a certain position doesn't guarantee you employment. It's as simple as that. Ever at a cost benefit analysis. The NFL by the way happens to be a business. He had their businesses sports but it's a business it's a big business. Nine or ten billion dollars a year. They do know I have to take up with a every cause that every athlete feels comfortable way. And it's as simple as that intimate cost benefit analysis as I was saying they just about what will it cost it's if we had cabernet. What is the benefit and what is the cost than they thought that the cost outweigh the benefit plain and simple equation. All right that doesn't make cap and it is saint. And it doesn't make the NFL bedevil criticize the out of all the time there's a lot of things are going to do wrong but I certainly feel. That they have a right 82. Hire who they are truce that higher and not hire who they choose higher but you see people like Beth. They just get up mama on the soapbox and day they have that moral righteousness. Don't you understand. They good allotted at night in the pitch dark in there will be an aura about them a blow. Because they've got the answer. And we are intelligent human beings just can't figure it out and the the last. CNN's really. Really ticks me off. It says it has taken a full year for a white player cards in the on solid they're pretty. One has to ask. Visit because it is a white woman was kill cold that people are finally paying attention no bath. Now that is and then people have been paying attention all along. Some causes may it may raid a hundred on your meter in my program migrate content on somebody else's maybe you understand that. Individuality. We spent eight long miserable years where the president that basically. Any criticism of him or his programs you're labeled. Instantly labeled a racist it didn't matter if a white it is it did not matter. And we knew this was gonna happen we are we said oh let's hope this won't happen but it did so eight years of of suppression we went through. I'll be damned if I'm gonna have some clown tell me how I should feel about anything I'll make up my alma and. It seems to mean I know you brought this up many times about the race Caribbean. Plate of course you know so racist racist I assume the which is not strong enough not been replaced with white supremacy. On the way I was gonna get people's attention. Well exactly. So they they have to keep raising. Raising raising the flame. Because as Tony said they they totally used up. Races that doesn't mean anything anymore. At one point if they if you were a thought of as a racist. That would be a mark of shame. I'm absolutely now it's almost laughable. They turned it into something that means nothing anymore because it was overly use. You know hey. The grocer didn't have the twinkies what he's obviously a racist he knew I was coming in there number why Arnold's life is in Iowa on a drug case. I mean that's a stupid it's gotten. And ever everybody and and his brother insists there. Go out of their way. To criticize anybody that does have a great web them. And here how about this this is this if this is a paragraph before the last paragraph on our best qui attacks diatribe here. Why is it's so hard. For white people to stand with the are black and brown Brothers and sisters. You've got to be kidding me. This year really thing. They paired that there is a no ties between blacks and whites in this. Country that it's totally separate but you believe that crap dash eight. Roger workplace. You're going to see people and different. Different groups different day ages are different pay scales different skill sets. Black and why there is no attention paid to an anymore. Does she stand with the sheriff David Clark did she stand with. Actor Ben Carson proponent of questions and I doubt yeah I got a true. But you see big big talk and extreme in in absolutes. Absolutes. That statement would make you think that there's. We hate. Ads 11 o'clock. Can Hamilton's coming. And I can Hamels has been on the show for years and years now. I'm so do we say well we stand we have we're. People that we agree wit. Including our friend who's African American do we have to hitch over the head with a no of course not because we don't want you to judge him by being African American anymore that we want to judge me by being white. We have our own views we have our own brains sometimes we agree sometimes we disagree but the point is if you're a person of vote of of good character. You'll listen to other people. You weigh the facts and then you make a decision for yourself. All right and because you decision may not. Exactly match up would Beth and people like Beth doesn't mean you're wrong. It doesn't mean their right. But people love that they've put on that cloak. It's like James Brown when he is just about run out of gas and Andy his his guy would come on the stage in. Put that cloak around him and suddenly he was invincible in the Kindle I forget them very exciting show business but that would show business. But that these self righteous people who put on the cloak on themselves. And look down at the rest of those bore me. They absolutely. Bore me. You have these are my time Norma interest because you don't know I think but I certainly know how you do. Let's take a break and be back with more on those regular and I'm thirty WB yen is a Beijing coming just get tired of hearing. Entertainers. People that we pay even sports figures as entertainers people that we pay to see do what we like to see them do with this thing is we liar and saying. Dancers comedians whatever we want him to do what we paid to see them do. And when