Sandy Beach Liberal Entertainers 9-13 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, September 13th

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As we have back we're verbiage is coming of sandy beach Ken Hamilton has joined us before we get back to our subject camp. I give me your atop a video mind thoughts on the the big election yesterday the big primaries there weren't any real surprises weren't there. And then all of that there really wasn't camp Hamilton vehemently with the there earlier producers phenomenon that is wise major forgot it from the time I said MM yes and there was a purpose for me saying it okay. And the way that I said it when I said in August the entire issue is that people do for now. I mean they forget about three and a half years of complaining about conditions and then they go to polls and reelect the people simply complaining about all of the time this is not an indictment on any current or any. But it is the way human nature is and the politicians have. Been able to say that it to predict these things and to market for these things to happen and stay on top because people do what people do. And that was a lesson that I learned when I ran for state senate back in 1996. But the other part of this election that is troublesome. Is the number of people they came out for via local election. Now we're talking about things that have to pertain to black lives matter and all of these other issues. And Ferguson and around the Missouri area way and Eric Holder who's been doing. In general these US attorney it's a local. His report clearly east. Said why those conditions in Ferguson's and then those suburbs and as so many other places in America exist. What we call police brutality and and they lack of representative amongst African Americans and yes I am an African American. It's not because it's just innate racism because we tacked too much of political power. But we only vote in national elections and we don't pay the local elections. Where the people that impact our lives on a day to day basis they're actually fast start is pretty much starts and finishes. It starts and finishes there. And so with a population of Ferguson where most of the people were African American. But they only at one African American I think I'm a government that consistent and 79 people now that's changed a bit because of what happened there. But it hasn't changed and other communities. The most important thing you can do is to get. Involved while. That's up old male former house speaker says all politics are local. And taking control of your local government meaning that you get involved not only going down the polls voting mature at those council meetings. Your part of the committee system that you get fully involved. At that local level because you cannot speak out to your state to your federal senator to the president or any of these people. The most important person and the criminal justice system. Is geared towards the amount of money you there's no question about it if you can afford a good attorney. Then you increase your chances of giving you a good outcome. In the criminal justice system. OJ Simpson proves that even despite the color. The one of the issues that you were talking about this earlier and I and I have to get back to this let me finish a spot first. That it is not so much your mayor's not so much your City Council but when you talk about the criminal justice system the thing is short judge. Who are you electing for judges do you get involved in any of those elections on my putting down any of the judges that were elected. However when you look and say that 20% of the people. Vote you have to understand that and that's when he percent. There's probably a much smaller Munro pretty. Number of voters and those numbers there for you don't even vote for who was going to be your judge. Who's going to be standing there convict you or your kid or something else of something and standing for the system. That actually put them there. Now what you said is so important I wanna bring something and because it's timely. Do you feel that New York State's rules that say that if you're running for judge. You can't tell the people are voting what kind of a judge you would like to see. And you you basically can't do that they don't allow. And you just said how important the judges are which they are. I think that that should be eliminated but some miss somebody gives you their qualifications and said I here's how I think in general. Not a specific cases but in general I think we should note that we vote for judges. Well one of the ways that you tend to know what that is is to go back and look at what their party affiliation event for all of those years. They follow political philosophy be run on all lines. But they're allowed a political philosophy is probably nested in what their registration issues. I've always voted you know even when I was. The Jesse Jackson Democrat. Left. That water don't they can't water and ice he's gonna bring up Al Sharpton and I'll leave up and it got no value volume as little as they created just to check the UE book was named nice in Jackson created Jesse I am not gonna do it. Now you name Lou I. Voters head of focus because that point about the judges. And making sure all battled locally and and judges would be an important things dual research before you. Surely you can't do the research as to who is going to probably make the most fair judge. Again when I was voting as they registered Democrat being a Democrat. I would vote him off party lines on the specific philosophy that I want each of these candidates to have. Whether it be conservative than one way too liberal on another way. And this those second party lines but both of those smug so much nowadays is that those hardly even matter particularly here in Western New York because. Which we coalesce around these political leaders in the minor parties except for the extremely small parties. Tend to coalesce around who they think it's gonna win anyway and then they get their favors. And that fashion but nonetheless is still. The most important. Election that you can get involved. Particularly in the system like what we have in Western New York. Is at the primary level do I want judges to be free to say. Any and everything that they want us all