Sandy Beach Liberal Entertainers 9-13 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, September 13th

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And we Bagwell Biggio villainy by simple question are you tired of being preached to by entertainers. I you have a you have your own set of the standard Johnson of values your own moral compass. Is it it was is derived from a probably were your parents and relatives and and their friends. I'll be influenced you know you've made some decisions on your own to follow certain pass or not to follow certain past. And your comfortable. And feel like a good person. However. When these moralists start pointing fingers that I choose anyway you can't possibly be a good personal issue agree with them on everything. That that's where you have to draw the line and that's where it is right now. Stevie Wonder on the idea of fund raiser on television with some big names in there Stevie Wonder. At the and said anybody who believes there's no such thing as global warming. Must be blind or Allen or unintelligent. Lord please save us all so. If you don't believe minute you're either blind or unintelligent OK so you've been labeled there now if that's not enough here Stanton take. Because in the that Beth qui qui exact. In the Buffalo News today she is labeled a freelance writer and anti racism activists. In the city of buffalo. Is she says this is the crux of white privilege. Not only to decide what is and what is not racism. At all. Here's who gets to the size and decided you do. In your mind you'll get to decide and are you a fair person did you ever could do something that you're ashamed of because of a person's color ethnicity or whatever. And if she doesn't get to decide what you are you get to decide now public always is very happy to give opinions. However the opinions on always. Reach of the right people and sometimes they don't fit. What is so hard and this is her again what is so hard for white people to stand live are black and brown Brothers and sisters. Dot com. And you know bad you're talking about the NFL. How come in and watch an NFL game Wednesday. Why is it so hard for black people to stand will our white Brothers and sisters. Because the NFL is the majority of the players are the majority. Black. And the NBA there's a larger majority black but you don't mention that videos. There they should be judged by how well they play and that's what kind of as a teammate they are. That was the basic standards you know any kind of cola during a draft and the NFL scouts or general managers or you know. We go right to draft him. We think we could go to the Super Bowl but he's black so we're gonna pass. You hear that mill now Tony's laughing because it's that's eight. It really is no outlets give him several million dollars to sign. Let's give him a hundred million dollars to play the lying. And oh is he black I didn't notice now as see that's the way it is but she doesn't understand that. And here's the way as when the ticked me off by her again. Was obviously very compassionate. Isn't because a white woman with skilled. That people are finally paying attention despicable. That doesn't move anything forward doesn't. Let's go to Jason in buffalo Jason your on WBN. And he's what's your take on all this stuff. Well let's once you. Opal well for officials okay and those fantastic throughout my error there was forty. Some people. And that might help points in concert. Team doldrums you know those. Ran like Alec political opinion. Of our unity. Gain a law itself like. Aaron Mike wall here for his music. I think I'm here and paid money to get political thing here. And that's exactly the way I feel. And they should be complimented that you paid and you're there and you're watching and improbably enjoying the concert but that's not enough for them. Oh include questions if anyone thought bigotry become a flavor of the month well they're warriors become. So popular and they're tired of it. Because there there awards that they tend to get people's attention. At least they used to be. But overly. Using them means that they are now being mean virtually nothing and that's bad because they haven't done themselves a favor. When certain words which hole which always held a very strong meaning don't mean much anymore. Well I'm glad you watch the concert a ledger enjoyed at least the musical part of thank you. You know if you keep saying over and over again. Indiscriminately just say it's because somebody doesn't agree with you. If somebody doesn't ruin you must be racist that's all resort because it couldn't be either they have a different mindset than you they have a different value system and you. And then they always stack stuff up. They always say and they always one part out by the way next time he's here well. Law enforcement criminal justice system is Andy black. Look at the disproportionate. Number of blacks who are charged with whatever crime problem okay they'll tell you that. And you're thinking well. Good to you know wow something must be wrong here. But they never give you they never give you the other statistics of what percentage of the crimes are committed and and a convicted. Of a certain of any group. As a matter black or why your or anybody else they leave that out and by leaving that out you don't know if it's fair. You have no idea if it's fair. And that's purposeful they do that for reason or they give you a percentage. They'll say. A 72%. Over convictions are from this a racial groups so obviously it has to be. It has to be a racial thing. And then you find out later that 95%. Of the crimes are committed by the same group so 72% beginning a break. So that's the kind of crap they they throw out there and I just don't need it I don't wanna I don't need it. And but that's that's what they're doing and everything everything is politicized now there is no such thing as a non. Political event