Yet Another London Attack - Tom Rivers


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Another London attack in this 11 dead ten injured after a van crashed into Muslim worshippers in London. Let's go live to correspondent Tom rivers this morning for the very latest time. Yes there's been another. Terrible story here out of London twenty minutes past midnight worshippers at the Ginsburg mosque were a departing after. Evening prayers and car comes at speed up man. Runs into the crowd there at least ten people known to have been injured consider being serious condition. And additional individual elderly man has passed away. Anecdotally it looks like he was being treated for heart attack so just minutes before. This man crushed into the people there so yeah another another tragic tale 48 year old man has been apprehended. And is in charge with attempted murder. It didn't take long for police to come around and say they're treating this as if it's terrorism. Yeah they don't comply played their cards close to the best when anything like this happened so speculative vehicle. Because the remote at the humane thing you could be a heart attack or stroke something like that behind the wheel. But certainly you know having covered these now for a a few different circuits here here and open Manchester that kind of looks like it did more than likely years and yes it didn't take long to the police say we're treating this as a terrorist incident. Tom what is London's mayor saying who is Muslim. They're saying look we're the community have to stick together and do not allow these attacks to divide. And as we saw in the past we had. People have been radicalized it will Islamic group people they've radicalized in the London Bridget capped now we apparently have. The 48 year old white individual going after Muslims and what they don't want these communities divided and again. It's it's it's it's going to be hot summer here. In we've got a ways to go. You mention 48 year old white men is to read anything else we know about the suspected attacker. No we don't at this stage and and and had initially. Eyewitnesses said the thought possibly two maybe three individual got out of at the time in the police now hours later had discounted that they're saying the other certainly checking up that possible leap they say they felt absolutely nothing. Every crowd in the in the past whenever there's very few incidents gunshot counts have been off. It's a blast it was in a single blast from multiple blast beat people hear different things see different things. In the heat of the moment but would appear to say this single individual at this stage. I know it's really as soon in the aftermath of this attack but given this that the lawn debris to attack other things we've seen across Europe. Is there talk now about how to prevent. These attacks dumb by somebody behind the wheel of whether it's a truck or just some other sort of vehicle may be large barriers on the streets is. There anything that can be done is stepping talked about. Yeah you gonna leave and a few things you could strengthen some key areas certainly the barricades and W camp what barricades upon America and Pete barbaric. Greater London area has to go to the suburbs you talker twelve million people. And that means you know millions upon millions of cars. That's the way it is you're not gonna change a whole lot. If somebody is determined that certain mindset. Is gonna happen. Our Intel we're learning too that the death hole in last week's terrible high rise fire has risen are you aware of that. Yes sadly we had Stewart couldn't beat the police commissioner I'm talking today literally about half hour ago. And you know we we knew that figure from Sunday's 58 could be rising. He said the current number of people don't we'll die or those missing and presumed dead. Is now setting its 79. And he says that numbers. Clearly blew woody says that may well lie is of course they're dealing with. People that weren't known at least relative strength they were known to have relatives in the building. So again all you're gonna be working through that building into cricket weeks he says is not gonna happen in days weeks maybe even months. As we get down to are gonna get it into it down to the DNA identifying. The remains of many of those directed. Aren't there it is Tom rivers joining us live from Lundin vote latest on that terror attack that happened overnight.