know I I agree with the New York State's law that says that she cannot talk about. You're general temperament. Because it is easy enough for the voters to go out of find out what that temperament and his. But this yeah well like this you're not you allow the people who make the laws to do it and the judges just interpret those laws. Yes you do and you have ordered Johnny wow where'd Chicago. And now you know however 'cause I agree with you. I Q how the people that make the laws to give you their temperament why not the people who interpret. But here's the issue. The people who make the laws we generally accept the fact that they're lying to us anyway. I mean we know that that they're not gonna do as a matter of fact. And the city of Niagara Falls back when Chris Robbins was running for City Council he turned out to be one of the best City Council people we've ever had that I don't know. In my forty years it and around city government. They have all of the contestants talking about what they were going to do once they became a city councilman. I make sure that I was the last person asks question. And it wasn't a question it was a statement. And I said to those groups of people I'm on the space that I've listened to everything that you people say you're gonna do. I'm gonna tell you you can't do it you won't do it you can't do it because the city charter won't let you do it. I have to admire Chris because Chris how Robbins was the only person who came up to me thereafter and said sadly America and though he says. Yeah I talk to my mother she says you're actually right the charter won't let us do. Of the things that we said that we're gonna do it and it is incumbent upon the voter to get fully involved to know and understand that chartered the budgets and all of those things. Because any election. There's not a beauty contest. Here is a job interview and you're the boss and when you give up that boss shipment of judging these people by their. By their abilities to actually govern once they might be elected. And they become your boss. I always come back. I'm gonna get back to our specific sub ago are you tired of being pre show. But I'm gonna ask him Hamilton. It with us to avert what 12 years central Virginia supply and it's almost at its slump by. I'm gonna ask a question or memorex on the air or off the year yes I am extremely handsome yes that that's a question that governor yes it's true asked and answered yes Stevie Wonder about your work. Yeah I felt as vice that it Al look backwards more after is saying and I'm asking the questions today are you tired of being preached true. By entertainers and I mentioned two different things were preaching about two different things. Stevie Wonder in via the big fund raiser on television for the hurricane victims. Saying at the end of the the broadcast anybody who believes there's no such thing as grow global warming must be blind or an intelligent well okay. So they get that from Stevie Wonder. And then this woman who wrote the op Ed piece. Oh this is the crux of white privilege not only do decide what. And and what is and what is not racism. And that Jesus why and so wise as a hard for white people. Through stand live are black and brown Brothers and sisters. And is it because a white woman was killed the people are are paying attention. I mentioned Houston being good example of how we show we do work together. And at at times should show exactly that we don't have the things were accused of having but when asked Ken Hamilton a question now that an arrest and in twelve years on Iran fear. They can for those of you who don't know in room and then not on facetime is black. Have you ever knowingly in your life can. Been turned down for either job of promotions some things some gold that you had simply because. A year ago. What are act a dark about what I won't want to pander to address. You know bigger and is until Sarah deficits and that the economic these things don't bother you know can't get this I go work on something else. But. My cheat you again when I joined the navy. The job that I did radar operations specialist in only 1% of the people in the navy who did that were African American and it was. Old white navy. Job it was topside it was it was a you're advising command what to do you're telling them what they need to do they ask you the questions what should I do now what should I and so it was. It was one of those you leaked jobs. Might shape used to hold meetings. With the crew what he knew I wasn't gonna be the actual career have yet. We're trying to do show where no matter bigger last week regular on Tuesday night. Gloria yes and you did sound a lot like buy hourly that my crystal clear now. You. Now the problem that was. Is that. I outranks most of those guys and he'd take my people and then tried to you know brainwash them. Against Maria I know this until years later when we used to have our reunions. Dinars or you didn't do anything to address. And I did my own thing and I'd like he's active. I I did my job I did my job very very very well. I'm one of the praises of command of the captain and those people who really mattered. Which usurp the chief anyway but those were times when when the navy was in transition we had admirals on wall. Who recognize that the navy was in transition. Let African Americans were not treated well we Revere in the service to Robert Dunn in a ironing clothes and to a laundry and running the ship's story. And cooking and stuff like that. Are we were either down on the fire holds and the worst job after the that jobs and so we don't have too many topside jobs operational. And so he was making a transition to debt. Now all of that other stuff was our was balanced by that I was a part of a program called the brought an opportunity for two and the for officer selected trainees. So I was in line to get a commission. And then there's where are really screwed up because they've taken out of Albany Georgia. And put it in San Diego and it was for all minorities and it's a get out of Georgia because. Rural Georgia was just two races and put it in San Diego where we go to the beach on my long drink of smoke. It's time for a different outcome from your high rough and battle and I mess there isn't it was like Nadal. We have to learn to overcome adversity. If we're gonna