in this country Tony give me one more before the break it at fifty. I would do that Raymond says especially Roger Waters dumping on. President Donald Trump and you know how much I love Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fact I want to see them. A few years ago I purposely skipped this time because I knew he was going to be. More political than ever and anti semantic is very hard and he's he's just over. Just completely over the top right now I'd rather go see David Gilmour to meet David Gilmour is what made Pink Floyd not Roger walked. I'm glad you spoke with a your wallet because that's important. You might like his music what you don't have to subscribe through his viewpoint. And I think that's the that's the way it should be I think you can enjoy somebody's creative side. And a totally dismissed the that other side that they show from time to time. But these waters well admit that he's a hypocrite. You know he's bigger socialism. But he's as this fortune and that he's made through capitalism. Journal he's not gonna turn that away outlook rob rob hypocrites. There really ER. I'm because they they get wrapped up in that self righteousness. Is nothing like it. It's like Wonder Woman and her magic. A bracelets. You're always wrapped themselves around their own righteous self righteousness and think that they couldn't possibly. Miss judge somebody. Or they couldn't possibly be wrong when in real fact. They ought to reassess their position. Well let's take a break and return on newsreader and I'm thirty WV gathers service quote India opinion piece another voice protest why isn't the NFL standing with the government. Written in today's problem is by Beth acquire attack. Because I wanna I wanna give a quote to benefits issue I like her quote is. Isn't BO it's taken one full year for a white player to kneel in solidarity. Won Haston one term. Isn't because. A white woman was killed that people are finally paying attention. So she's questioning whether. If a fair appraisal what she's and his. She's questioning whether white people think fit though war the black lives are worth less than white lives. Less important that's her that's her position. Now let's let's just take of one famous quote from a guy you may have heard. Marten Luther king junior. OK Doctor King said we are to judge people not by the color of their skin by the content of their character. Now Beth. You have no idea what the content of the character is of people you're referring to your judging them solely by the color of their skin. Remember when he made that quote he managed to apply to every one. All right both both minorities and majorities in anybody in between. He meant that we are not to judged by the color of his skin but by the content of character. And to me I'd buy that it's too bad you don't. It's really too bad. Right whose excellence. Let's go to my friend Don in Pennsylvania Gunner on WB and. Good morning standing there wanting Tony are you guys doing today. Where fine done know what do you have for of this are you tired of being preached it too by entertainers. Absolutely. But they did that they've got they got a microphone. They have the microphone on the stage. But the audience is usually a mixed audience all hard. Yeah I mean some are are mainly either a minority or majority but most of them are mixed and there's a lot of support. For the talent on the stage. Rather than just the color of the talent on the stage. That's for sure I mean let's say if you go to caution over W go do. Yeah they noticed either an up onstage I mean that's the reason why you're there you know I didn't see the policemen there to kind of protect people. You know if you really look at it from the early days of rock and roll. There were influential. Certainly minority artists. And I think that in sports. And in their music specifically. That the artists themselves. Are very very open a cooperative with the each other the other really compete for the dollars and they compete for the seats in the epic concerts or whatever. But boy if there's a place where you don't care at all. What color somebody is it's when their performing I mean that's aggressive great equalizer. That's today and sure. But. Usually. I was reading the results of this survey. Dealing with the decline. In the rest of the NFL. Because it had. Declining ratings. And they wanted it various reasons why. The rating would declining. And the number one factor was not the safety of the players with a helmet issue and. The city. The number the number one problem was what you're dressing today. Was the fact that there. Against United States of America and its flag and let's go along with people like cap redneck. So if if you're an NFL all the last thing you need. In your on your team is somebody that undermining. Your popularity. What guy is directly affecting our business somebody's got its act said. And it's already strolled up and they said hey if you had no waitress that was annoying customers. You wouldn't hire her if you know it and after you found out refuted noise after you found out if I earth. Or him. Server assurances that it just a waitress so the bottom line is you don't bring people to help you do business by turning away your future customers or their customers that are there and now it's a simple business decision if if they thought camper and it could bring into the Super Bowl bully me beyond our roster. Precisely and that. Good to be honest with you if it was so one player that did what I predicted this started. That person would also not be employed today. And Avaya let's say today they brought up several as the others that I wish it hadn't scroll already Tim Tebow as a good example. Of Tim Tebow is. It is apparently a very religious person and he showed it in various forms while he was playing. Tim Tebow is not on an NFL roster now is anybody standing up and saying wow what's the matter with