Syria Strikes & SCOTUS - Peter Yacobucci


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Peter Yucca bush she is on the live line this morning above ballistic college political science professor. We're gonna talk about they gore such vote that's coming up today but Peter is a political science professor you've got to be watching this with with a big interest. Very much so I it. In the meantime and and I'm not quite sure if the president has thought through all the ramifications. Of bombings Syria. I know he has very well informed individuals within his National Security Council and the State Department. I hope be taking their by. He ramifications. Well look Syria is a client state of Russia. And when you attack Syria you are indirectly attacking Russia. And look Russia has the second biggest regular warfare herb. I'm bound to power is out there in the world and so. Well president has been. Very friendly towards Russia doesn't mean that that relationship can continue that way especially. If he bombs period and one of those bombs happened to hit Russian military which are on the ground in Syria. A lot of people were talking with this morning found this to be somewhat of the conventional response in how the decision was made and how others might react Hillary Clinton came out just hours before and said. That she would do basically the exact same thing as what happened last night. On should the response to this be anything other than conventional given. What's led up to the sport. Well I think and it that you think you there at one of the things and there weren't many that Hillary and Donald Trump. A bomb but apparently agree on down the to the opposite of what the outcomes that in the in during a campaign during his campaign. It unless there's a direct national interest in the United States we cannot do foreign military intervention. And there isn't a clear to Iraq impact on the United States. What happened is utterly tragic and it is inhumane. As what's happening in casting your own citizens. But Hillary Clinton called for that back in 2013. When Assad did the same thing do his own citizens so it is an interesting event. I think it's a dramatic shift in Trump's foreign policy. And I think the videos of those children. Being. Taken away yet from the gasping and made a big impact on him. We're talking live with Peter Yucca bush Shia political science professor at SUNY buffalo state. Peter could be airstrikes have any effect on the vote today in the senate and Neil corsets for Supreme Court. No I don't I don't think so I I think that will largely has been sat for almost a month now I think once the Democrats decided that they were gonna filibuster. On the real question was will the Democrats enough for the Democrats stick together two and two I and forced the filibuster and repeat the cloture vote. Which they did. I'm I think always from the beginning want course it was nominated all Republicans Grenoble for him and now it just take a simple majority. What did you think goes employing the so called nuclear option yesterday. Well at. It if I mean in in my opinion it disappointing at this point for the country it takes away at another chip away. At the fundamentals of our democratic system in congress the the idea when our founders established congress. Is that how would do the majority of work. But then that's and it would be there to make sure the whore house does not go too far. With this is another step of making the senate yet that's exactly the same as the house and I think. It's gonna result in greater partisanship. And that type of hyper partisanship we've been seeing over the last several our congressional session is gonna continue probably at where. Artist Peter Yucca bush Cheney from SUNY buffalo state political science professor on both the air strikes on Syria. And that mural course such vote coming up in the senate today.