be naval officers. We need to be someplace where we're sequestered and can actually study and get up to where we need to be system of this normal as H and I'll save us. When we start to look at the experiences of African Americans in this country. Every other minority ethnic group went through the same things it is true. It is true. But the thing about this is that no other group has systematically had their families destroyed as African Americans had systematically. And then. Have done so much for us. In all of these special programs. That we have never been able to break out of the cocoon ourselves and I looked up confirming. And Obama. And we keep calling these people black. They're not there biracial one of your callers said that her record their buyer ratio. To permit is is as much African. As he is Italian. Obamas as much Irish as the this. Canyons. And when we say what he's back where we're adding to that race of and here's what those two gentlemen have income. They were both abandoned by their fathers and so waste our a look at what what is the issue African Americans what is really racism. Racism is just the glow. If they don't gloat term. Planning to hold on to systemic problems that we have in this country the criminal justice system what lead to two criminal justice system we talked about this human as early. A lack of resources while what Leach into the lack of resources. Is that you don't have the proper education and you're not building your own businesses what what leads to do that heritage. Well the Buddhist or at all hours of the family obviously absolutely the reason I ask you that question. Is that though most people listening most of the people listening. Have and I've applied for job or not or did not get a promotion that they thought they should have earned and gotten. But most of them it was four or various other reasons don't want it too much money that in light grew you did your hairdo whatever. Very few out there listening mature right now. You can feel that I didn't get that. Because of the color of my skin. And I I don't think we feel bad enough if you're unless you're in a minority to feel that I had the qualifications. I was ready to do the job. The job would make a would make a better life for me and my family and I didn't get it simply because of the color my skin. That would make me so outraged I can't tell you and then only see that this clown who robe Beth. Quiet acts. Who wrote this and so can surely accuses. Anybody who was wide apparently in this in this article anyway I'll vote. Being racist it's just annoys me it just an issue are going much noise because the numbers don't substantiate that. I can give you case after case after case after case where race me the difference in a lot of the factors in my life going all the way back to can again. I'm a pass NAACP. President human rights commission this Obama I don't know county commissions on race got communities. Our community college all of these things and maybe ice I I was are on race camels and things like those. I and and the reason you and I are that you have me on the show this because we're able to disagree with they aren't as an add light instead of adding heat. To these discussions even today. I'm working with. Men who are working. Who have been clearly. Clearly discriminated against held back unfairly punished. And this is a public and in private sectors and embarks in the city of Niagara Falls. I'm helping them through the issues to a certain like and I can do this because of terrorism and and because I've gone through those same issues must. All right invent that's like a discussed openly like this because most of time is just glossed over it doesn't mean as much. And I'm just thinking of it happened you know it means some variants are you that right now and that's why we can't. We've really can't take rhetoric like here in this op Ed piece seriously because I think it hurts the cause miles well let's go back to cast a local park when most white folks were against those other white folks who that the racist and over why don't the flight quite a few or so. I looked back after this what can Hamilton he's black. And they sent him beautiful I hasty way and I'm pretty well here this will be back after. And today's the day from my buffalo vs a 99 dollar all access they get to the buffalo cigar and music festival for only 59 dollars. Get entry to all the concerts and events fifteen premium cigars are you need food meat angry with Thurman Thomas and more. Go to my buffalo perks dot com Ken Hamilton as well this. The basic theme of today's show are you tired of being preached to. By entertainers we had Stevie Wonder preached to us last night about global warming. We have video woman preaching to us today in the op Ed piece of Buffalo News about racism. Preach preacher grew ago and before you get to the calls let's talk about Stevie Wonder for site if we talked about things. It does these folks who were insensitive to global warming. And one person was now after this Herman Bing says it's not global warming anymore his. Global climate adjustment is what we have to do they keep changing. Well at Eddie's right is the best term market thank god because it suggests that the earth itself changes whether we have any impact on it and I'm sure. But what gets me upset is these entertainers around while Stevie Wonder I think he's worried he's he's won a talent he has. However. How can you not protest. That after Katrina. They put African Americans back down be lol. Sea level. And that might war and that they were doing us a favor at the same time that they were talking about global warming. The global climate adjustment would be is you don't put anything down there. In that Ninth Ward or anything below sea level limit to quit building these cities on the coast rebuilding them if you think that what you believe is going to happen. You don't look good mania and so thus in the Ninth Ward Fats Domino. Who it is could live anywhere you wanted to. Grew up in New Orleans as a New Orleans legend before it became nationals and debate the that we saw I am tired of being taken out of a third floor of the Ninth Ward from his house. And output rescued in a vote and yet he goes back there I I don't know what would make people no matter how closure ties are to a geographic