the new Christians. How could he be how could it be railroaded off of playing his beloved sport of football simply because. He is religious nobody's saying that nobody ever said that because you don't have the same attitude. Of from people who observe fairly how the NFL works it works would have guinier play all right so I'm here. That's an excellent. For example you just. Yeah I Tebow is it would be a great example. Is so if you use the black example viewed as you say it's a racial issue. His would be a religious issue when they're not the issue resolving issues than whether they comply and wail and what it's worth the cost benefit analysis. Are you gonna drive customers away from the seats Unita hired talent at the main reason or somebody employs to draw our customers still the seats yes don't. You know shout nobody is especially in the media are reporting or talking about the fact that. The Baltimore Ravens were all set to sign Colin cap or neck until cap and ex girlfriend sent out a racist racist tweak. While the owner of the ravens anti Nixon deal right there in that. I mean days it's gotten to the point is so crazy that you think you can make charges against anybody or anything or any group and they stick. What they forget especially performers. When I am performers are often I have ever occurred. When Frank Sinatra. Was just not and I'm dead. And there were some hotels that would go to play where Sammy Davis junior couldn't stay in the same hotel he wouldn't play there. He would go to a different thoughts now. And he was sees it stand up for him and in the even in the earlier days of a big bands. When they were pulling the summit videos some of the venues. Where's some some of the members of the band. A warm welcome that would change venues I think showed businesses have been I had ever curve. A lot of the stuff. I thanks done thank you very much. A guy irate a lot of biographies and there was a lot of racism. In the early days of show business of the early days according to what we like to read about. But performers stood up many times for other performers. And and it's hard to believe that. There were some who could play there show home. Who were top a top flight minority performers but they couldn't get a room in the hotel who do you believe that. And yeah but it's true and and and and it's been documented many many times. The Sinatra is the best example I can think of whereas you you take us all we are group or you'd take none of us we're gone. And I he had the power to do that not everybody has that kind of power but the fact he had the power to do it. He wouldn't have been singled out if he hadn't done that because that's that was the that was what was going on at that time it was wrong. It was easy for a big star the just disregarded he didn't disregard it. And that's the point and there's a lot of people like that and I think as surely. As we started a racing these. These obvious. Manifestations. Of racism. I think that if you point to sports in your point entertainment. And they may have been a header for a lot of these things. Because there are bitter row fame was used as well to drop people. Chu a troop apply to make information available may be people didn't know. Because and they liked him as performers over listens. Now it's just it's so cheap easy now. Well everything is racism everything is bigotry blob blob blob blob while some homophobic CIA guy and and good gender discrimination. And you know idea. And it's as solid as is Larry the label gone berserk. On news radio and I thirty W via. This is so weird and this happens to me a lot of relief does. About a minute and fifteen seconds ago the fact that. There are commercials and I'm kind of a drug kind of dreaming away. And I said to myself and I haven't talked to candy Johnson from Roswell. In in all a shoe giver cause nothing's going into space words when my favorite people. Five seconds later the commercial comes on. From four Roswell park. With Kenny Johnson on. Isn't that weird does that ever happen until it happens to me all the time and yet it does and you and you and I also think it's up in the album shows a commercial out which holds ain't saying there was no indication that that commercials coming up because I don't have the dialogue that Tony has budgets have been. My own commercials that'll tell you I don't know what's coming up. I'm thinking I should be over mambo. There she is as it is amazing happened do you ever beamer in a few weeks ago I was thinking Jimmie dale opt out. America well you are at. If our pathetic. If there really are ever heard at the CT SO Saturday December 16 yes I said. December 16 at key banks that are 3 PM. Minimum value is fifty dollars courtesy of live nation journal conscious rules apply which may avoid you can buy them tickets on sale Friday at 10 AM and tickets are com. Call now 6449875. And they went there will be chosen at random. By mr. beat her. Let's go to a frank. Yeah and wander frank here on WBM you're tired of being preached to by entertainers. All right Jack yes you know that these entertainers are so that pathetic is that it is like. So why don't they come out and give this man is jab you know I've heard who was sitting about this entire city and it. I you know what it's demand what they had hit. That kind of football capability. Is sparse throwing the football stay in the match whatever gap. Yeah well like you brought up because point we're done with key ball. You know the magnitude of the average out he you know he's not complaining. I find Minor League Baseball the other bottom line is he felt. He's felt a need to work dual when he did. And he did it he doesn't have a job but nobody said it was because of that and a manifestation of being a Christian nobody said that at all but why is it these sudden and suddenly have that need with cavernous. I don't know everything that duplicate that double standard you