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Prof. Walter Polka- Common Core & Testing Worries
Erie Sheriff's Debate Recap
County Exec. Mark Poloncarz
on his 2014 budget plan
Mike Caputo & Chris Smith - Debt & Spending Debate
Drew DaSilver- Pew Research Center- Debt 101
Sam Radford- Buffalo Schools Parent Council
Fmr. Cong. Tom Reynolds
Prof. Michael Haselswerdt - Canisius College
Rus Thompson- TEA NY
Ken Lovett - NY Daily News - Cuomowatch
Shutdown Politics Hit Albany too
Cong Tom Reed - Gov't. Shutdown?
Independent Health's Robert Rifkin on Obamacare
Dennis Holbrook- Norse Energy
on Hydrofracking
Ann Monroe- Understanding Health Care Reform
NY Assy. Sean Ryan - IDA Reform
Ralph Mohr, Erie Co. Elections Commish
on primary recounts
Sergio Rodriguez- Republican for Buffalo Mayor
Paladino For Gov?- Ken Lovett, NY Daily News
Casino Referendum- Blair Horner, NYPIRG
Primary Analysis- Artvoice's Geoff Kelly
UB's Dr. Othman Shibly- Syria
criticizes Obama, wants change
Cong, Brian Higgins on Syria
Sheriff Candidates Bert Dunn & Dick Dobson
Maryoral Candidate Bernie Tolbert- Primary Day Tuesday
Chris DeManche Bringing C-Span Bus to Buffalo
Col Jeff McCausland, CBS News Military Consultant
Cornell's Art Wheaton AFL CIO's Rich Lipsitz Jr
on Labor Day
Tim Kremer- NYS School Bds
Bob Bennett - NYS Bd of Regents
on Higher Ed, Pres. Obama and more
Alex Beauchamp, Obama Fracking Protests
Elections Comm. Dennis Ward
Ballot issues
Erie Dem Chair Jeremy Zellner
on Pres. Obama's visit
Rich Furlong- Buffalonians Against State Surveillance
Siena Pollster Steve Greenberg- Buffalo Mayor & Schools
Michael Caputo- Obama Trip
Debate Panelist Eva Doyle on Mayor Race
Jimmy Vielkind - Obama & Cuomo
Gerry Paradise- Fmr. Obama Advance Man
talks trip preps
Ed Cox & Ralph Lorigo- Who runs against Cuomo?
NYS GOP Chair has list, while Erie Conservative Chief touts Paladino
Pollster Peter Brown- Christie & Clinton Are Hot
Sam Radford- Buffalo School Parents
NY Daily News's Ken Lovett - On Sheldon Silver
Jason Zwara- Reform Ed
with a Carl Paladino cameo appearance
George Arthur - On Race, Education, Politics
James Spiotto- Detroit's Troubles Travelling?
Geoff Kelly of Artvoice- on Elections
Attorney John Elmore- On Zimmerman Verdict
Author of Fighting for Your Life: The African Ameircan Criminal Justice Survival Guide
Ex D.A. Frank Clark- Ex US Atty Dennis Vacco
on the Zimmerman Verdict
Kevin Gaughan - for Comptroller?
Health Care Mandate Delay- Mike Durant, NFIB
with a small business perspective
UB's Dr. Nancy Nielsen MD & Blue Cross Blue Shield's Don Ingalls
Carl Paladino - Joining Buffalo School Board
Lou Petrucci & James Samson -Paladino On Board
Dave Levinthal Follows Campaign Money
Erie Co. Exec. Mark Poloncarz
Casey Seiler, Albany Times Union
on NYS's "Tax Free" zones
Assy. Robin Schimminger
Mechanics and Mindset of A Wire Walker - Donna Francis
Anthony Annunziata- Peace Bridge Authority
NYPIRG's Bill Mahoney- Campaign Finance
NY Daily News's Ken Lovett on Sheldon Silver
Nick Langworthy- Erie GOP Chairman
Buffalo Mayoral Candidate Bernie Tolbert
Prof. Bruce Bryski - Obama, Clinton, IRS & More
Erie Co. Democratic Party Chair Jeremy Zellner
Steve Madarasz CSEA
UB's Jim Campbell & Blogger Matt Margolis
On Pres. Obama & Margolis's "150 Reasons Why Barack Obama is the Worst President"
Assy Mickey Kearns - On Speaker Silver
Matt Wilcott- Scouts For Equality
Ray Carr - Erie School Bds Assoc
Cong Tom Reed on The IRS & Tea Party
On School District Budget Votes
John Kane of Let's Talk Native- Casinos & Cuomo
Al Nisa Banks, Warren Galloway & Geoff Kelly
Bernie Tolbert running for Mayor of Buffalo
James Samson Buffalo School Board Member elect
James Kaskie- Kaleida Health CEO
Carl Paladino & Adrian Harris
running for Buffalo School Board
Michael Caputo On Cuomo, Hillary & MSNBC
EJ McMahon- School Tax Caps
Elections Comm. Dennis Ward- Buffalo School Bd Race
Parents & School Boards Against Mandatory Testing
the pushback in Hamburg and elsewhere
Assy. Minority Leader Brian Kolb- Recall elections
NY Assy. Sean Ryan
on abolishing the Peace Bridge Authority
Cong. Chirs Collins on Boston
The Boston Investigation
with Michael Liwicki, former FBI Supervisory Agent & Medaille's Steven MacMartin, ex-DHS agent, Buffalo
Cong. Chris Collins- The Budget & On Boston
Atty. Jos. Endres - NYS Taxes
Kyle Pomerleau - Tax Foundtaion
Assy. Crystal Peoples-Stokes
on campaign finance & gun control
Cuomo Plotting Silver Coup?
Steve Greenberg and Assy. Crystal Peoples-Stokes
County Clerk Chris Jacobs- Guns & Privacy
Adrian Harris- Running for school board
despite being offered a city hall job
Scott Paul- Alliance for Am. Manufacturers
NYDN's Ken Lovett- Albany Bribes
Artvoice's Geoff Kellly & Mayor Brown's Campaign
Roman Catholic Womenpriest Movement- Rev. Patti LaRosa
Joseph Barrett
Prof. Kevin Hardwick- C-PAC Re-cap
Ken Lovett - NY Daily News- State Budget
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