section. But the thing you've put yourself at risk again is so enemy. It is so alien is really almost bordering upon criminal. That your government would do this to you Paul while they're saying we love the elephant about like this. His government say we love view of the police department says will defend you in the know as police department were were stealing left side. So if you're if you live. There and you see this. Why would you stay there where you say they're I don't think I was there at all on. I'm not the test case for this still live in Niagara Falls OS stroke and he's on the Tebow as some people like punishment. That. And I think it's going to easily for you actually I say that because I know I can make a difference rooms when I spoke to the naturalization sent my way through new citizens on the deck of the Little Rock. The first thing I said if I can offer some advice. Is that don't give away your vote it's the most important thing you have and I think people look at 30% as we have less than 1%. I'll vote for via the maker. I think a lot of people just routinely give away their vote and give it away I don't know whose fault that is probably two hours. And this and that and that it did and the case what is the value. Of the person. That's being elected if you've given away your vote is an opponent now you know I. I think Byron brown for instance. I think his greatest assets so far in office I'm not gonna make a joke about it as has been through work with the Google analysts who came and things change from a from gaullist him there. And you know you can lead follow or get the hell out of the way and I think the mayor kinda didn't get in the way. And that's and that's asbestos chief asset yeah I was animate talk until Monday as security there standing next to him Byron and I go Louis back together right. Besides walk up the buyer and an assistant you know some Byron he says yeah Kenny like as soon as you got a horseshoe of Cuba. He before Holland and he looked at me he looked at a security. And since it began with them says that means your really really lucky. A now his from his from. These are New York city's from Brooklyn so he would know what the horseshoe is that there apartment you're Susan Burton. Let's go to two Michael on a cellphone whom may not agree with your Canada Michael Euro can have a minute sandy beach. Yeah you don't like not yet in my never agree with mr. Hamilton never. I look this group of about it it's it's kind of a long time I kind of along guild I would just say this. I see things more. In the light of individual responsibility. And I noble and mean. Doctor and art teaching. That. Attempts to make organization is more organized or commercialize. Our four trade. And you know inventing victims basically as groups. Oh umpires here about minorities I'm tired of the word racism yes I'm tired of any. So liberty. Decade politician. I'm preaching and am tired of it is it's named after an end and I am not clear black history. And I've never met more racist people in my life that black people and I do and I grew up and awful all Whitmore. Again regarding what he just said. Do you think that a this service has been has been served because they've taken the real meaning of these words away because you saw. While there's a lot to might have to say Mike I you we agree on a lot of things and a pocket on a while on the one. I'm micro basis on a macro basis though you have to look at things and and the systems. I believe in personal responsibility. When the terror now statues of confederate. I sell it and I wrote on a couple of if you read my columns you find the do you agree with you more than you would disagree with me. Is that instead the tendering down on these icons what we must do is to me more step actions of our heroes and put them because my body. But you don't take away from somebody else. In order to make you happy because they don't have what you do is you create your own I've long said this that African Americans need to create our own Jeanne. Need to do what every other immigrant does however. In a government that has total control over you because they can tax you and then return your money. We cannot forget about the fact that the government plays a tremendous role. In our lives and that there is system and social building in this country that precludes things. He thought slavery has had a adverse and almost irreparable. Impact upon a single group of people. Unlike the Irish and if you track the Irish the Italians and Irish came over in the 1840s with the Italians came over the 1880s. And begin to graft out. There their crop I am and all of the other elements that we see in buffalo that they amongst African Americans you will see pretty much the same slope. Now the same slope on polygraph decision. Why you can disagree with anything that you want to because from what you just told me do what you are and how you are used this as your tight races. But everything that you said would indicate that there's a reason for that you have to have a broad mind again listen. Black people call me an uncle Tom. White people call me a racist and that's because I have studied these issues I've been a part of them have been adversely impacted by him. So and if you look on my FaceBook page. I got a whole lot more white friends and I've got black friends so I think I'm in a better position to say it's barely there. On all micro and macro I'm the only black kid and I can again Michael Graham I would become a lifespan of. Michael DUC. They can fitting in with the typical. A person who just thinks is it is a definitive line and that. They've been wronged all this time and things haven't gotten any better and it's not their fault you find him going into that because I I really don't see that was. Agree with everything you decide basically an interaction out for it underlying it but I just think. That picture here is teaching rather than talking about it ever again. We should just be proud that we're America there a better folders where he had such great amount a man and one place at one time that I owned. You know one of one of the greatest countries ever existed on the planet. I say the greatest. And did you sort of did you see user I'm using Newsome as an example. There was no talk of it there was no view of it it is seem