Trump to Trek To Florida Again - Karen Travers


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Joining us live this morning Karen Travers correspondent at the White House and Karen the president we understand is making plans to visit Florida. The president will head down there tomorrow but we had no. A lot of that is still being worked out still trying to figure out where the best place for him to go to. Meet with people surveyed damage but also not get your way into power crews that are working in people that are coming back to their homes last night at the White House was kind of a jump start to what might be a tax reform to work. The presidents inviting half a dozen senators to the White House three Republicans three Democrats and all of those Democrats interestingly Europe for reelection next year off from state that the president. One big last year czar part of his push to start the process keep things moving on tax reform. We're also told that the president is going to travel to as many as thirteen states over the coming weeks really just taking his. Tax reform sales pitch directly to the American people. But at this point it's a lot of conversation. There's not a lot of agreement yet and as we keep noting there's no plan on paper White House officials say that could be coming. In the next few days very soon they wanna put out some solid proposal to lawmakers can start working with something. Cure we saw this bipartisan push from president trump started last week over the debt ceiling now would send a tax reform. Can we see it on some other fronts too. The way house says it'll work with Democrats on anything that could possibly get across the finish line while still sticking to the agenda and principles that the president wants to push forward. You know I think the reality for the White House is they can't guarantee they can get tax reform done if they only count on Republican votes. White House officials said that to reporters yesterday. He can get across the finish line if they're assuming he gets to 51 the need to reach out to Democrats right now. It's a big issue for the president how big of an issue is it for Democrats. Is a big issue right now I mean there's the fact there even sitting down the table with the president shows that they're willing to have this conversation. President's going to meet again today with a bipartisan group of lawmakers. Including. Some house Democrats moderates who were told are willing to have this conversation aren't as Karen Travers line at the White House.