What Next For Bill Cosby Matter? - Brad Mielke


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Prosecutors in Pennsylvania say they plan to retry the sex assault case against comedian Bill Cosby. As soon as possible. That case ended in a miss trial Saturday when they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict let's bring in correspondent Brent milky NC where they stand this morning. Hey good morning guys that's right Bill Cosby it is you know they were for right now. He continues to be out on bail technically there was a question of whether that DA would actually be tried is capable of moments after. This mistrial a hung jury would declared. The DA came out that yes we will be re trying this case we have to do it within the next 365. Days. But we would like to put that much farther than that and so according to mediate could happen within the next four months. Where is this to be expected that Crosby would be kind trial this soon that the DA would wanna push at this hour. Cool there have been questions of whether the. DA wouldn't wanna pushed it at all because it you know that he hit actually expressed some hesitancy about re trying to dictate the defense has said that they have numerous ground. Were her appeal here to appeal for for this case to be drawn keynote not only would this case not brought by the previous PA twelve years ago that the aid that they didn't have enough evidence that. Now you've got a hung jury with a one of the most famous men in America. Kate that. Virtually every American and it's at least heard out. And there are real question is now over whether they can find unbiased jury of course they don't need jurors they have never heard the case the majors have been set aside that they do now. What's the likelihood of a conviction. After a mistrial has this happened before. Well yeah it certainly infected DA said that he either has some familiar territory for him because it allowed the trial he had from hung jury. Would bid 25 years ago in nineteen. Nearly kill somebody ended up at the end of this press covered say look how that work out by the way he said we retry that person we got a conviction and so so it's very possible. Did that really how the conviction or an outright acquittal he noted to get a vote unanimous result with the second jury but it. Make no mistake this will be challenged at every step of the way by the defense and I think that this case that a bit bought in the first place I think it's definitely not fair to keep bringing it again. How did 'cause be reacts after the mistrial was announced. It pretty stoically actually really not much reaction from Cosby himself. Outside the courthouse he he continued to have a rather somber expression on his face however. His team what was supposed to defiant his team came out instead of. You know all of these other lawyers like Gloria Allred who have been here advocating on these accusers back out. Need to go back to law school and maybe take another collapse and it goes for the Texas comment. Coming from Andrew Wyeth spokesman Camille Cosby. Today he thought the judge to do active intravenously. That the lawyers involved bricks. Supported it and that the media. What was unwilling to tell her husband's side of the story is pretty harsh words coming from the team and definitely if you dismiss trial as a win. Brad did juror say anything afterward have they spoken out. No exact we still do not know the names of the jurors because the judges at the proposed names under protective seal them several. Media outlets that actually challenged that. And we could get a decision on windows means there will be made public edge of this two day. But it's rather than usual in the country were generally injures are considered. Ito sort of fair game after the trial to at least try to talk to there's certainly under no obligation to talk to anyone else but generally their names are made public. And it could be that way they're operating base speak. The judge in this case told them you guys are perfectly O you know you're allowed to reach out to the media if you want to obviously not obligated to but he also cautioned them saying. You could potentially have a chilling effect on this next case is it potential jurors and hearing your side of the story. Ari Brandt thank you that is brand milky who was out in Pennsylvania covering. The cons to trial all last week.