like people adjust to working together and before you go they're sending let me address what he. I sent a that we had the greatest in the nation are we use that one of the greatest I think it's one of I think as the greatest I think that my contributions to them. Helped to make agree I am a war veteran I put my life at risk. For this country. But what you did say business that you're happy that we had at one time in our history. A group of great men who could do what they have done and so now you're already saying that you opera yes that history is important. What you wanna set aside black history at the same time. Well that's important to all history is important and we have to look at it realistically. Rather than you know and pick and choose the things that we want. Microbe I call anytime you're on 'cause and I find it to be an interesting conversation got around for the break thank you. We'll be back after this Ken Hamilton as well those a cannon is very active in Niagara county especially. And we always give my second in cases something he wants through tell us about. You have a a message about a fund raiser coming up. Absolutely the sum up life outreach center in Niagara Falls and organization really really really good people. Who do you know we we talk about the differences between liberals and conservatives at end and pro life and pro abortion etc. And they say well the liberals say well once the babies born you don't wanna do anything about it world summit like outreach center. Is the is is the epitome of doing things about it what they do there have been a part of this organization for for many many years of vick's supporters. Is that we held. Parents to make the decision to keep their child. And then to support them for two years thereafter by teaching them how to take care that he's and I said parents because it's not just one. We have men coming into the senate the senators on seventeenth and pine avenue Niagara Falls, New York. That that I comment to learn how to actually raise its we just talked about reuniting of families is the solution to. Many of the problems that we have in our society. While they. They have and they're twelfth annual fund raising banquet that's going to be on Thursday October the twelfth. 27 team. And what we're trying to do is raise enough money for ultrasound. Machine right on the site so that the women are interested in seeing with the baby looks like you know in their their consent earn their conception. And so they it's going to be at 6 PM at Baylor program at 79. And it's going to be a great great thing tickets are 45 dollars you can support this. Expect all you could slower than it is to be a part of us and got hit that as an opportunity for. For us all to get together for a cause in which we we all believe it is going to be an Antonio banquet and conference center and that's of the quality and that 7708. In Niagara Falls. I'm near. The factory malls. And it's going to be and it's on Niagara Falls boulevard so why you're out there thinking about shopping. We support these women and and fathers. Helping them with the babies through the first two precious two years of their lives. Let's go to a Kevin and candles and Kevin your outlook and Hamels and sandy beach. And he. Can I still think. You don't call me back. It. And you know I agree totally you know because they don't you know. Not finishing Gordon understands. And deported because they're wrong we disclose what Justin. Kimberly and everyone. Two receiving one just sing and sing and dance monkey that's quite hear our senior in that. That that I know we want important what they do well and we don't need to breaching the ago with a. Egg exactly do you know what they are more and do you look awfully slow a bit anguished wait your trauma to those southern states are you so be useful statue of general ground are Charlie's story. And ought to consider. Did you bring Coke into court you can get it reps I get angry whenever you sort start just like that. Not the only time of the south and I was really really concerned about any thing is. Is gone through Mississippi Arkansas and those blue lights flashing behind me. You see so you grow up a little lights in the court to open court you know artists are. You know all problem but in practice is that we need. You right to quote shortly hypocrisy of the left. And this so quote. You didn't know aren't in the community. We don't win it did to Egypt would be a different agenda and resource or general. Kevin you recently completed a campaign a way you well received out on the campaign trail or did you find some problems you didn't envision an inflow records you have for congress right. Yes I did yeah I'm actually know what prospect. I don't I don't what what he received a lot of people we think they told distributed by Libya. My experience like some ever. Oh. Or any sort of reach sit com beatle you reach is obligated to be where you wouldn't believe this but I. The rowdy BDC. Robbie. In Albany where are stupid guy because right certainly what you're talking about politicians obviously this but it people the next thing you know. Yet he's surrounded by execs state troopers. While. Yet what they apologize they were very nice that he tournament I was looking and everything people admire carried and afterward he realized that he made a mistake. You run off and out and disappeared because I was going to opt in to give them a good. I'm broke up with. Oh. Well I always thought wrong nervous is that managers are robbers Asian government we have to run bank you write a web Italian Garko I ran the show can solve weed through blowing out for a milk shake your friendlies. He's a nice guy ideas and and and rescinding the guys and girls like me because I look better and I thought. Civil right be found that out. This hang around with ugly guys got a better shot the women now income per might say Mike listen mate caller I ran for New York State Senate about the Republican Party. Call me a racist if you want I'd thank you can Hamels and always welcome. I might fill oh absolutely we welcome all opinions here absolutely took the two we've been references all morning that I would think before. Tomorrow morning at nine under his record at thirty WB yet. Well it's they never have to these beasts leeway here and I do give it him.