know it's almost like he's become a cause celeb. You know because. He is eased up to date is apple American volleys he is actually you know I. Yeah next. But the thing is big party did this thing by nearly. And it got detection tool tit city nation about his it's like because he didn't want to. Stand and salute the flag and you know and I and I just sort of part of this whole thing if there's so. Tired. I get so upset with the concrete. And you're kind of committed millions of dollars. You know I've been thwarted if he'd take his place. You know it's more important to athletes and performers. Than money I can tell you fame. And he is he has more fame whether it's a positive or negative. By a by doing what he's doing now or what he did. Are there any ever god while playing quarterback from memory had one good year as quarterback those memories fade and hurry. This is when they write his. His bio all of this will be the lead that that he did this a form of protest. And so he's very comfortable knowing this first of all he's not eating government cheese. He's earned a lot of money over the very short time that he's been a NFL quarterbacks though he has a money does sustain themselves. And meanwhile this is his only claim to fame right now. Oh for sure and he knows there and it and as long as he can keep his name in the media I'll keep it in the new. He knows that he knows that he can he can make money and it all is assists said that commentary. And our our end of what's going I'm in our society nowadays you have thousands of people. Down in Florida. Doubt itself is. Taxes that are in dire need of how I do it just like baby for crying out while complaining. Get heat not getting his rightful it in the NFL well I'm sorry excuse me. We're from being not giving any sympathy for him I don't have any sympathy for them. Now I'm as Stevie Wonder was on stage last night raising the money for for the hurricanes as stricken. Areas that anybody who believes that. There is no such thing as global warming must be blinder and intelligence. Lord please Davis also he's at he's written you off for me awfully does not know us. Has no idea what our credentials are but where unintelligent unless we agree with him among global warming. Of course the of course you know every time there's this storm we can't there's an error gain every gender does they'll start it's because global warming. What they've they've bought them as to what it would be important fiscal I think it's warming period. The main thing here always is when it dinosaurs were roaming. And every Erik Cole Harris what do glaciers took over as separated the ID be out the confidence. Well when the site says that apparently. There must've been global warming going back. Meanwhile Al Gore keeps preaching 'cause he keeps making money whether hey thanks frank thank you very much guys Sony and and beamer if beamer is off the phone. I have a very simple question asked. If indeed you know what's his competitive on the field. Is the pro is the has telecasts of the games this is this is where the NFL makes most of that money. So why don't you take something like ESPN. Which has black. Black analysts and they have wide analysts. And they have women and they have guys right how come none of them have hired cavern. Are you would think that somebody of this great. A magnitude of following. Would be a very beneficial thing for broadcast network and they already have black white women every combination you can think of and and rush played. Rush played a a SoundBite. From a guy who was doing his first sideline reporting. In the late game the other night right on that we criticize Rex Ryan the job and he's he said that when they. His sound byte was. Follow up how great it was a because of the diversity. Of him being there. I make Hamas and he's a sideline reporter. You've got to bring diversity in there so he. It heat by his own a tone. A diminishes how how good he has. He's saying basically that he's there because he's of diversity. If you quote the I shouldn't even be there because he does a good job you would think you would think. All right I don't I sideline reporters no matter whether bear him our current members I think there are a waste of time but the bottom line is this is where it's going. Political correctness gone amok but how come out of an Arab broadcast networks have hired governor. And you would think the wait ESP Yan and a Sports Illustrated is going all the involvement of gone both feet in the water politically now it's no longer just about sports in the ball. You know no bones about it openly Britain and and their their bank of our networks they should bring camper not to do social com. Exactly and and that is the exact same reason that he doesn't have a job with a club oh by the way houses used against ratings the job don't go away cost benefit analysis. What would be the benefit of having Colin Capp permit either pre game. The game or post game having him involved would have to say ESPN because we know everybody is already its not like there. They're all one you know one area they're all different areas okay. It's because of a cost benefit analysis it costs too much for K government it's a distraction. All right the benefit might be suing yes this day of besides taking a knee during the anthem. But they they haven't have. And believe may have but it ought to do what they could do it. No problem no owner is is going to complain because ESPN has him. Off under contract to work to do broadcast work that I gonna do that the of the flak would be yeah. Lou would be very very heavier say something like that happen. So the bottom line is nobody wants them from whoever own reasons but it's not because there are racist. Because you know how they got to become a multi millionaires and billionaires they were in some kind of business than they decided I'd like to be an NFL owner. And that's that the biggest