What Constitutes An Investigation? - Steve Roberts


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We welcome in political analyst Steve Roberts Steve it's another Monday another Monday talking about tweets from the president said this time last Friday saying he's not under investigation and then. Over the weekend it was a whole bunch of different things his lawyers saying that he is not under investigation. Option then saying well he's under investigation for some things how it was clear it all out what exactly is going on your seat. Well look you right it is confusing but I believe the president when he did he was under investigation and number news organizations. Written stories saying that this investigation under the special counsel Robert Mueller. Is interviewing. Administration officials and exploring the possibility that the president. Obstructed justice by firing came combing the FBI director. By. Urgent call me to back off in the investigation of Michael plan his former national security advisor. Now these are. Still speculative stories but. The evidence is pretty clear and when via credit one of the present lawyers and on TV repeatedly yesterday that he's not under investigation not that he. He contradicted the president himself he contradicted the news stories and impressed. By a number angered the unions as well I really don't know. What this special counsel is doing because he called me so. Bottom line here. These investigations are serious dialogue going. It. The president and many of his days off are the target of the investigation. But we're far from any kind of conclusion here and building a case of obstruction of justice against the president will be very difficult but the investigation is definitely there. Does Robert Mueller. Have to say one way or another whether he's investigating the president or not. Good questions is an and the answer is no. Most prosecutors. I've been saying over the weekend look. At some point. It is. Traditional procedure. Prosecutors to inform someone that they are part in the investigation. But there are no specific rules about guess and that we're far from that point. So. The fact is that because the White House has not been told directly. But the president under invasion is not group. That is not going off because. Often in these investigations. That it kind of warning does become so much harder I would down the road that we investigated track. But whether or not the scope is directly on the president he is somewhat involved in these investigations right. Well absolutely I mean and then you're really talking about who. At two different but connected investigation into the original investigation of course was started many months ago long before the election. A body. Did the apartment by the FBI. Consider charges that somehow the Russian had. Medal in the American election in. And and that investigation went through the election as it is continuing ongoing the president says he has been assured by direct former director comedy that. He's not a target. Any I chargers took direct collusion with directions but a second investigation. Has been long united into the question of the structure and of justice in an old old story in Washington. At all in the original crime that not a real problem. That he attempts to cover up and disengaged from the Condit get cute couple into the second investigation. Related. Also done by the special counsel but separate. A possible obstruction of justice that in some way to more serious threat to this president. Aren't there is Steve Roberts political analyst joining us to talk about Trump's tweets and whether or not. He's under investigation.