they step away from that and use that stage to try and lecture us the finger point that's on sale I didn't pay for that. He wanted to do. But if you're gonna public park and doing those who are interested in hearing it can show up and applaud you or do whatever they wanna do I don't need that I don't want it. And this this protest another voice in today's. Buffalo News Beth quiet Zach who is listed as a freelance writer and anti racism activists in the city of buffalo. We we are read true. Parts of two paragraphs. Why is that so hard for white people to stand. We've are black and brown Brothers and sisters because these title of this is why isn't the NFL standing with cabaret. So she's she thinks it's hard for white people to stand with our black and brown Brothers and sisters. And then she says is it and it isn't because a white woman was killed that people are finally paying attention about that. That's four of four and insensitive. Thought atlas quote but that's that's the way she thinks you know why because it furthers her agenda. It makes it makes it makes for compelling argument doesn't. Here's another a sentence from this this fountain of wisdom. This is the crux of white privilege. Not only to decide why and what is not racism. I she gets away from the fact she's trying to defend. Colin cabernet calling cap and it has every right to say what he wants. And the owners of the various teams have every right to hire who they want. And if they don't wanna hire you because you're going to be too much of a problem too much of a distraction. They don't have to miss the bottom line. If you if there's a price to be paid for everything. Good deeds bad deeds anything there's a price to be paid for it. It seems like. Be part of the price to and suggest criticize everybody else call everybody else races. Is never to be paid I guess it's like we're all whack a moles. We are like black holes you are or even you know just take a whack at the next person knew or disagree with and column races than. I've blah blah blah. Nothing gets any better and you can't wander in new you don't you don't know. It's like where everybody's opinion out of it doesn't agree with you. Hit him with a stake in candy falls right. I have and it's it's just it'd just annoys me to the nth degree I'd Tony give me a couple of your FaceBook from them Oracle's. Kathy says yes stick to what you know and make believe. Yeah that's exactly right. We admire your creativity. We pay money to hear the performance or to see the performance leave it at that. Aren't we didn't say it doesn't say I'm a dig at the echo upon purchasing a ticket. The entertainer has a right to critique and criticize the way you think in the way you live not part of the deal one more. Jean says cannot stand we don't have any interest in your political views she lost entertained. Just shut up and sing. Just that's all you have to do if your singer. To shut up and sing nobody cares what you think. Let's go to accept others who wanna get on the same stage revue and say I agree with him. Or her Peter and saint Catherine's Peter on WB AM. Certainly good morning hello hello Peter. This might put this put put it up to the pros and daughters don't. Tip off on a course. And they give them some kind of street credit. Com open and spoke that's kind of garbage sort of bidding more supported and go. I think went. Former President Obama remote and the site of company. But when he started this community issue and disrespect can flag on them. Actually is a lot of well you shoot for me and immediately think there's something more sinister than this. I echo your and in this discussion and I agree every single thing that you said today. I would guess and might point to be about seeing this portable one step foot. I don't think caught and company Sunday once stability and a sub. I think this has nothing to do it anymore. I think he's trying there's some sort of so elusive element trying to actually destroyed. Get a I think she. Went to post a boy stopped and it has begun because folk like me half walked away I'm on public support in the NFL but right now. Okay thank you are very much you know what I was waiting for the first game on Sunday. As as we've they were making area a memorial moments. Through the memories of 911. And of the flag was out and there were officers having to police and firemen matter of who holding the flag whatever. And then they went and have a National Anthem did you notice what they didn't say. They didn't say please rise and remove your hat. They left that out did you notice that while they did they left that out and I was I was waiting. Under those circumstances. To see if anybody. Would just sit out the National Anthem. Now we didn't see everybody's so we can't say definitively that way but from what the camera showed I didn't see and that's good. That's good because somewhere along the line you have to draw the line. And I thought that this out of respect for what happened at 911 in the great heroism in the extreme sorrow. That we all experience because of it. I thought it would be beyond despicable if anybody says about that and them. But they did not compensate. Please rise and remove your caps they didn't say they're left that out. Soul. And the teller and television and show anybody so if anybody was doing here and we don't know that they work as we incident. Then a that would have been perhaps a gross misjudgment. We're back what more are we wanna know are you know as tired as I am. A big preached to by entertainers. Its global warming us race as MS asses that is. Lavrov blah blah blah shut the hell up and leave me alone. Well Rebecca.