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"Amherst Lawmaker Proposes Barriers to Prevent Storefront Crashes"
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09/21/2011 5:21PM
Amherst Lawmaker Proposes Barriers to Prevent Storefront Crashes
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09/21/2011 9:20PM
how far will government go?
the nanny state has no end. tragic event but you can legislate everything. soon they will be requiring we all wear bubbles.
09/22/2011 8:46AM
It would create more danger than stop
Snowplows couldn't plow around them, think about older business owners trying to shovel around them, this is a tragedy but not an everyday occurance, no need to for more legislation. Although the Socialist Republic of New York does love a law.
09/22/2011 8:46PM
More cost to business is NOT the answer
It seems the only time you hear from our "lawmakers" is when there is a tragic accident that they can capitalize on and get their name or face in the news. The unnecessary cost always falls on the local businessman. As terrible as the accident was, it was an accident. Work on what is important and try staying out of the way of progress. Novel idea huh!
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