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"Loved Ones of Independent Seniors Sometimes Need Help to Take Keys Away"
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09/19/2011 5:31PM
Loved Ones of Independent Seniors Sometimes Need Help to Take Keys Away
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09/20/2011 10:05AM
Time to take away the keys
I recently just relocated form Buffalo to help my mother take care of my stepfather who is ill. When i got here he drove us home from the airport, i was never so scared the ride home was more frightening that the old wild mouse carnival ride.I insisted to my mother that he can't be behind the wheel not only for our safety but the safety of others. He was very mad but we took the keys away had his Doctor advise him that he can't drive anymore. I believe that as we age we loose what are the most important skills needed for driving. #1 vision, #2 hearing #3 reaction time. once a person gets to a certain age it should be mandatory that the state seeing that they issue the license they should be held responsible should a senior driver hurt or in this case kill someone.
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