U-S Open Golf Recap - Steve Carney


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The US open let's talk about it Steve Carney golf pro at holiday valley resort in delicate Phil as we saw Brooks Carl cut. Win the US open yesterday at Erin hills in Wisconsin. Has Steve were you watching this guy before this weekend. Yep looks up there's been a big favorite also sometimes I'll. Played a lot of the Childers touring Europe he's quite a good player we talked actually. They're quite good player may be a flying a little under the radar for casual golf fans are looking at tells about a. Well he's done it's. It's outside or sit soon several different meters over the past year. He comes out of Florida State. I'll worry had a stellar college career. We not. Not a newcomer completely. The joggers sort is that Pritzker org here he's played US tour. Three years he's a great player even atop birdie at memorial that's so a lot of us do know Brooks kept a very long strong player. What was its final round like form yesterday. Well you'd like everything at once correct order and he shot seven or hit seventeen greens. I'm. Made every company need to create count several put one on the sought to run out. Style apart on her thirteen this year at least thirteen states are at 62 green of the week which is extremely proud of your smoke. He was saying yesterday how a phone call might have helped amount win this major a little bit from his body. Dustin Johnson who won last year and Dustin Johnson last year was entering. And basically the same way error entering the final round I should say basically the same way that Coco Wallace. Yet completely different golf courses but on a lot of these players. Really lived together traveled together to stand her own interpreter gradually become very good friend. One of the billion about but shall call the song may not always. We actually try to help each cover around nobody hurting somebody wrong or actually open everybody played well so. Early and that's really what form caller about early I am a little bit. There and I'm not a long. He anything challenges this weekend I mean. I think I heard about some crazy winds there and and Aaron hill's. There wasn't horribly aware and are windier it was no one of the most actual. Factual things what. We heard a lot about 8000 yard golf course. Acquire. Their strength. What are the golf while obstacle along way each probably hurt and I'm like go play your ever golf course and when you get what he walked back a 160 more yards. We've got about the art that they were playing extremely long with curriculum more that in the future. What did you think about a Phil Mickelson taking himself out of the tournament to some this year. You know very. Just the thing to do it in your daughter or your graduate one aren't. Are yet he's never won the US open so that was pretty big for him to drop out. I'm bought it in another player chipped in and I bet they'd be very happy at what he did. Steve house the Dawson going down and holiday daily. How do belly laugh and most of it started off wet spot on the conditions with the winds. We've hollering about this sure we've ever been down. The past two weeks worded in a more summer like weather in the polls are open this guy I won't hear anywhere really or commercially but momentary break his. I think it is good to hear Steve Carney holiday valleys director of golf than that PGA golf pro. Joining us to talk about the US open yesterday.