business of all for most of them. And they're very because they want to provide to the people by the tickets the best product they can afford. That's yet. Believe me they're not very key blacks vote. They're very make money and if you recognize that. I did go a long way toward that being able sleep tonight was that a break demo returned to some phone calls under Israeli and I'm thirty WBR. Writes I've been very annoyed by this another voice in today's Buffalo News by Beth quiet tech. Is she is described as a freelance writer and anti racism activists and city of buffalo. I am now going to apply a slam dunk. This will just this'll just. Take any any. Any is there anything she had to use as an argument goes on the drain when this one okay here is her quote. Why is it's so hard for white people to stand where there are black and brown Brothers and sisters. Well Beth I have one word for Oreo. Houston. I want you to think about what you saw in Houston. Did you see any racism and Houston death. Where did you not see people helping other people they're neighbors they're friends. Into votes into say endure as some kind of safety. That's always saw. How come in and write this about that. Death. And do you think people were racists and subways and malware races but is not a good time to be racist now. Because we might need some help from from somebody else so. Will will suspend our racism for a few days but we'll go back to it later. Know what you saw. Were people helping people. And what you saw was the best that America has to offer and so I think that that simple statement. Shuts bets argument right down. Let's go to Pete in Ontario. WB yen. And they truly are there racist but any added I can and ought. They want. The party. He. Wants to Robin. Others see. Democrat across the across the board now looking like. It really are caught up despite their indians' way. The majority of people that came at its present out what in America and an article on block. I'd go that it's note that this is out to vote would come out. Now go to go to when he won the election and I understand that the Electoral College. Bentley made. It that's fine but they're never gonna win another presidential election again and if they keep doing it. Because people don't even considered so conservative. They're not American. They're they're gonna vote. The American way and that dot net and so I think he bought it are concerned are adding it's not ridiculous. Yeah it's almost like if you if you are considered a patriotic person. That's a shameful labeled they have how could you be patriotic to a country that is so unfair. Is is their mantra. And I don't I just don't understand that attitude I really truly don't. He. I have ever been a mistakes made certainly. Have their been injustices certainly. But I think we've made great great progress in the history of this country. And anybody oh just goes out there just trying to stir the pot just to stir the pot I find reprehensible thank you. A lot of the things that think about a lot of things that were done routinely. That would discriminate against. A race story minority group. Have I have been changed and and laws have been enacted. So that drug of those of those injustices have been addressed. And does anybody who think that any owner of the NFL. Is going to be thinking and now I gotta keep that black quarterback out. Look at the rosters. Or beau Craig. I've they're predominantly black. Seriously. And think that there is national a football it has a thing again against black players are black quarterbacks. I don't think so. I really don't think so and they start. Would some dumb things like the Rooney rule which I think is absolute. A it's just an. An affront to common sense. The Rooney rule says dead zone there weren't enough black head coaches. So that if indeed. You have an opening you had. To interview X amount I'm on the on the number and effective you know Tony tell who it is X amount of of potential black coaches. Before you could hire. Any. Coach at all OK so I've done bad that's superficial it's really ridiculous because you can have somebody on your staff. That may be was an offensive or defensive coordinator who knows the players in the plays and are males that would be perfect but you've got to do a sham interview. With two people before that or three people before that. Just to make it look. Howell open and fair view are well they probably did there for a reason probably served a purpose at one time. But I'd I'd I believe in honesty being the best policy and he hired the best person for the job that's that's a pretty basic come. Add to end of the best person is already understaffed please already understaffed. If it's this year and she's already on his ever think we only have like one of that so. Boom maybe in the future remark that but it has to be on ability. It has to be on able to do the job okay. And if you bring if you bring baggage beyond that which you baggage it's not the NFL's baggage. The NFL does not put that as a a job description. All right can you do the job if you can do the job they'll banging your door down you're one of the bang their doors down. Especially if you can bring a winning team a winning attitude and the news the glorious Super Bowl. They wouldn't care if you're plaid they've diario. 8030 I'm trio want it hundreds there are very few applied players. 18066. Degrees six Annie Platt lies matters Shane my lives do matter especially on the golf course in Scotland. I'm just telling you I'm just telling you Tony don't be so casual. All about that you've been anti flat right from the beginning you never at a plaid car have you. Is there applied garner neighborhood no I you plant a fall back yes and if you go to the car dealer does he how many glad of vehicles that have not Manny. Keep watching something's wrong in America I'm gonna write an op Ed piece of a buffalo knows where back after events.