Vanishing Valedictorians? - Bob Bennett


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With graduation week here for so many high schools in Western New York we are learning about a movement nationally. Chancellor emeritus for the state board of regents Bob good morning to you doing. Good morning I'm well thank you Crete what do you think well I think it should say my goodness why wouldn't we recognize achievement. I don't understand the rationale calls for eliminating it it just doesn't make any sense to me. Now we have us some of the arguments coming out is that it doesn't really recognize the whole spectrum of student achievement and that's studies have shown recently. Valedictorian may be. Don't do is well in the real world so to speak once school lands as some of the other students so what do you think of those are recent acts. Well rationale behind the valedictorian is a grade point average and I think it should stay because it recognizes. Achievement on the other hand I think that you might want to think about adding certain awards sort of the complete person. I would give an award for community service myself because I think that is reflective of experience in. Also to an extent to which a student was able to take advantage of internships. To get some real world experience so. There's no need to eliminate valedictorian there. Schools. It's up to them pretty much do recognize different levels of achievement and and sports and other related academic achievement. I just think that the more we can recognize. Achievement among students a better will be where everybody. In the long run. And and class rank. That's pretty important especially when it comes to applying for college right. Well as one of the very most of course and that is important so has the ability to write clearly because most college freshman have. Terrible awakening that you have to write area. Tony Paige paper and I shall I never had to do that while you're gonna start Powell is the answer. And so more rating would be a very very good idea and it says can do that well. Get a second look from college admissions counselors. And but the actual distinction of valedictorian. That's not exactly look step by counts is because it doesn't happen until well laughter students are accepted. OSS administrators. It's really. A program that recognizes student achievement. And it should remain very important. As a goal. They you know be right. Saying that he had a sports program and everybody got to throw we were they won or lost it doesn't work. So while some say it's unhealthy competition. You probably play I would say it's healthy competition. Competition is always healthy it's that it absolutely is that's what really started to charters. Oh. And four valedictorian. Is going forward might we see changes in the way they're I guess. Calculated would be the right way to phrase that. Maybe it's not GPA may be its GPA's. Plus something else. Would that be a good idea in your mind keeping that distinction but may be changing the way it's soc. Then me after the high score of the people who know the students the best. I think that wouldn't hurt at all. Hey Bob we're glad you can join us thanks thank you sir Bob Bennett chancellor emeritus with the New York State. Board of regents.