U-S: Corralling the Koreas - Michael Caputo


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We've got WB Ian talker and strategist Michael Caputo. With us live this morning you Mike alongside South Korea's acting president insult today vice president Mike Pence is there are telling North Korea. The US is out of patience where things stand do you think right now. Well I think we're at and I pointed tensions between us and North Korea and these are long long while I was patient in our career on the PM the military. Exercises. I was in the military in the in the eighties at the top spot in it you know as we all know. There is no peace treaty between north appropriate just garment and it into the beer they'll award it. United States' options really follow and support category commitment they always. Either economic sanctions. Covert action. Diplomatic negotiations even vote for report looks like. The problem ministries who spoke to figure North Korea's strategy on on proper economic sanctions. They're talking about an oil embargo or our global spam airline. There are probably intercepting cargo ship there and even now punishing Chinese bank. We do business with North Korea so right now it economic that would and they're rattling with paper. And North Korea bailing there are sending off of other built before that. Anything can happen. Is there were hope that with China and now maybe you know working a little bit closer with the US on North Korea that. Things can change because in the past that I know many people of said that there's just not really. March the US can do with North Korea because military. In the use of force. Isn't. All of that great of an option considering had the prospect to have retaliation on South Korea. Well we don't know how far in China is we you know it appears from. The president comment and other things were sitting in the media that China behind it. United with the international community against these was rock provocation from North Korea but don't forget. You know we. Deployed are bad missiles and anti missile system. Are in in South Korea like we've done in Guam and Hawaii. After one of the other recent missile tests and China were very upset about that and they're still upset about it yesterday when one of the things that are vice president and talked about North Korea is stirring up the construction of that that there were still months away from having it ready. Indicate terrorism missile strike the China I don't know they may may may be all and then in opulent also. We have to remember another thing. Are there is a recent corruption scandal on North Korea where the president had this step out of bound to be prosecuted. And their snap elections being called. And we could see it here and policy of South Korea. If a left wing democratic united party is elected they have been critical of it saying. Bad missile defense system and they're all called for more peaceful engagement with North Korea so we vitamin C South Korea. Are you a little bit more cozy with North Korea if the elections do via the wave we we opened well. What we learned from that failed missile test over the weekend. Welcome idea there's Sunday's missile launch the lead to nuclear test IBM launched. There's going to be a global response. Including China maybe not including China Europe but it looks like it's gonna include China. But the north doesn't seem to be quite at the ways that were they content tonight medium yet but after the failed launch. Are on yesterday. I expect it be that great civil sort Carla. Our car pull up and Ryan are get together IT VM on deep that there are ready. If that happened all bets girls. What do you. I think people should make of North Korea because I've. Feel like most people just look at them as a joke and certainly the failed missile launch over the weekend doesn't. Helped that depth perspective it all they kind of look at North Korea's self. You know what are they going to do but you know slowly but surely they're really building up these capabilities to do some serious damage. Well what I was stationed there. We would at night we would come to stop light and Ole opry and everybody would turn off their lights on their car. And I I'm not sure they still do that could even back in the eighties we expected North Korea to be able to attack. Art South Korea. And any back. And in fact operated you know its goal it was always buy a ticket scene back in April some kind of repair or. We expect very North Korea will attack primarily now. But if they're if there is successful as they looked to be getting. Right now in the ice Indians are very. Other continent could be in be why it could be in danger there. On the American. Territory of Guam could be in a bit of an attack on Guam Hawaii or that the but it won't or three. Michael alas being made over a shift in policy for president trump you know in it in the early stages presidency here. Do you see at that point. Why do you Donald Trump as a negotiator. I said many times on WB Ian. That if you think I'll talk to conservatives are going to be just ordered he would buck are accusing the Sochi. Ballot paper example on the Chinese currency manipulation. And betrayed. Aggression he worked there. Our Paula gives China he's taken off the table right now is China is apparently playing a very important role. And culminating in maybe even slowing bird bird bird elements of the nuclear capacity of on North Korea. Our I think Donald from the two positions as negotiating Serb. And did he need that sent some thumping in the lives of our our side or on the bag Berger was something like an international a global war. Is willing on the horizon with or courier he can't he's he's willing to do that now wants North Korea calls now Albanian. Side. You don't want the area besides that they're not going to be using chemical warfare against their own people we won't see anymore attacks from from Donald Trump. I think that without proper good negotiator. The position he takes. Are are there there's there's there's ideology and and could this be a art art starting points on in the Gucci. Ari that's Michael Capuano. He can hear hear often on WB and political strategist.