USS Fitzgerald Incident Update - Matt Gutman


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We are joined now by Matt Gutman he is in Los Angeles keeping us updated on the missing sailors many of whom. Were found dead over the weekend and a man out what can you tell us as far as what we know bodies of seven American sailors found. Is there are any fear that more could be missing or dead. That don't know right now navy divers have been wreckage basically what happened is it's 30000 ton cargo ship he bone. The UX and FitzGerald. Very sophisticated data destroyer chats with. Essentially. Blowing any North Korean missile that this guy shook their heads towards the US really important ship very sophisticated stuff. But divers support seemed significant damage but no additional victims of that. You know collision. The question is why did it happen and how come nobody on that ship was able you are notified of religion and you're themselves out of arms away. It meant doesn't the other FitzGerald ham some kind of an advanced alert system if something like this were to happen. It has multiple radars and alert system that has what are called tactical watch officers. We job is to monitor the radar it has officers on the breached one or seven whose job it. You thought control. The direction of the ship and worked to keep an eye out physically for any Irish other ships that may be approaching that will be mysterious. Yes it happened in the middle of the night but it wasn't bad weather. There was perhaps mood it was out. You'd think that the officer should have been able to detect so that what are the big question that these. Or investigations are gonna look into you on how one that noticed and why it happened and you know another mysterious thing is that. The cargo ship took that giant U turn just minutes. Or the collision and they'd investigators are gonna out why that happened then. Was this intentional as terrorism. No indication of that yet but. That is certainly a possibility that will be invest. It is there any idea how long it might take to get to the bottom of that. It could take months in of these these investigations typically try to take that Condit is more important than getting out initial. Reactions or preliminary studies is that making sure that we get it right. So I think it takes some time don't they pick a long time to get this ship back on track probably at least a year. It was merely targeted. You know that the admiral in charge of the seven lead out there in Japan. This arrived at heroic efforts of those sailors to save the ship from going down it very nearly say that's how bad. The damage was. The seven who died did they die from the impact from this collision or. From drowning. Two really good question but it's unclear we don't know we know that you. They ship the cargo ship hit the what do Huber to. The first moreover under sailors' sleep at night. Com and it caught the ten foot gash basically opening the ship up in hand to the seawater working pouring in at you know. Thousands of gallons a minute it'd dating this scenario where these people sleep. And you know there wasn't much to could be added that happen in order. To prevent the ship sinking is that they have to seal off that those quarters and basically. Either you know. The other two couldn't make it out in time or were hurt from the initial impact or stunned. Didn't make it to the portal at times and in the noses at people drowned. Aren't that is Matt Gutman joining us she's covering the story is the bodies of seven American sailors. Recovered following that collision between the USS FitzGerald. And the cargo ship.