Word Of New FBI Head - Aaron Katersky


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Of course the reason why they're looking at Lieberman or anyone for that post is because of the earlier firing of James call me. Let's look more at that situation and specifically the investigation into the FBI. The investigation into whether the FBI was an anyway thwarted as they tried to probe connections between the term campaign and Russia. Aaron contreras is with us now good morning Aaron what's the latest. Well good morning the latest comes from deputy attorney general rob Rosen Stein who briefed 100 all 100 members of the senate on the president's decision to fire teams combing. He also shared why he selected the special counsel and senators who emerged from that closed door session said he wanted to make sure that the integrity of the Justice Department was protected. And that Americans have confidence. In the the investigation of Russian election meddling. That jives with what Rosen Stein said and in his letter that was disclosed during that the decision but he also said something else about. The that the decision to fire combing. He said that. Only effectively pushed back the komen was fired because of his recommendation remember. Initially the White House said it was Rosen Stein's letter. Outlining missteps in the Hillary Clinton email investigation led president trump to fire called me then the president acknowledged he had the Russian investigation on his mind and just yesterday. He cited comb east. Poor performance. During congressional testimony and then said that's why the deputy attorney general went out and wrote this very very strong letter. But the letter had nothing to do with Cummings testimony on Capitol Hill and everything to do with Hillary Clinton nothing to do with Russian election that. Now on the search for a new FBI director it appears that Joseph Lieberman has emerged as the favorites how surprising is this the people on Washington. It was surprising in that he wasn't on the original list. Of those that the president had interviewed and we don't know whether the president became unsatisfied with though the way some of those interviews went with. Is sitting judges and former prosecutors. Current members of the FBI even the the acting director Andrew MacKay but he told reporters yesterday that Joseph Lieberman was a top contender. And this is now. The same person who spent fourteen years in the senate first as a Democrat then as an independent. And wal former Republican colleagues praised the nomination some Democrats. Are already raising questions if it is going to be Lieberman because he's been a career politician. To what degree do we know yet the front runner yes but do what we do agree we know that it will be Lieber and no no indication at all beyond the president saying that. He is one of his top. Thanks that is Erica tersely following the story as the search for a new FBI director appears to narrow. Former vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman. Appears to be one of the front runners.