"Slender Man" Trial Underway - Ryan Burrow


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We're joined on the line via Ryan Berle we're talking about the slender. Man trial and for those of it you who don't know exactly what we're talking about rang answered it. Phyllis in these covering the trial or Ryan slender man. Exactly who or what is that. Fictional character kind nouveau horror this style fictional character who apparently. Has some influence. Who twelve year old girls in southeast Wisconsin. They alerted that they lowered its classmate into wooded area and stabbed her nineteen times attempting to please this fictional character one. Of the attackers says that she was under the impression that if she did not do this and carry out this planet. Slender man penitentiary essentially told her to do that her family would be in danger. And so old girls have been charged out at one time as adults. But right now initial wire is on trial she admits that she took part in the stabbing which did not rule resulted debt but obviously I. As severe will dig out this classmates. She pleaded guilty to you. The part of this second degree attempted homicide. But the question is now. I did she have the mental capacity to understand what she was doing at this time. If the jury determines. That she did not have a mental defects. And do you understand what she was doing at the time and the severity of it as she could face more than a decade behind bars but. If they say she was too young had a man to beat Beckett did not comprehend it. As she could face just a couple years in a mental institution and be released this suit is 20/20 two that's what they're determining right now. A kind of what was her state of mind at the time of the attack. Canal there were too old girl said that attacks the other one right so is will Libya second trial. Exactly and Morgan Geithner is the second blank sheet actually the one believes you've done this static and yet there will be a second trial resulting. In her little right now they just focusing out of this said and much of what the conversations between initiative Morgan had leading up Q. This incident are being discussed the influence state. The ball had out each other bolt. Obviously very involved in this undermanned out fictional character. And you know it's actually kind of security each other's emotions and understanding of the character. Between the conversations in the reading bad. Aren't it is awry amber oh covering the slender man trial.